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  • 2014
    • September
      • no time
        I have been a busy, busy fellow, and since I'm certain nobody is reading this, I don't mind disappearing for a few days. The biggest bit of news in my life; I am moving out of my studio. The biggest bit of news for MY LOVE? She met a wonderful man a few weeks ago and officially spent a

    • August
      • minor difficulties/delays
        The last time I tried to upload photos and put a post here, it took a ridiculous amount of time to do so, and a call to GoDaddy for some help did me no good. It seems my blog is so antiquated it is not super compatible with what they run on, so I will experience difficulties at times. What that me

      • so, it's been a while...
        I haven’t written in a long time, and it’s likely this (and many future) posting(s) will fall on blind eyes. So be it. I’m going to write anyways.

        Despite the fact that MY LOVE and I are no longer living together, and haven’t been for nearly two years now, we still maintain constant, da

  • 2013
    • October
      • a bit of an escape

        A couple weekends ago, MY LOVE and I spent a few days in Welches, Oregon. The idea was to simply get away from the daily/weekly/monthly grind and that is exactly what we did. Apart from eating, sleeping, watching movies, sitting by the fire, and doing a bit of shopping, we really didn&

    • September
      • not quite finished
        If I'm going to be honest, I'd say the main reason I don't post here anymore is that there is nothing truly noteworthy happening between MY LOVE and I. Our love for one another certainly hasn't waned, and we remain steadfast and constant friends, but the time we spend together i

    • June
      • technical difficulties
        Due to some technical difficulties with my computer, the 2-hour show I produce for WTNRradio - - was a little late this week. Stop by and check out "the esKape" to hear what I put together with only a small portion of my music collection available to me.
      • life; the distraction
        Sometimes these lengthy absences are nothing more than life taking over, and for that, there seems to be no cure. As long as I have a full time job, my own company to try and run, and a LOVE to cuddle and spend time with, it's going to happen. I will seem to disappear, and for that I apologize.

    • May
      • karma in the bike lane
        Wow, it's been a few days since I posted. So many, in fact, that I've been to the coast for a small vacation, and come back, and haven't yet posted any of the photos I took. There are some good ones. First though, I have to tell you about something that happened to me this evening.

      • just one more night

        As much as I'd like to, I won't be spending the night with MY LOVE this evening. I have work to do, and I'm sure she has plenty to keep her busy, so it makes sense to just wait until tomorrow morning. My hope is that she will take advantage of me not being around tonight

      • "Drain&Spin"

        My new song is called "Drain&Spin" and you can hear it by going here:

        This is the only place you can listen to it, and purchase it, at the moment. Once I have another album together, I am going to put it up on i

    • April
      • homeward bound love
        MY LOVE is across the Canadian border, and will be sleeping in her own bed this evening. She and I will both be very busy for the next couple of days, but I anticipate spending a wonderful weekend with her, and making up for lost time. We spoke on the phone this evening, both of us very anxious to

      • 2 Year Anniversary Show! - "the esKape" on WTNRradio
        That's right, I've been a DJ at WTNRradio for two whole years! The show is still very much a labor of love, but I do indeed feel that way about putting it all together, so I continue to devote time to it's production. I love seeking and discovering new music every week. I love pick

      • still not the same without her
        This weekend without MY LOVE is nearly over, and I'm glad of the fact. It's been nearly six years since we met, and I still don't like going this long without her by my side, for just a couple days at least. Extended periods without MY LOVE are strange. I don't know if I menti

      • another weekend, gone, another week to go
        MY LOVE and I spent a wonderful, relaxing weekend together, doing a whole lot of nothing. Actually, that's not accurate. Sunday afternoon she cleaned her entire townhouse (I helped a little) but that's probably the closest to work either of us got. I managed to get my show up on WTNRrad

      • Cupido - 2013

        The weekend has arrived, which means I am hanging out with MY LOVE, at her place. Yesterday, when I arrived, there was a bit of mail waiting for me. It looks like our friend Gordon Denman is still selling photos of a shoot he did with us, a few years ago. We are in the most recent edi

      • a relaxing weekend
        Thursday afternoon I left work a little early, so I would have time to get myself ready for a date with MY LOVE. We were going to enjoy a meal and then see "Circa", an Australian Circus and Dance performance.

        The show was magnificent, and put us both in a very good

      • breaking the silence
        I have been putting this off, and putting it off some more, but the time has come to officially get back to work on this site. This story - Our Ruinous Love - is far from over, so I guess I better get started filling you in on what's been happening these last few months.

        MY LOVE and

  • 2012
    • November
      • a quick little note
        MY LOVE has been very busy with her business, and doing quite well. We still spend every weekend together, but she is often overwhelmed and cannot spare much time for me. I love being around/near her so I have no problems with the situation as it is. Sure, I miss her, but she's really just i

      • Have no fear, we are still here
        One of our long-time readers left a comment, basically asking where we've been, and if we are doing okay. There has been a great deal of change in our lives recently, but I've honestly felt less than thrilled to write and tell anyone about it. Weeks passed, and the when I finally decided

    • September
      • Six Amazing Years!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***MY SWEET MAN we have enjoyed six incredible years! An epic adventure that was never meant to be, but nonetheless brought two souls together that will be forever bonded.

        We have many changes ahead of us, but it does not minimize the love we share, only deepens

    • August
      • Final Show for "Our Ruinous Music"
        I am not going to stop being a DJ for WTNRradio, nor will I be getting a new time slot, but if you tune in next week you will find that my two hour show is no longer called "Our Ruinous Music". Don't have a name planned for it yet, so any suggestions from people who have listened in

      • Sharing a Bit of Sexy
        Last Saturday, MY LOVE and I drove to the Oregon coast to do some work that is related to her business. Towards the end of the job, there were a few minutes we had to kill, so I led her to the back seat of the SUV we were driving and had my way with her. It was wonderful, and just the right answer

      • gone but not forgotten?
        Yes, it’s been a while. Thank you for noticing.

        My daughter was here last week, and her visit was quite delightful. I want to tell you more, but I cut one of my fingers at work shortly after she headed back home, and have been unable to type comfortably ever since. Tonight I have a ban

      • it's been a hard days day
        I am sitting at the computer this evening, going through footage I shot at the warehouse a few weeks ago, with Lyrik Allure. The “Suicide Girls” stuff has already been submitted, so now I am going over the aerial moves she attempted. The plan is to send her a few screen captures, and hopefully use

    • July
      • another day, much like the rest
        Home after another long, hard day at work, and I am waiting for MY LOVE to return so we can eat dinner together, and sit down in front of the television to watch some “Boston Legal”. Generally an episode lasts 42 minutes, and that’s about all the time we seem to be able to spare lately. Actually,

      • Crater Lake, OR.
        I have a few photos I'd like to share with you, from our recently trip to Crater Lake. Just a couple...

        The lake itself looked unreal.

        And as far as the eye could see; clouds, trees, mountains and sky! The photo below, that I used to make the WTN

      • making time to mix music

        I found time this week to put together a new set of "Our Ruinous Music" for WTNRradio - - and hope you'll stop by and listen for a while. This is still a labor of love for me, since I'm not getting paid and it's essentially leading

      • new/different directions
        The business I work for has two owners. One of them is semi-involved in what happens on the sales floor, the other is more involved in the warehousing part. There’s certainly more to the business than that, but you get the idea. One of the owners is out sick, and the other one called today to ask

      • more doors closing
        Last night I handled the music for an event thrown by NaughtyMinXXX, to raise money to help fly her and her children to their father's funeral in Hawaii. While I was there, she told me about some opportunities that have been offered to her, if she moves there permanently with her kids, and it

      • a death disrupts
        Tragedy has struck our friend/my partner in the “Electronik Vortex” dance event, NaughtyMinXXX. Her husband died of a heart attack a few days ago. All of her time and money has since gone to funeral arrangements, and everything that else that goes with the death of a loved one. The two of them we

      • Sensations and Electrik Vortex
        Attendance for “Sensations Play Party” was up for the third month in a row, with well over 100 people attending throughout the evening. NaughtyMinXXX and I both agreed that there were more new faces last night then there have been in a long time. I don’t know if word got out, or the weather change

      • bachelor mode
        MY LOVE is in Central Oregon with her mother, and extended family that is visiting from Europe. That means I’m living like a bachelor for the next few days. Plenty of beer, porn, fast/microwave food and strange women will be had!

        Of course, I am kidding. I don’t drink beer, will watch

      • not dead yet
        Here's how my day generally goes:

        I wake up at 7am in order to leave the house by no later than 8:30am, so I can bike to work and still have enough time left to get out of my bicycle clothing and into what I wear while toiling in the warehouse and making sales in the main building.

    • June
      • dungeon music and dancing dudes
        For the last two weeks I have worked at my new job full time, Monday thru Friday, and then gone out on Saturday to help MY LOVE's mother empty out her warehouse in preparation for closing it's doors for good. This has left me very exhausted, but I am still finding time to do the occasiona

      • cute or disturbing?
        Yesterday I woke up to find a visibly distraught girlfriend bending down by my side of the bed. As is usually the case early in the morning, I had my earplugs in, so at first I simply thought she was leaning in to give me a goodbye kiss before heading off to boot camp. Even through sleepy, half-op

      • make-believer
        With intentions hidden
        you offered what was forbidden
        I ate the fruit
        sealing my fate

        You are exactly as you appeared to me
        A snake

        Tried to experience
        Something other than regret
        Failed miserably at that

        Tried to create

      • more strange customs...
        … custom video requests, to be precise. That’s right, it’s time for me to showcase a recent strange request or two without passing judgment or trying in any way to belittle or make fun of said request. I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but we’ve been getting a lot of messages lately, from

      • porn shop reports 9 (sit on it and rotate)
        In all my years working in the adult industry, I’ve only been employed at one porn shop where cameras were set up in the arcade, so that we could monitor the actions of the customers when they were back in that area. For those of you just tuning in, when I say arcade I refer to the viewing area in

      • my wieners are cooking
        For the most part it was a beautiful, sunny weekend, and MY LOVE and I actually got to spend some quality time together. Today it was back to work for both of us though. I have the day job, and then there’s my own personal business to still take care of when I get home. This includes posting on t

      • stories about being drunk and doing stupid stuff
        My new job has me working with a fellow who just recently celebrated his 22nd birthday, and feels like he is done with his partying phase. Yesterday we were swapping stories, and I recalled something that happened during an incident many years ago, involving some very drunk driving. When you find

      • just stuff
        Yesterday morning some asshole stole my bicycle seat and handlebar bag while I was at work. I had my bike locked up right in front of the building, walked out during my first break, and found both items were missing. Inside the bag was a pair of my riding gloves. When I rode home last night, I wa

      • Sensations Play Party - June 2nd, 2012 (report)
        The “Sensations Play Party” at Sindicate last Saturday night was one of the best I’ve seen so far, I’m happy to report. Not only did it look like we had around 100 people in attendance, but I was lucky enough to play matchmaker two times during the evening, and finally got to see damn near the enti

      • bruised but not battered
        I have a few free minutes available before MY LOVE and I sit down on the couch together and cuddle up to a movie, or some Boston Legal, so I thought I’d check in. I had a busy weekend, sans MY LOVE (she was in the mountains competing in some insane event called “Wild Canyon Games”) and have put in

      • no fat lady singing around here yet, or “The show must go on”
        I’ve spent the last few days debating whether or not I should continue sharing with all of you, just what is happening between MY LOVE and I. Part of me says it’s personal, and we have the right to keep what is happening between us, but part of me remembers what I promised when I started this whole

    • May
      • A Very Heavy Heart, A Very Sad Day
        Sometimes an end can be a new beginning. Taking a step back from the situation can allow both of us to evaluate the differences causing stress while preserving the love we still share.

        K and I have weathered many ups and downs over the years. During these difficult times we always come ba

      • no more ruinouslove
        I thought, when I met MY LOVE, that I’d finally met the love of my life, but apparently that was not the case. I realize I am one seriously negative, introverted, antisocial, and generally fucked up individual so I guess I can’t blame Catherine for calling it off. There will be no more blog posts,

      • one more shot of "Our Ruinous Music"
        I think it's been three weeks since I officially quit being a DJ for WTNRradio, maybe even a month, but they have yet to take me off their roster. Last week I let them play one of my old shows, instead of producing a new one, but this week I had some free time, and was missing the process, so I

      • porn shop reports 8

        It was late at night, probably close to 3a.m., when a lovely lady walked in with two handsome men at her side. They were all three in a very good mood, seemed familiar with each other, and claimed they wanted to see a live dance. Taking them back to the area where the performers did th

      • porn shop reports 7
        I once worked in a porn shop that also had live dancers available, for private shows, 18 hours out of a 24-hour day. The dances took place in private booths so that the customers could pleasure themselves openly, while watching the ladies perform. Only two dancers were allowed to work a shift toge

      • Gordon Denman (6)
        Some more lovely Gordon Denman photos for you to enjoy. Pizza is on the way... have a great weekend!

      • nothing kinky to see here
        Monday was my first day at the new job, but there’s not a whole lot I can tell you. I spent four hours pretty much getting to know the place. These last two days have been more of the same. It’s not an exciting business, so I won’t be boring you with many posts about work, unless something worth

      • porn shop reports 6

        Working in any adult venue, you generally find out a bit more about your customers/clients than the average person would during their daily grind. This is not always a bad thing, but not always a good one either. As I mentioned while chronicling kinds/types of people I regularly encoun

      • back to the grind
        I am happy to report that I landed a job working as a sales clerk/warehouse guy for a store that sells fixtures, on the East side of the Willamette River. Whether on bicycle or in the car, my commute to work will take less than 30 minutes, and as little as 15 at times. Depends on traffic and how t

      • porn shop reports 5

        It is the middle of the afternoon, and quite warm outside, so I have the front door to the porn shop open. This is allowed because the building is a good thirty feet from the road, so it’s nearly impossible for anyone driving, biking or walking by on the sidewalk to really see inside.

      • porn shop reports 4
        As I was saying, Cheap Boyfriends and Bargain Hunters were aplenty in all the establishments I worked at. Guys that would come in to buy their old lady/woman a vibrator and insisted on spending no more than $20 for the entire purchase were fun to deal with. They wanted a toy, and some lubricant, a

      • just a few tidbits

        My recent visit to the Art Institute of Portland did not end as I had hoped, but it does not mean that I have given up on taking a few classes and gaining some knowledge. It just means I’ll have to do it somewhere else.

        I have been granted a sum of money by the government, to

      • porn shop reports 3
        As I was saying, The Person Buying A Sex Toy For His or Her Friend/Wife/Girlfriend/Buddy/Boyfriend/Lover/As a Joke usually isn’t. When they tell you that it is for someone else, multiple times during the visit, I can assure you they are buying it for their own use or consumption. Why they feel the

      • stay of execution

        Last Saturday was supposed to be my final broadcast for WTNRradio. I uploaded my 1 Year Anniversary/last show and then sent an email message telling them I was no longer available. That means that, as of this writing, the people who own/run WTNR

      • porn shop reports 2
        As I was saying, The People Who Think Everything They See Is Funny should get laid, buy a vibrator, have an orgasm, watch a movie or whatever is necessary to get themselves comfortable with being inside a porn shop. These could have beeen men or women, but were mostly women, and they literally spen

      • porn shop reports 1
        The kind of people that visit porn shops are as numerous and varied as you can imagine. From the seasoned sluts to the just turned 18 and don’t even know what a dildo is youngsters, and everything in between, believe me I have probably seen it all. Often they are in the building at the same time.

      • filth

        There is something going on with my left eye. Actually, it’s the eyelid. As you can see, it’s red and kind of swollen, and has been for about three days. It doesn’t hurt too much, but if it doesn’t go away in the next couple days, I’ll probably be visiting the doctor. That’s not what

      • media bias? you bet!
        Unless you’ve been under heavy sedation, or out camping in the woods for the last couple months, you know about the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case. I’m not going to guess at who is innocent or guilty, so if you’re looking for that don’t read any further. This particular story has received a

    • April
      • Gordon Denman (6)
        Yet another set of sexy photos, taken of MY LOVE and I, by Gordon Denman:

      • "Our Ruinous Music" 1 Year Anniversary Show!!!

        Today is my 1 Year Anniversary Show for WTNRradio, and will also be the final one, for now. I make no money from being a DJ for them, and have so few listeners to really speak of, that it’s high time I gave it up and concentrated on something muc

      • MY LOVE=San Francisco/Me=Portland
        I actually drove MY LOVE to the airport yesterday morning, and she will be there until tomorrow morning. She sent me this photo of the view from her room. Nice...

        What have I been doing, besides wandering around the house, pining for her? Well, I've actually been spend

      • a few changes on the horizon
        The sun started shining around here two days ago, so I’ve spent as little time inside, in front of the computer, as I possibly could. Prior to this, I can’t recall the last time we had a warm, sunny day. It’s been too long.

        MY LOVE is flying to San Francisco for business on Tuesday, so

      • Sex While on the Phone, but not Phone Sex
        MY LOVE spends a lot of time on the phone during the week handling sales calls, training people, and just generally making her way through her regular business day. Even if I didn't know anything about the product she's selling, I could probably do a fair job of repeating a large portion

      • Gordon Denman (5)
        More Gordon Denman photos for everyone to enjoy. The action is getting much hotter, don't you think? I can't stress enough, we are just getting started.

      • you have got to be kidding me
        Everywhere I look, businesses are struggling to stay open. People are out of work, and have very little money to spend on more than the basic necessities. The idea that a business could ignore common sense and still manage to stay open goes against everything I’ve ever been taught about the road t

      • no phone sex
        It might seem too soon to make this decision, but I have gone ahead and quit my job as a phone sex operator for Bay City Blues. In the past several weeks I took exactly two calls, which was probably two more than I should have expected, but I was spending way too much time trying to lure people int

      • technical difficulties at WTNR
        I did not promote my radio show yesterday, because WTNR was experiencing technical difficulties. The show is now up and ready to listen to, and it's a damn good one, so please stop by and have a listen:

        I’ve been a DJ at WTNRradio

      • Post Traumatic Sex Disorder: Filming a Gang Bang (part 2)
        Filming a gangbang should be a hot, sexy experience. The time spent behind the camera should be exciting and enjoyable, not painful and a tad embarrassing. Hopefully, if the action is good, a person should walk away aroused, and ready to fuck their brains out if they weren’t actually a part of the

      • Post Traumatic Sex Disorder: Filming a Gang Bang (part 1)
        I have limited, but valuable experience with gangbangs. I’ve set them up, filmed them in progress, and even participated in a few over the years. One important lesson I learned early on is that finding men to perform in group situations is actually more difficult then one would imagine. Frankly,

      • Sensations Play Party - April 6, 2012
        I know I haven’t fully described the space that Sensations Play Party is currently held in, but I have mentioned in the past that there are essentially two main dungeon areas and a bunch of side rooms for everyone to enjoy. Normally I lament the fact that I am doing my DJ thing in the main dungeon

      • Gordon Denman (4)
        Here are some more photos of MY LOVE and I, taken by Gordon Denman:

        For those of you just joining us from Facebook or Alt - WELCOME! This blog is not just about naughty pictures, but there are plenty of those around to enjoy.

        The above act

      • what we've been up to
        I have a bit of catching up to do.

        Last week I actually wound up driving MY LOVE to Seattle twice. The first time we left, it was five in the morning, and we spent a good portion of the day going from one meeting to another before finally retiring to a hotel room for the night. The ne

      • help me reach #1 on WTNRradio
        We've been back and forth to Seattle twice in the last three days. Yesterday we got up, left at 6am, and made it back home by 3pm so that I could take a nap and DJ the Sensations Play Party last night. I'll tell you all about that in another post, but right now I want to ask for your help.

      • bound for Seattle, once again
        Tomorrow morning, at about 4am, MY LOVE and I will be waking up and getting ready to drive into Seattle for a day of business meetings and sales - all related to her company. We will be staying the night, although we'd considered trying to cram everything we needed to do into one long day, but

      • Nigga please
        We were recently watching an episode of Tosh.0 when they aired a sement about a teacher who had gotten in trouble for using the word “Nigga” in a classroom. He was speaking to a black kid, who had been using the word Nigger quite frequently during their conversation. The teacher felt his use of th

    • March
      • WTNRradio rocks again this week

        Last weeks Hard Rock and Heavy Metal extravaganza on Our Ruinous Music was so fun to put together, and so well received by those who tuned in, that I went ahead and did it again this week. Listen to WTNRradio today, from 4pm to 6pm, to hear the f

      • VYou

        One of my fellow phone sex operators, Jenna, introduced me to a site called Vyou – - which is pretty much about asking and answering questions using the web cam on your computer. Actually, the questions are written, it’s the answers that you record, and then post for every

      • nipples of destruction
        So far, our experience on Facebook has been wonderful, and we’ve encountered almost no problems with the system, the people who run it, or the crazy folks who use it on a regular basis. Almost. A few weeks ago we were given a warning and told to stop sending friend requests to people we do not act

      • foot surgery
        Yesterday, MY LOVE had foot surgery, and we only managed to make it back to the townhouse about an hour before the release of the music video for my song “Fro Zen”. Since then, I’ve been doing my best to take care of MY GIRL, and have had very little time to get on the computer and do much of anyth

      • "Fro Zen" video is on YouTube
        The video for my song “Fro Zen” is officially finished, uploaded, and ready for everyone to watch on YouTube:

        I am extremely proud of this video. Proud of the work I put into it, proud of both female performers, and proud of the

      • Gordon Denman (3)
        It's Sunday, the sun is shining, and I don't feel in the mood to write anything at the moment. So I'll just distract you with some with more dirty Gordon Denman pictures:

        Hope you enjoyed that. Tune in tomorrow when I will be provid

      • Hard Rock and Heavy Metal on Our Ruinous Music today!
        Today’s show on WTNRradio is going to be loud, brash, filthy and full of energy, thanks to the influence of two of our new friends on Facebook. For the past couple weeks, Jenna Martin and Lovelyghost have been posting links to music videos they enjoy, and the majority have been in the Rock, Hard Ro

      • my first, official, dirty phone call
        Last night, I stayed up pretty late, chatting and working on various things related to my business. When I woke up today, it had already passed 10am. I felt pretty groggy and disoriented when I picked up my phone and pushed one of the buttons to check and see if there were any important messages w

      • Gordon Denman (2)
        How about some more Gordon Denman photos?

        I want to state, again, that this is just us getting warmed up.

        The shoot lasted an entire weekend, and consisted of over 8000 photos. No, I don't plan on showing you all 8000, but there will close to one

      • Pontypool for the experience

        MY LOVE and I recently took in a movie called “Pontypool”. It is considered a Horror movie, and definitely fits in that category, but I’d also place it in the Mind Fuck section, if there were such a thing. If you’ve seen this film, know anything about it, or have read the book, you kno

      • "Fro Zen" video: first day of shooting

        The video shoot for my song “Fro Zen” went incredibly well on Saturday. Better than I expected, to be honest with you. I hadn’t seen either of these lovely ladies perform yet, so I had no idea if they were going to be any good, suck horribly, or what. Turns out they are both very good

      • video for "Fro Zen"

        Tomorrow, I hope to be filming with two female dancers for a music video. I have ideas, yet to be brought to life, for every song I’ve released, except one; “Fro Zen”. Using Craigslist, I put up a couple of ads asking for local talent to star in my video. There were several responses,

      • Gordon Denman

        Over the next few weeks/months, I am going to post numerous photos that Gordon Denman took of us, a few years ago, as part of a long weekend of shooting. I think I have over 8000 to go through, so maybe that gives you and idea of the task ahead of me. I will put these photos up to fill

      • Portland Rope Arts Group (PRAG) Play Party
        Tomorrow night is Portland Rope Arts Group’s monthly play party, and I will be the DJ as usual. The event is for rope and bondage enthusiasts, but anyone can come and have a good time. The music will be pretty low-key compared to a typical dungeon party mix. The event goes from 8pm to midnight, a

      • how did we come to this?
        Since meeting and falling in love in the summer of 2006, MY LOVE and I have gone through various phases when it came to our intake of movies, television shows, and other forms of visual entertainment. When we first got together, MY LOVE was paying for cable, and as our relationship grew, blossomed

      • K on WTNRradio
        It's Saturday, which means another dose of Our Ruinous Music on WTNRradio. I just got done uploading the new show, so I believe it's ready to be heard by any and all who dare to tune in.

        Set list for March 10, 2012:

      • untitled, at this time
        Last night I was going through some old papers and came across a bunch of unfinished songs/poems. So far, the music I have made has been instrumental, not because I don’t have lyrics or a singing voice, but because I do not have a quality microphone to record vocals on. That being said, it’s going

      • Melon Fucker!

        Had enough of the watermelon sex yet? I didn’t think so, that’s why I’ve kept the post up for a couple of days, and why I’m going to mention it again right now. Complete with more visual accompaniment!

        Actually, all I wanted to say was that the video is officially ready for

      • Fruit Fucker! (specifically watermelon)

        I fucked a watermelon today.

        Yes, you are reading correctly. I fucked a watermelon, earlier this afternoon, while MY LOVE was out on a sales call. It was one of the smaller variety – I think the guy in charge of produce at the department store called it a “personal” melon –

      • Sensations Play Party 1 Year Anniversary!
        About an hour before I headed out to DJ the Sensations Play Party I realized it would be the one-year anniversary of the event. March of last year, we were holding the party – then called Sensory Overload – at the Whiskey Bar in downtown Portland. Since then, it has moved to the Weird Bar (once a

      • Sleep Sex
        I knew before I entered the room that MY LOVE would still be in bed, awake, messing with her iPad. She’d made it abundantly clear moments before, that I should go ahead and violate her body, should I find her sleeping when I returned. I was probably supposed to disappear for at least thirty minute

      • WTNR live set from last night's play party
        Last night I got home late from my DJ gig, as you can imagine, and did a damn good job of sleeping in today. Instead of getting up and doing a rush job on my WTNRradio show I decided to put a couple hours from last night up instead. This is not something new - I think there are two or three other

      • Sensations Play Party is Friday not Saturday (TOMORROW!)
        Sensations: Sensual Sensations Play Party will be held tomorrow night (Friday, March 2nd, 2012) instead of the first Saturday of the month, as is usually the case. It seems the people at The Sindicate, where the event is now held, already had something planned for that night. I don’t particularly

    • February
      • rare day, strange weather and the book
        It is February 29th – something I get to write maybe once every four years – and the weather out there today is absolutely crazy. In the span of two hours I have seen a downpour turn into snow, which was then whisked away by high winds and replaced with sunshine. Right now, it’s back to the heavy

      • so damn exhausted (a filler)
        I put in a few hours at the warehouse today – eight of them, actually – and feel absolutely wasted. Usually I can give you a very specific number of bags or boxes I handled, and even tell you how much they weighed, but tonight I’m going to have to make a couple of guesses. I know that there were t

      • Embracing and Sharing Our Sickness
        While she disappeared into the bathroom to freshen up I took off all of my clothes and pulled back the covers on the bed. When MY LOVE returned, and began to undress, I told her to leave her socks on for me. This is not a fetish of mine, but it is definitely something I find particularly sexy on M

      • another dose of Our Ruinous Music

        Yes, it is Saturday, and time for Our Ruinous Music on WTNRradio. Last week, my show got nearly five times the number of listens it has been getting recently. I attribute the increase to several things, among them my attempts to promote the show a bit more, and the video I made of the

      • I lie to you
        Despite my assertion that this blog is 100% true I have to admit, right now, that I have written things in the past that were untrue. There weren’t any bold, outright lies, but there were omissions and slight variations made to stories and situations that were false at the time. Nothing I said, or

      • Slow Sex before Seattle

        It appears, after finding the power cord and recharging my iPad, that the post I had prepared just before leaving for Seattle a couple of days ago no longer exists. I thought perhaps I was mistaken, and had composed it on my computer, but I cannot find it there either. So the promise o

      • it'll have to do, for now

        The post that I wanted to share with you is not available at the moment, so you’ll have to make due with this substitute. It seems I forgot to recharge my iPad before we left for Seattle yesterday, and I also managed to leave Portland without the power cord, so I cannot retrieve the pos

      • Sex before Seattle
        It was another cold, rainy, typically dreary day here in Portland, so I spent the majority of it hiding out in the warmth of our townhouse working on my next WTNRradio show, doing a little job searching, and trying my damnedest to find a way to make a few extra dollars.  In fact, the only times I le

      • arrested for being romantic
        Recently, in the news, I caught the story of a couple here in Portland who decided to go around and do something very unique for their Valentine’s Day. I don’t know the entire story, but I will try to stick to the facts. Apparently, an employee at a grocery store happened to look into the back of

      • Bjorllica
        I'm not going to take the time to really explain what a "Mash Up" is, except to say that it involves taking parts of very different songs and blending them together to make something very unique. People often "mash up" female pop singers with rock n roll musical pieces, but

      • Our Ruinous Music on WTNRradio (Feb. 18, 2012)
        Our Ruinous Music today, from 4pm to 6pm, on WTNRradio:

        Bjork/Metallica mash up – Busdriver – Bassnectar - Bell X1 – Sapient w/Lewis Black – Shearwater – Basement Jaxx featuring Paloma Faith – Phetsta featuring Reija Lee – Bear Hands –

      • Our Ruinous Love is on Facebook (again)

        We are on Facebook again. For those of you relatively new to this story/saga, MY LOVE and I tried to maintain two accounts on the site once before, a few years ago. Our “content” was too risque’ at that time, so our accounts were cancelled. From what I’ve seen since rejoining, we shou

      • PRAG Party tonight! (Feb. 16, 2012)
        Tonight is the PRAG (Portland Rope Arts Group) Monthly Play Party at Sindicate. The event goes from 8pm to midnight, and I will be providing the background/mood music. MY LOVE will not be going with me, as previously planned. Things in her business are really taking off, and she needs to be up an

      • Fucked Sideways
        I don’t know if it was my father that used to say it, or if I once heard a comedian or actor utter the phrase, but “Go fuck yourself… sideways” is something that has been in my vernacular for quite a few years. I won’t say I use it on a lot of people, or in many situations, but I like the sound of

      • A wonderful Valentine's Day (2012)
        At the risk of offending somebod-oh who the hell am I kidding? I'm not worried about offending anybody. Let's start over.

        Valentine's is pretty much a female thing. Women get the flowers, chocolates, jewelry, dinners, and so on. Men typically receive greeting cards, and

      • At Last
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***To my WONDERFUL LOVING MAN, you are my everything! I absolutely LOVE this song as it expresses how I feel about us.

        Happy V day!***

      • Sundays are Sex Days
        I had just returned home from a cold but rigorous ride on my bicycle, and was upstairs, in the bedroom, peeling off layers of clothing when MY LOVE returned from bootcamp. I heard the garage door open, and then her footsteps as she made her way up to where I was. By the time she stepped into the r

      • listen to this
        There were a few improvements made to WTNRradio recently, most of them benefiting us DJs. Uploading my show is much easier now, and I can pretty much do it when I please. My show doesn’t get a lot of attention because I chose a time slot when most people aren’t likely to be sitting inside, in fron

      • Ahem. I said “Zzzzzzzzzz” dammit!
        My phone has been making a lot of noise these past few days. Bleeping at me when someone sends a text and blooping loudly whenever I get a message on my main Yahoo and Gmail accounts. On top of that, it’s set to notify me whenever certain things happen on Twitter, and now that I’m on Facebook… you

      • SALE!

        Along with the introduction of the new Heteroflexible K studio/store on Clips4Sale, I have also added a SALE studio to try and boost sales. Go figure. The SALE store basically has multiple clips edited together to make “combos”, and these are

      • my NEW LOVE - can it really be?!?!!!
        I never thought I’d be typing this, EVER, but I am in love with another woman. She is all-natural, fantastic on fruit, spooned over ice cream, when used as an ingredient in baked goods, or simply eaten out of the jar! She contains no cholesterol, no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, and no high-fru

      • feast for the eyes and ears
        The turnout for the newest incarnation of Sensory Overload – now called Sensations Play Party – may not have been very impressive Saturday night, but according to a few people in attendance there was a very big event that coincided with it, so all told I’d say it went rather well. From my perspecti

      • playing hooky
        We played hooky today. I know I need to tell you about other stuff, and in fact have begun a couple of posts regarding recent events, but first I have to tell you what we spent the afternoon doing.

        As soon as MY LOVE returned from boot camp this morning she fixed herself a small meal, co

      • aching muscles, excited heart
        I put in another physically taxing shift at the warehouse today. Temperatures outside have been rising this past week, so it's not as cold in there as it usually is, but that's about the only positive I can think of to say right now. My arms and shoulders are so tired I'm surprised

      • Uninhibited #3

        Tonight, “Uninhibited #3” comes out in our new Heteroflexible K studio on Clips4Sale. Not much I can really describe to you – it’s another solo masturbation scene starring me/K. I guess the one thing worth mentioning is a particularly flatteri

    • January
      • "Sensations" music, Solo Masturbation, Anal Sex and more!
        No warehouse work today, which means I’ve spent the last few hours working on the music for the Sensations Play Party this Saturday. MY LOVE was up at 3:30am this morning, and put in a very hard day at work while I sat at the computer and piddled around the house. I did hop on my bicycle and ride

      • with fingers crossed
        I am typing this post with my fingers crossed. Earlier this afternoon I submitted my final request for funding for “Our Ruinous Love: a deviant love story” and the total was twice what I originally anticipated asking for. This new total came from all the research I recently did regarding costs for

      • A Little Sexy in Your Day
        You may wonder what a couple of sexual deviants do on a cold Saturday in late January. We chose to gather a small group of people together this morning, drive nearly 100 miles, and spend another couple of hours together working on a project related to the business MY LOVE is trying to make a bundle

      • "My Name Is K"
        Put in a few hours at the warehouse today but for the most part it’s about sitting in front of the computer, as usual. For the last couple of days I’ve been working on a new song, for a new album that I hope to at least complete before the end of the year. It is called, “My Name Is K” and will bas

      • Sensations: Sensual Sensation Play Party
        Some good news on the DJ front: the play party, “Sensory Overload”, has a new name and is being held in a new location. The event is now called “Sensations: Sensual Sensation Play Party” and takes place from 8pm to 1am at the Sindicate, which is located at 5224 SE Foster Road. Not only is there a

      • Sex with the Family Dog
        One of my co-workers at the warehouse likes to spend his lunch hour watching some pretty trashy television. Programs like Jerry Springer, or occasionally the Spanish speaking equivalent of it. We've often been in the lunch room at the same time and joked about what we were witnessing, and I t

      • the antisocial introvert who misses people (sort of)
        I love working at home, setting my own schedule, and having the freedom that comes with being my own boss.  Love it.  Being an introverted, antisocial guy, I do not miss people a whole lot.  Yet, these long, gray winter days have begun to get to me already, and I find myself craving a regular/straig

      • Uninhibited
        I got up in the middle of the night last night, to go to the bathroom, and had the distinct impression it was already getting light outside. As I made my way back to bed I stopped at one of our windows and peeked out into the courtyard behind our townhouse. It was indeed growing light, but the rea

      • lift and carry fetish
        MY LOVE and I recently shot some footage for a gentleman who has been making money selling clips of women lifting and carrying other women. That is absolutely all that happens. No nudity. No fondling, or kissing, or sexiness of any kind really. With the exception of a brother and sister lifting

      • Things to do While the Bacon Thaws

        It snowed a little bit yesterday, as you can see from the picture above. It began to stick, but quickly melted as the afternoon wore on. Woke up this morning to the same thing, but the sun is already peeking through the clouds. I guess that's a good thing for me since I have a bu

      • ROCKING the Saturday Busy Blues

        It’s Saturday, which means MY LOVE is at boot camp and I just got done uploading my WTNRradio program for today’s 4pm – 6pm time slot. The theme on the show this afternoon is Rock-n-Roll, but of the pretty tame and easy-on-the-ears variety, so if you like that kind of music you should d

      • Portland Rope Arts Group Play Party
        Early yesterday morning, MY LOVE drove to Seattle for a really important business meeting while I stayed home to rest up and work on the music for an upcoming event. It is called Portland Rope Arts Group Play Party, is taking place January 19th at the Sindicate in SE Portland, and I will of course

      • CBT and Ballbusting w/Catherine de Sade

        MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade recently worked for a site called CBT and Ballbusting. She did horrible things to a poor guy that I don’t even want to think about. In fact, she tried to share some of the things she did, shortly after getting home from the shoot, and I did my best to sort of

      • OK to Release

        It's another lazy Sunday around here, for the most part. Most of you will laugh now when I say that MY LOVE has already been in the garage, riding her bicycle and I was out earlier this afternoon, riding mine ne

      • exhausted, but still Fucking
        Do you remember my post on Thursday, where I talked about unloading 800 bags from the back of a container, onto sixteen pallets? Well, Friday morning we got another one in at the refrigerator/warehouse, only this time we were also busy with several incoming and outgoing shipments, so it took a litt

      • the grind, without the SEX
        My shoulders and back muscles are sore from hitting my girlfriend. If only that were true…

        My shoulders and back muscles are sore because I lugged at least 400 fifty-pound bags of polyvinyl alcohol from the back of a container onto 16 wooden pallets. The actual number of bags was 800, s

      • good day, Good Fuck, good luck
        Today was another of those days working in the refrigerator/warehouse for me, although I’ll have to admit it was not as miserably cold as it usually is. Lots of forklift driving and order checking.

        MY LOVE had a busy day and seems to be making some progress with her business. I am very

      • new year, new goals, new opportunities?
        So, it seems a new year has arrived. It is actually the second day of January, 2012, so I’m off to a late start I guess. Yesterday, MY LOVE and I basically did a whole lot of nothing like it was a day off, which it was. Sunday is almost always a day off for us, and not for any silly religious rea

      • “Taste of… frustration 2012”
        The number of people that came to the “Taste of Sin” event last night, New Year’s Eve, was actually quite gratifying. The number was probably close to 200 at one point. I received a message from NaughtyMinXXX, early in the afternoon, that the V.I.P. area had sold out (it was something like $50 a t

  • 2011
    • December
      • The end, or the beginning?
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I don’t want to overshadow MY MAN’s post below but cannot let the year slip away without expressing deep gratitude to all of you who read our blog, send us fan mail and share our perverted lives.

        Although other career obligations have occupied the majority

      • Hand Jobs and holiday plans
        I didn’t come to bed with the intention of arousing MY LOVE I simply missed kissing, caressing, and otherwise appreciating her amazing body. When I started at her ankles and worked my way up to her thighs it was a purely selfish thing I was doing. MY LOVE was trying to play on her new iPad but I g

      • nothing but "Sin"
        The rest of this week, it’s all about the damn warehouse, with the exception of New Year’s Eve. Since I sure as hell don’t want to bore you with talk of my day job I’ll make another post about “Taste Of Sin: 2012”.

        WORDS BY OUR FRIEND NaughtyMinXXX:

        "Taste of

      • Christmas, 2011, now with 50% more fiber!

        Last night, MY LOVE and I made it to about10pm before we decided to hell with it and opened the few presents we’d purchased for each other. As you can see, MY LOVE was in the mood to give gifts of good health, and I am truly thankful for that. Hopefully my taste buds will be as well.

      • Our Ruinous Xmas on WTNRradio

        I just uploaded my Christmas show to WTNR and it is already getting quite a few listens. Yes, my show isn't even supposed to air until 4pm, but apparently it is already 4pm in some other countries...

        Below you will find the set list for Our Ruinous Xmas. As you can see,

      • Merry Merry
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Happy Holidays to all you wonderful pervs!!***

      • Our Ruinous Christmas (music)
        I have an 80GB iPod and if you know anything about these devices you know a person can fit a shit ton of songs on something with that much memory. I'm not sure, but I think when I overloaded my last iPod by trying to put too many songs on it the number was somewhere around 23,000. Yep, that

      • "Jews, play stupid games"
        The in-laws left for their vacation this morning, which means it’s more or less full time at the warehouse for me, until they get back. We are getting a few extra days off for the holiday, so it’s not all bad. It’s nice to not have to worry about working on Christmas, even though that’s never real

      • Taste of Sin (2012)

        The ticket that looks like it's about to be devoured is the New Year's Eve event that I am going to DJ. Along with the Dubstep and Electro that I will be supplying, there will be two live bands playing, many kinky stage performances, and a V.I.P. area with BDSM-related things

      • heteroflexible
        I don’t know where I first saw this word, but I think it was FetLife of all places. I immediately identified with it and realized it was not only a much better way to encapsulate my particular sexual orientation into a single word, but it was also the perfect substitute for telling people I was bis

      • gay fish
        Spent the day in the refrigerator (my name for the warehouse) and will be doing it again tomorrow. So expect very little from me the next couple days.

        I had so much fun putting together the Mike Patton tribute for my WTNRradio spot that I've decided to do something similar for this

      • another Bizarro to make you laugho

        There's not much worth reading in the comics section of the daily newspaper these days, but one of the few that still do it for me is "Bizarro" by Dan Piraro. Hope you like this one as much as I do.

      • a lazy Sunday
        It’s Sunday, which is generally a lazy day for us. The fog is thick outside the living room window, and it was damn cold when I stepped onto the front porch to grab the newspaper earlier, so I’m guessing it’ll be another day of sitting on the computer and cuddling on the couch. First, MY LOVE is g

      • a day without her

        "DJ K" working on his WTNRradio program while the dogs beg for attention

        I've spent the majority of today alone, sitting at home in front of the computer. True, I did go for a brief, 5 mile ride into town so I could mail some compact discs, but other than that

      • Mike Patton and more
        Well it’s Friday, and I actually have the day off, so there are no excuses for not putting up a post. Here I go…

        For the last two days I’ve been putting together my WTNR radio program - - that airs tomorrow, December 10th, from 4pm to 6pm. This

      • Messing Up
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Love is messing up and not being made to feel like cow poop!

        I'm sorry honey bunny.***

      • little something
        Super busy again, helping out at the warehouse. The second in command is very ill and they needed an extra body. The job itself is fine, but the temperature in the warehouse is deplorable. We’re talking refrigerator cold, and to prove I’m not exaggerating I’ll just mention there is a thermostat i

      • silly distraction

        I don't know who sent me this little piece of news, but I appreciate the laugh:

        "The Israelis are developing an airport security device that eliminates the privacy concerns that come with full-body scanners. It's an armored booth you step into that will not X-ra

      • one shy of 40

        Yep, like the post below says, I am celebrating my 39th birthday today. According to my previous convincing and often celebrated life plan I’d have about 11 years of living left in me, at the most. Now I’m thinking it’s time for a mid-iife crisis, but MY LOVE seems convinced she’s goin

      • Happy 39th to MY MAN
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Today we celebrate you!!! Happy 39th with all my love and as many blow-jobs as we can find time for!!! As you close in on the end or your 30-something era, it’s a good time to reflect on all you have accomplished and how that has shaped the AMAZING MAN you are

    • November
      • Twice in About an Hour
        Technically, our vacation didn’t fully begin until two days after we arrived in Central Oregon. For the first 48 hours MY LOVE still had to have her phone on, respond to emails, make sales calls, see a few clients and so on. It was during one of these busy times for her that I became damn horny, a

      • home, and back to work
        We have returned! Safe, and well rested, it is time to tackle the week in anticipation of a busy and wonderful Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You see, Thursday is my birthday, Friday MY LOVE and I are going to a concert and Saturday is another Sensory Overload. Whew! Good things just keep coming

      • free wi-fi moment
        Reception with the internet device MY LOVE recently purchased has been spotty. Fucking horrible is what it's been, so I haven't been updating. It's her fault...

        MY LOVE and I are sitting in a café, using their wi-fi, and getting a little something to eat before we get bac

      • holiday trip
        In a couple of hours MY LOVE and I will be headed across the mountain, to Central Oregon, for a nice little vacation. We will be staying at Brasada Ranch again, so the plan is as it has been the last few times we visited there: watch movies, hot tub, eat, sleep, maybe do a bit of needless shopping,

      • Dirty Girl
        When MY LOVE and I first moved in together, I made her sit and have meals with me at the dining room table. Everything was new so we would talk, get to know one another, and just sort of bask in the sheer joy of the whole situation. We were in love and definitely didn’t desire much distraction fro

      • A Semblance of Normalcy
        I’ve been working for the mother-in-law-to-be again, these last few days. Five of the last seven, actually, and most of them were pretty physically taxing. My body needed it though. The cold weather saps my energy and desire to do much of anything, and that includes bicycling, working out in the

      • Suck It!
        I was originally going to tell about the “Occupy Portland” protesters, and talk about some of the news footage we caught on television over the weekend, but this is a sexy blog about a loving, deviant, often complicated relationship not a political one. If you want to find out what happened in down

      • slight pause in the action
        Yesterday I went back to work for my mother-in-law to be, on a limited basis. It'll probably wind up being something like three days a week, which is just fine and dandy with me. Any more and the whole thing starts to really feel like work and seem like an actual job. Who wants that?
      • Sensory Overload: A report on the action
        I am happy to report that our evening at Sensory Overload was actually quite an enjoyable one. Attendance was up considerably, the music was fantastic, MY LOVE and I did indeed get to play, and there was some other noteworthy action I plan on telling you about. I dare say this was the best Sensory

      • Sensory Overload - November 5th (tonight!), 2011
        For quite a while now I’ve had almost nothing to do with Sensory Overload, the sensation/play party that MY LOVE and I began working on with our friend NaughtyMinXXX a while back. About three or four months ago MY LOVE stopped having anything to do with it and I decided I could only DJ the event.

      • an (un)reasonable request?
        We recently moved into a new home, as you may have read in past blog posts. It’s another townhouse, so we are once again sharing a wall with our neighbors. And once again, there is a problem.

        I’ll say right now, that our neighbors have two dogs, and these dogs pretty much bark every day

    • October
      • trick or treat - Halloween, 2011
        It is Halloween, 2011, and MY LOVE and I are doing absolutely nothing sexy, scary or holiday related in any way. Tonight, while the children are hopefully out trying to get as much candy as they can, we will be going bowling. Yep, bowling.

        Well then, we must have done something sexy or

      • Xvideos promotional clips/previews
        Since the demise of Video Mayhem we have had absolutely nowhere to advertise our video clips for free, with the exception of maybe FetLife. The only problem with FetLife, is that they require you to be a "paying/donating" member to watch videos, and the people on that site are a whole lot

      • pictures from OMSI
        Here are a few pictures from a not-so-recent trip MY LOVE and I took to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). The exhibits were fun, interactive and fairly interesting but not exactly what we’d hoped for or expected. Sometimes they have some pretty amazing stuff to see and experience.
      • brother can you spare a dime?
        When I moved to Portland, Oregon in the early 90’s I encountered panhandlers for the first time. Whether it was a person in genuine need or an individual with a bullshit story who just couldn’t seem to earn money any other way, the people asking for my spare change always rubbed me the wrong way.

      • birthday wishes

        Happy Birthday MY LOVE!!!

        We both got up around 6am this morning. MY LOVE was downstairs and at the wrapping paper pretty damn quick! She unwrapped her gifts and then got prepared for Boot Camp while I went back to bed. After Boot Camp she will be stopping to get her nails

      • it's the thought/effort that counts
        If the effort exerted trying to find a gift for someone could be converted into an actual present, MY LOVE would be getting a few magnificent ones tomorrow for her birthday. She drove our car today to a business meeting, and lunch with an old friend, so I was forced to ride my bicycle around town w

      • "Our Ruinous Music", a birthday and more...
        I just got through uploading my WTNR show for today. Tune in if you like good music, have an open mind and don’t want to hear the DJ (that’s me!) talking all the time. Growing up, I hated mainstream radio. Between the commercials and the babbling DJ you rarely got to hear much music. My two hour

      • Catherine de Sade in Danny Ocean’s Adventures Vol. 3
        MY LOVE doesn't shoot much adult content these days - Vanilla or BDSM related - so when I tell you she is in a new video release you might want to check out. Considering how often she does this sort of thing you'll want to hurry before it’s too late.

        No, that's

      • poor baby
        I have this Dilbert desk calendar that gives me a little bit of joy every day. During the time we were packing up our belongings, storing them, moving them into our new home and unpacking them I did not get a chance to enjoy my daily dose, so I've been playing catch up lately. In doing so I c

      • Deacon X's Fetish Night - October, 2011
        Our performance for Deacon X’s Fetish Night went pretty well. As is my luck in life, we found the DJ could not play the music we wanted to perform to, but for the first time in a long time I decided to not let this sort of thing bother me, or ruin the possibility of a good time. We just decided to

      • No Time Like the Present
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***This past Saturday night was the first time in quite a while that K and I have been out to a fetish event together. Deacon X had its first Saturday night and we were asked to be a part by doing something on stage. This was somewhat intimidating, as we have not played

      • Another WTNR masterpiece awaits!
        In case you have forgotten, I have a two hour spot on internet radio station WTNR (We Take No Requests) and the most recent episode is up and ready for everyone to listen to. The show airs live from 4pm to 6pm this afternoon but you can go and listen to it any time you want by going to: http://www.

      • back in the saddle (aka a stage performance for Deacon X's Fetish Night)
        It's been quite some time since MY LOVE and I did anything BDSM/play related in public, and twice as long since we've done so on a stage. A few weeks ago I got a message from Deacon X himself, asking if we'd do a performance for Deacon X's Fetish Night and help celebrate the fac

      • Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet
        MY LOVE writes:

        *** That's right!!! The next Portland FootNight party is almost upon us!!! Time to reserve your place at the feet of Portland's most desirable ladies.

        Thursday October 27th!!!!

        FootNight Portland provides without a doubt the hottest gro

    • September
      • abandonment issues
        I'm only kidding. Just because I'm stuck at home for another four day period, all alone, without the love of my life doesn't mean I've been abandoned. It just means I'm sad and our home feels a little strange and empty. It'll be over soon.

        MY LOVE is in Ve

      • Five Year Anniversary!

        Five years ago today, MY LOVE and I met in a park and did that whole "fell in love at first sight" thing. If you don't know the beautiful, twisted, romantic story please go to the beginning of this blog and begin reading.

        MY LOVE is still in San F

      • alone again, and other stuff
        Tomorrow morning I am driving MY LOVE to the airport at some ridiculous hour so she can fly to San Francisco for a business trip. She’ll apparently be shooting with Danny Ocean while she is there, but this is really about her “other” business we never give details about. She’s going to be gone com

      • Dropping a Load
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***In our new home free cable TV is part of our here we are flipping through channels and I don't even know how to comprehend the TV commercial that was just on:

        Apparently babies co

      • all moved in, all worn out
        Writing this while tomorrow’s WTNR broadcast plays on my headphones so forgive me if it comes out a bit distracted.

        The project I was helping MY LOVE’s mother with, full time, is nearing an end. In fact, next week will probably be our last. I have a feeling they are going to ask me to

      • New Obsession

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Moving into our new place next week and I now have a new obsession! I must have this cookware!!!

        Scan Pan Professional Cookware set!!

        Using the pans at our friend's house and I am hooked.***

      • The Adventure Continues
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Where to even begin?? At the hotel, moving to a friends house for the holiday weekend, then back to a hotel for one night then to our new home...WHEW!!

        K and I are doing great, he has new prospects for a great solo porn career and I am SOOOOOO excited to see

    • August
      • moving again
        I am writing this from a hotel room we are staying at for the moment. The townhouse we were living in finally sold, and MY LOVE found us a new place to live, but it will be another week before we can move in. We are treating this like a little adventure and plan on having a bit of fun with it. We

      • are you still there?
        Yikes! Has it really been nearly three weeks since I wrote something? Very bad! Horrible!!

        I have tons of excuses prepared but it comes down to this: I started a new job which, if you include the commute to and from, takes over twelve hours of my day away from me. It is a warehouse an

      • go on and wring my neck, like when a rag gets wet
        It’s a mid-life crisis.

        This is going to sound cliché’, or like complete bullshit, but I assure you it is true. Growing up, I never thought I’d live for very long. It might sound sick to even suggest, but I planned on it. Make no mistake about it, I’ve fantasized my own demise for as l

      • loads more lies
        MY LOVE and I just spent another wonderful weekend at Brasada Ranch in Central Oregon. It was a lovely, relaxing, highly enjoyable three days together that ended too soon. That just means we have to work our way up to the next one...

        There's nothing in particular I want to talk abo

    • July
      • New Reviews! #4 - Motor Stroker Vibrating Sleeve
        In exchange for posting this review I was allowed to keep the item reviewed. That is all.

        When it comes to Men’s Sex Toys there aren’t a whole lot of options, and one might immediately assume something that vibrates would not appeal to a man unless it was in the form of a bu

      • Bathe in her walrus kangaroo
        Look, I've been super busy making radio shows, selling dildos and missing MY SWEET BABY while she was in Washington. I still need to put up another couple masturbation sleeve reviews and start telling you about all the crazy shit that happens to me on a nightly basis. Patience please. And to

      • less busy Saturday
        It’s a slightly less busy Saturday than it was last week, here at the Ruinous household. Somewhere around midnight last night I uploaded my two-hour spot for WTNRradio - - and other than that there were no real responsibilities to take care of today. That doesn’t mean

      • FootNight - July 21st

        Yes, it has finally arrived! Our second FootNight - but the first one that is officially all ours. More precisely, all MY LOVE's. She has secured the same venue as before but the list of models has expanded quite a bit. Last I checked the following would be attending:

      • Watch Me Work Out!

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Hot times in the gym @ She Muscle***

      • busy Saturday
        It is 5:40am and I have been up for the last hour or so working on my two hour spot for WTNR radio which will air later this afternoon from 4pm to 6pm. At the same time, I've been working on selecting and arranging the music for our monthly sensation/play party, "Sensory Overload" wh

      • so, how are things with you?
        How about another wonderful, general update?

        I asked a co-worker to come in a little early yesterday, July 4th, so that I could maybe rush home and catch some of the fireworks with MY LOVE. The posted, advertised time was supposed to be 10pm, and I left my workplace with plenty of time t

      • New Reviews! #3 Sakura's Tight Masturbator

        The only compensation I am receiving for posting this review here is: I get to keep the item/toy I am reviewing.

        This will, unfortunately, be my final wholly positive review. Don’t get me wrong the next three won’t be completely negative or anything like that, but I’m going t

      • WTNR radio - July 2nd broadcast

        I just got through uploading my July 2nd show to WTNR radio and it already has nearly 40 listens, which is good considering it's not supposed to go live until 4pm today. It's not even 8am yet, here in Portland.

        You will never hear a more diverse mix of m

    • June
      • New Reviews! #2 Deep Throat Stroker
        The only compensation I am receiving for posting this review is that I get to keep the sex toy I am reviewing.

        I just got done using/utilizing the Deep Throat Stroker, one of the six masturbators Adam & Eve sent me to review, and like any typical guy I am satiated and read

      • Man's Night Out News - interview on YouTube

        The phone interview MY LOVE did many months ago for Man’s Night Out News is now available to listen to on YouTube, accompanied by sparse visuals. And I mean sparse…

        When you visit you’ll find you have to turn the volume on YouTube and

      • New Reviews! #1 Beladonna's Pocket Pussy
        First things first – I need to apologize to Adam & Eve for not getting to these product reviews sooner. The new job, the odd schedule that goes with it, and a real lack of desire have clearly had a negative effect on the blog. My bad.

        Next I must mention that the only payment or com

      • yes, still here
        First a big THANK YOU to MY LOVE for putting up a couple posts while I have been away. The desire to blog completely left me for a while, and it should come as no surprise – I’ve been maintaining this thing pretty regularly for over four years now. I could give you a ton of decent excuses that wou

      • Congratulations K
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***MY MAN had over 450 listeners to his radio show this weekend!!!

        I am so proud of you!!!***

      • my turn!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Don't let the lack of blog activity fool you, K & I are crazy busy lately! (And we have been dealing with our alcoholic neighbor, and her new alcoholic boyfriend, what a joy that has been!)

        My businesses are keeping me very occupied and I have had t

      • let's give WTNR radio another try, shall we?

        As some of you may know, I have a two-hour radio spot on an internet station called WTNR radio (We Take No Requests) that runs from 4pm to 6pm every Saturday of the month this summer. The good news is, every single show I've produced is also archived there, so even if you are just

    • May
      • DJ for Deacon X
        Sheesh, Deacon X's Fetish Night was probably more than two weeks ago. I really have some catching up to do...

        The DJ gig for Deacon X’s Fetish Night was an incredible disappointment. Not only did attendance seem to be down considerably, nearly half the patrons spent the majority of

      • jerkin' it
        Right before I got my recent position at the pornt shop I thought I would attempt to make some quick money doing cam shows by joining a site called StripShow. If you place your settings just right you are allowed to show full nudity and whatever else you want in a free chat area and do your best to

      • five days is not "shortly"
        I wrote the following three days ago:

        It is approaching 5am on a Thursday morning in the porn shop, and I am finally settling down to catch up on some blogging. Not that I’ve exactly been busy around here as far as customers go, but for the last few hours I have still been cleaning, reor

      • I will be with you shortly
        In the last two days I've done little else except work and sleep. There may have been some eating and pooping in there but why would I want to talk about that? These last two days it's been swing shifts, which means I am writing this to you at about 11:40pm. For the next two days I will

      • MY MAN ROCKS!!!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***My Man Dj'd last night at Deacon X Fetish Night! He rocked the house! It was the first time I really got the sit back and enojoy his music at an event that I was not working and it was fantastic!

        A stud and a musician - I am a lucky girl!***

      • Wanting Babe Creamed and Fucked With Banana househould knee republican
        I started my training at the porn shop yesterday, and did a full shift there today, so that’s my excuse for not posting in the last couple days. As you all should know by now, I am very familiar with this particular kind of business, so my training period is going to be extremely short. So short i

      • Deacon X's Fetish Night - May, 2011

        That's correct. As the red arrow clearly indicates, I will be the DJ for Deacon X's Fetish Night this Sunday, May 15th! This is something I have waited a very long time for and I can't tell you how excited I am. I'm even a bit nervous. Imagine that.


      • no Monday morning blues for this guy
        We tried to take a day off from as much as we could yesterday and I think we did a pretty decent job of it. Both of us needed to spend at least a couple of hours doing absolutely nothing productive without feeling guilty about it afterwards and we succeeded in doing just that. I drove MY LOVE to a

      • Sensory Overload, tonight, at Weird Bar

        My right hand is sore from cutting out 250 flyers for Saturday’s “Sensory Overload” party. I had some professionally made and plan on going to just three places in Portland and asking if I can put them out for people to hopefully see. This will help us figure out a bit more clearly whe

      • stuffie love
        In the last two days I have almost been struck by motor vehicles while riding my bicycle no less than five times and each situation was it’s own particularly scary and frustrating moment. None – I repeat: NONE – of these situations were my fault. From running stop signs, to cutting me off, to simp

      • Adam & Eve - review #6 (Icicles No. 24)
        Disclaimer: We were allowed to keep the item we are about to review in exchange for said review, and that is all the compensation we received for our efforts. Thank you, that is all.

        Once again we have been waiting for MY LOVE to stop her vagina from bleeding so we could try out another

    • April
      • We Take No Requests (radio)

        As MY LOVE mentioned in a previous post (bitch beat me to it) I am going to be on the radio every Saturday, from 4pm to 6pm, on WTNRradio - - for the next 6 to 9 weeks. Maybe longer if the show does good...

        The specific address for my profile and stream is w

      • where the HELL have I been?!?!?
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Let me tell you, I have been busy busy busy!! And no, it has not been shoooting porn. Life has taken a turn and a company that I am a partner in has begun to take off. In addition to that (which is GREAT by the way), while at the trade show in March I was approached by

      • just one of those days
        Some piece of shit, waste-of-life asshole is flagging the Craigslist ads I am posting, seeking local performers for our new Freak Show event. There is absolutely nothing improper about the words I’ve used and of course I can’t really identify another “competing” ad so I am absolutely at a loss as t

      • Oregon Theater Photo/video Day
        Our friend Big T (he was in HelpMeViolateHer #3) is throwing an interesting sounding event soon so we wanted to take the opportunity to promote it for him. This is the information he sent me:

        “Title: Oregon Theater Photo/video Day

        Date: Sunday May 22, 2011
        Time: 5pm - 1

      • clips sales, freak shows and domestic abuse

        Yesterday I woke up to find I’d made over $200 in clip sales from a single store the night before. Every title was from our Beauty of Brutality studio and it’s nice to see that footage still selling, nearly four years later. MY LOVE and I could never have done that if we’d started memb

      • Adam & Eve - review #5 (High Intensity Pussy Pump)
        Quick Disclaimer: In exchange for this review, Adam & Eve allowed us to keep the toy we are reviewing. We were given no further compensation and the following is the honest truth. So help me and all that…

        I’ll admit I’ve only seen a pussy pump in use twice in my life, an

      • really freakin’ good news!
        Some of you might be a bit confused (Fuzzybob) about when our next Sensory Overload event is being held, or just what the hell is going on in general. I’m here to help you with that. As you know, we’ve been throwing our Sensory Overload event on the only night available to us, and hosting it in th

      • semi-offical good news
        It looks like we will be throwing an entirely new event on the 8th of May, at the Weird Bar. Technically, the space is called Other Bar – I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that before – but they are both in the same building. Weird Bar is what you enter, and what you have to walk through to get to Ot

      • drinking their way to an F
        MY LOVE and I don’t watch television, and I know it’s laughable to say we get our news from the internet, but the only other source of information and daily goings-on that we regularly consume are local, independent, weekly newspapers and The Week Magazine, which comes to us in the mail every seven

      • “This house is clean.”
        We spent four straight hours cleaning yesterday, but the place looks and feels wonderful. There are still a few minor details to take care of like sweeping up dirt and leaves that have been accumulating outside our garage door, and dusting off our desks in the office, but for the most part everythi

      • Two chicks go down on a cock and get splashed against
        Today, there will be cleaning. Lots of cleaning. Tons of it! From top to bottom, MY LOVE is in the mood to do it all; laundry, rugs, vacuuming, the oven, you name it. So that’s what we’re going to be spending the majority of the day doing.

        My strange and annoying SPAM messages didn’

      • good news (with potential to be GREAT!)
        Well, no meeting with Mistress Mercy today. I think she stayed out real late last night, having a good time at the Twisted Party at Club Sesso. The weather outside is miserable - cold rain and wind – so part of me is quite happy to stay in and go absolutely nowhere this afternoon. It just feels l

      • another long day of "straight" work
        It’s been a long day of driving, unloading, standing around, sitting through a super long lunch presentation, loading back up and making the trip home but we have arrived safely. Both of us made a quick meal and sat down for two short episodes of Robot Chicken but now it’s back to work. MY LOVE is

      • chugging right along
        Tomorrow MY LOVE and I will be awake at some ridiculous hour in the morning, getting ready to head to Albany for another trade show of hers. I am driving both ways, helping set up the booth, and acting as a sort of buffer/first line of defense for her and another much more informed sales person. M

      • Sensory Overload - April, 2011 - a report
        Our second official Sensory Overload sensation party was a much bigger success than the first one, I’m happy to report. I don’t know about the actual number of people in attendance but our profit nearly tripled, which is definitely a good sign. The plan was for this to be the last party we held at

      • checkin' the mail, checkin' the mail!
        I drove out to our business address today and collected a ridiculous amount of mail. Amongst the myriad bills, threats, credit card applications and advertisements was some pretty good stuff though.

        We received our copy of “Hush” from Professor Oni and it is indeed a beautiful book. I k

      • K the Director
        I had a very promising meeting with my first potential client today. Her name is Clair Brodie and she is technically not a beginner at this. That is to say she has very little experience, and hasn’t done anything in about four years, but is not a complete and total novice. That’s refreshing.
      • Shadow Lane - April, 2011

        MY LOVE and her incredibly red ass are on ShadowLane -

        I guess this scene is called “Wild Thing” which seems very appropriate for a cunt like Catherine de Sade. Haven’t seen the movie so I don’t know why it’s called “Wild Thing” thou

      • ch-ch-ch-changes
        As of yesterday I am officially pimping out my filming, editing and production skills as they pertain to the adult industry. At this point MY LOVE is so busy with her other ventures that she literally has no time to shoot with me, and since she is really the star of the show you can guess where tha

      • Sensory Overload - April, 2011 (reminder)
        Tomorrow is Sunday, and I’m probably not going to put up a post, so I might as well do something for you right now while I’m waiting for MY LOVE to get back from yet another day of training, stock trading and beauty treatments. Our FetLife friend “PervyGeek” was apparently just sitting around bored

      • busy days and nights
        While searching through Craigslist for job opportunities this morning I came across an interesting ad: “Gestational Carriers Needed – Earn up to 45K!” Now that’s one confusing but probably politically correct/sensitive way of saying, “Be a surrogate” or “Have our baby”. I would apply but I don’t t

    • March
      • "Hush" reminder

        Professor Oni contacted us recently to show off the new promotional card he has come up with to hopefully help sales of the book of photos he shot with MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade. It is called “Hush” and titled so because it is a series of photos with her being gagged by various items.

      • moving right along
        It’s another day of seminars for MY LOVE, and of searching for a job and sitting behind the computer for me. There’ll be no bicycling today, I can tell you that. The weather is more miserable than usual and that’s actually saying something. Lately it’s been pretty damn depressing around here.
      • Sensory Overload - April 10th, 2011

        I guess the only thing the advertisement doesn't say is what time this event happens. It goes from 8pm until 12am. Guess I better change that before I start making copies...

        Come join us for a wonderful and exciting evening!!!

      • tough all over
        For the next couple of days MY LOVE will be attending seminars and I will be working on my own business at home, and looking for that elusive part-time gig that I need to get soon. So far today I’ve sent out 7 resumes, put up enough video releases to last the rest of the month, Tweeted a few times,

      • Release Your Soul with Salma Hayek
        Right now MY LOVE is at a trade show showing off her product. Man that sounds sexual. Or maybe it's about drugs. Let's try that again.

        Right now MY LOVE is a at a trade show trying to introduce the product she sells while working her "straight" job to a large number

      • movies and entertainment
        MY LOVE and I recently watched an entire season of the Showtime series “Weeds” in one sitting. I think we’re up to number six now, and the story seems to be about “weed” less and less each season but we had a damn good time watching the ridiculous drama unfold, and we’re definitely excited to see w

      • video news and more
        MY LOVE is upstairs, right now, taking a nap. A real one. She is actually sleeping, not just pretending to while she waits for me to come up and use her. Still, the plan is to do just that in about an hour. I just have to kill some time and let her get a bit of genuine rest.

        Today she

      • busy but making progress
        Today is a very busy day for MY LOVE and I. She is going to be spending the majority of it working on her "straight" job while I assist her and work on editing my "Radical Reach Around" video. This morning we both woke early so that we could drive to her mother's warehouse

      • DJ for KinkFest - 2011
        Being a DJ for KinkFest this year was both a treat and an honor. This is an event that I remember, from many, many years ago, as being very small, boring and unattractive. Let me tell you, it has blossomed into something truly wonderful.

        They told me when I checked in that nearly 900 pe

      • Xvideos

        Since NocturneVideo stopped functioning properly a couple years ago we haven’t had a place to advertise our videos without worrying about offending someone or violating some vague rule. Unlike YouTube, Nocturne allowed adult content of just about any kind, and unlike most of the o

      • fate of this blog
        For the last several months I have experienced quite a few problems/issues with this blog. There are days when it takes me numerous tries (and about 20 minutes!) to do something as simple as make a post. MY LOVE and I have been on the phone with our internet provider and the company that hosts our

      • Adam & Eve - review #4 (Nipple Erector Set)
        In exchange for the following review we were allowed to keep the “sex toy” that we wrote about, and were given no further compensation:

        Our fourth product review for Adam & Eve will unfortunately be a less-than-enthusiastic one. We didn’t ask for the Nipple Erector Set b

      • Sensory Overload - our first party! (report)
        Our first official Sensory Overload party wasn’t exactly a smashing success but we did get a decent turnout considering the rather difficult day of the week it is held on, and the fact that people are probably saving their money for KinkFest this upcoming weekend. Sunday is a rough night to hold an

      • Adam & Eve - review #3 (Inflatable Latex Vibrator)
        Once again I must state before I start that MY LOVE and I are receiving these items in exchange for our honest opinion(s)/review(s), posted here on our blog.

        Our newest sex toy to review from Adam & Eve is another one that we previously owned, but pretty much wore out.

      • because she loves me

        I received these pictures in an email message yesterday. The subject line simply stated: "Because I Love You".

        Now that is my kind of love my friends....

      • Home Gym #2
        Because of the popularity and success of our recent “fitness-related” video releases MY LOVE and I have decided to continue producing them. Until we are certain we have a huge following we won’t necessarily dedicate a lot of time to it, but it wasn’t even under consideration before and now it’s tow

      • just a few tidbits
        According to my Tunecore account I sold a whopping two copies of my single, Radical Reach Around, during the month of February. This was the month I released it, and it didn’t actually get on iTunes until week two or three, so I’m actually quite happy with those two little sales. I hope those peop

      • Back to Fucking
        Last night I crawled into bed before MY LOVE did and decided to sprawl. What I wound up doing was twisting my back just the right way so that it popped, relieving some tension and relaxing me very nicely. As I lay there I felt wonderful. Content. And then MY LOVE jumped into bed with me.
      • strange but true - the SPAM experiment

        Not too long ago I started posting the strange and silly SPAM “Subject” lines I was being inundated with at one particular email address. Crazy stuff like “Hello, boot-lace hoard. Here is Tad Punter“ and “Buenos tardes peeling Hitherto“. I thought they were so amusing I even started po

      • a little DJ update
        My chances of making money as a DJ have increased a bit over the last few weeks. In addition to my monthly gig for our new “Sensory Overload” party I will be working Saturday the 19th at KinkFest and the third Sunday of May for Deacon X’s Fetish Night. It’s about time they gave me a chance to show

      • two negatives equal a positive
        When it comes to morality they say two wrongs don't make a right, but in mathematics two negatives can sometimes equal a positive. I don’t remember how right now, and that’s okay because you aren’t here for a lesson, are you? I am going to put up two “negative” posts right now so I can get th

      • munchin' with my munchkin
        Tonight we will be going to NaughtyMinxxx’s weekly munch in SE Portland, at a wine bar called Vino Vixens. Not being a fan of wine, I will be knocking back a stiff drink at the bowling alley next door.

        I have to honestly say, MY LOVE and I have avoided munches, and other organized kink/B

      • Sensory Overload (and the tale of flyer #1)
        On the second Sunday of every month, at the Whiskey Bar in downtown Portland, MY LOVE and I will be co-hosting a kinky event with our friend NaughtyMinxxx. It is called "Sensory Overload" and I think I've made mention of it recently. For your visual pleasure, here is the first flyer

    • February
      • First FootNight – her story
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Yes yes yes! The advertising worked, the response was huge, the space was perfect and the ladies were gorgeous! Only ONE THING affected our Portland FootNight re-launch party:

        A winter f*cking storm.

        Didn’t see that coming.


      • First FootNight - his story

        Our first time co-hosting a FootNight event seemed to go off pretty well. Bad weather conspired to make it a lot less eventful than we had planned but the good word is out now and we’ll have plenty of time to promote the next one we throw. As I’ve mentioned before, this first time we h

      • unavenged tobacoconist
        We were up late last night entertaining guests, so I'm a bit tired and feeling totally pooped. I know it's Friday, but I'm going to call this a lazy day because we were up late last night, after the FootNight party/event and I am still feeling pretty punk. So I present, for your enj

      • flagrant flagger
        Some worthless, pathetic asshole has already flagged a video on the YouTube channel I just recently created. In the notice I was sent, YouTube staff claim they watch the videos before removing them but I find this impossible to believe. We did not violate any of the guidelines that are posted – I

      • friendly reminder

        Just a friendly reminder - we'll be co-hosting our first FootNight event tomorrow evening. As the days have passed MY LOVE has pretty steadily informed me of when guys have officially registered and the number is pretty damn big! I'm not even going to guess right now, because

      • girls vs. boys
        When I was in Junior High School I played football. Poorly, but enthusiastically. This was the late 80’s mind you, but we still had one girl on our team. She was short and stout, and in practice I didn’t particularly like taking a hit from her. My position was tight end, and I did my best to avo

      • Lather, Rinse, Repent

        I am finally done editing all of the songs for the upcoming E.P. I have been babbling about for months. It is called "Lather, Rinse, Repent" and you can listen to it here:

        The songs should be listened to, and w

      • bathhouse blues #2
        During my time working at the bathhouse there was a stretch where I hardly wrote about our sex life. It’s not that we weren’t having sex at that time, or that the sex we did have wasn’t worth talking about, but there was a very real drop off in the frequency and intensity of it. I don’t imagine we

      • Sexy in the “Home Gym”
        We recently shot an interview segment for YouTube that took place in our “home gym”. I put that in parenthesis because it’s really just the garage in our townhouse, but the space has enough equipment in it that we could probably get away with calling it a home gym. Barely. In addition to a yoga b

      • Adam & Eve - review #2 (Prostate Probe)

        The second toy that MY LOVE and I were tasked to review is called the “Dr. Joel Silicone Prostate Probe”. On the package it says it is a prostate locator. She is the one that picked this item, not me, as I am not currently trying to locate my prostate. Or anyone else’s for that matter

      • Infernal Restraints – February, 2011

        MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade is on Infernal Restraints again! I don’t think I really need to say anything else, except maybe follow the link below to check out a preview clip...

      • another stab at YouTube fame
        A few years ago we had a very popular and successful run of video clips posted on YouTube that were bringing us in some pretty decent DVD and clip sales. Most of them revolved around spanking and at that time we must have made somebody angry, or been threatening someone else’s business, because the

      • Happy February 14th! - 2011

        I don’t care what "holiday" it is. It could be a Thursday in the middle of June, or it could be Easter Sunday for all I care. I love you every day, in pretty much the same way...

        Just a little more than the day before. And it will always be this way.


      • Adam & Eve - review #1 (Power Balls)

        It is time for us to post of first review for Adam & Eve. As product reviewers, we have an agreement with Adam & Eve that is very simple. In exchange for our honest opinion(s) we get to keep the items we review for free. It’s a good deal, and they make it pretty clear that it’

      • Foot Night - February 24th
        This is just a reminder. MY LOVE and I are co-hosting this event with the lovely lady who runs it in Seattle. The number of sign-ups were so promising that a few more ladies have been added to the event. Lots of lovely feet to worship!

        Today we received a box of 100 postca

      • Stripperland - good. After party - not so much.
        The premiere for Stripperland was held at the Hollywood theatre, in the Hollywood district of Portland. The show started about fifteen minutes late, and the film seemed to drag on just a bit, but overall we had a wonderful experience. For a low-budget horror spoof this movie was pretty damn good.

      • Stripperland Premiere (cast & crew) Tonight!
        Tonight is the Stripperland premiere for cast and crew! MY LOVE is very excited to go, so this morning she did a little searching and found a preview clip for all of you to enjoy. Just follow the link –

        MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade is the second stripper, (technical

      • urine the money
        You know the hunt for a job has gotten desperate when your girlfriend sends you a posting for a position as a Urine Specimen Collector. Yes, it pays well, but come on! Actually, if I could get this position I'd be thrilled out of my mind, but just what kind of experience do I have in this are

      • bathhouse blues #1
        Okay, nothing deep and meaningful today either, but just read on…

        It’s time I told you, all that I have been waiting to tell you, regarding the job I had at the bathhouse. As you know, I quit right before MY LOVE and I went to AVN, so I think enough time has gone by that I can now tell y

      • Thai Cooking
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Completely off the subject of sex - who wants to buy me an early birthday present?!!

        I LOVE Thai food and have always wanted to learn how to prepare it. Just found a place in Portland with excellent reviews. I would like to take all 3 courses.


      • Take that, Gordon slit
        It's Saturday, which is technically a lazy day in this household, so forgive me if I don't expound on anything too deep or meaningful. That's right, I'm going to give you another list of SPAM Titles/Subjects to hopefully smile and giggle at as much as I do/did when I get them.

      • Yes, you can @#*!ing follow me on Twitter!

        Facebook was a fiasco. We tried – well I did anyways – but we were just too vulgar for them I guess. Actually, I don’t quite recall why both of our accounts were shut down, but that’s not important. I swore I would never bother with one of those social networking sites again but let’s

      • Normac Ladow - photograph #1 w/Catherine de Sade

        We finally have a glimpse of what Normac Ladow - he shot with MY LOVE and a couple other ladies, then MY LOVE and I while we were visiting Florida for FetCon - has been working on lately. This is the only thing that MY LOVE is in, right now, and he hasn’t completed any of the stuff that

      • Huckleberry Finn (now with 100% less nigger!)
        Maybe you don’t know yet that they are coming out with a version of “Huckleberry Finn”, by Mark Twain, where the word “nigger” is taken out and replaced with “slave”. If you didn’t know it, and you are reading this, you do now. I am unsure of what has developed since this story first broke, but I

      • Porn vs. Kink
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***If you have been following our blog you’ve noticed my foray into more mainstream porn as of late. The result has been interesting and unexpected…

        Sex is sex is sex, right?


        I honestly did not expect vanilla-mainstream shoots to

      • Mistle Ho movie
        Right around Christmas time, MY LOVE put on a sexy outfit and suggested she decorate the tree while I videotaped her doing it. She was also wearing a restraint device, which made putting ornaments on slow going, but super sexy. I think I posted a picture or two from the shoot last month, but here

      • Sripperland Premiere (cast and crew)
        Finally! Stripperland – the movie shot mostly in Portland that MY LOVE has a bit part in as a zombie – is having a cast/crew premiere Wednesday, February 9th, at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland. There is also an after party at the Sunset Strip and you can bet your ass we’re going to that. Just

      • Hush by Professor Oni, featuring Catherine de Sade

        The book that Professor Oni put together, using the shots he recently took of MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade, is available on right now.

        These are the magnif

    • January
      • FootNight Portland!

        Here is some rather exciting news! MY LOVE is co-hosting a FootNight event in Portland on February 24th, and if all goes well she will be given the reigns to hold it as often as is profitable. Many of you might recall that MY LOVE went to a FootNight event in Seattle last year, as a mo

      • NaughtyMinxxx Sensation/Play Party - January 2011
        Our friend NaughtyMinxxx (that’s what they call her on FetLife anyways) threw a sensation/play party last night at the Whiskey, and MY LOVE and I both attended. She went to mingle, network and maybe hurt a few people and I provided the music for the evening. It was a wonderful event.

      • Unbelievable, Apaches flashing
        I get SPAM at just about every email account I am responsible for. MY LOVE gets a ton of it too. Most of the stuff she receives has to do with shopping while mine tend to be about dating and supplements. Most of the stuff is pretty normal and expected, but there have been a series of messages tha

      • potential rape victim
        Late one night, while I was still working at the bathhouse, I eft on my lunch break to get some fast food. There were only two joints in the area, and one of them closed at one in the morning. It had to have been close to 4am when I snuck away for a little something to eat, so my choices were very

      • Dirty Muscle/She Muscle videos

        As you know, MY LOVE was recently featured on a couple of sights called SheMuscle and DirtyMuscle. We posted some pictures a while back and if you haven’t seen them you should go check them out. Amazing stuff! She posed for photographs and shot some solo video, and initially we though

      • Jackhammer Jesus
        When MY LOVE and I travel we like to go into adult shops and see what they are like. Sometimes there is some serious shopping to be done but most of the time we’re just curious. Just checking it out. I don’t remember where we were when we saw this particular item, but I know that it took us by su

      • High Profile Hostile
        One night, while I was still working graveyard shift at the bathhouse, I decided to give everyone including myself a break from the endless techno and pop/dance music and put in a few CDs I’d brought in, from home. One of those compact discs had some of my music on it. Before leaving for work I’d

      • Ghosts of Vesuvius

        I have just started a book by Charles Pellegrino called “Ghosts of Vesuvius: A New Look at the Last Days of Pompeii, How Towers Fall, and Other Strange Connections”. The following paragraph ultimately refers to us – human beings – and what we are made of: atoms and empty space.
      • one last time
        MY LOVE and I got up before 5am this morning to get her to the airport, so she could fly to what will probably be her last shoot for a while. She is in Vegas once again, working with a company called Shadow Lane. If you want to find out more about them, stop by their site. She's already done

      • Adam & Eve

        MY LOVE recently started using Twitter and as a result she responded to a post from the adult video and novelty company, Adam & Eve. They were apparently looking for people who maintained adult blogs/sites to try out and post reviews on some of their produ

      • SPAM and scams
        I guess this is sort of a rant...

        As you all know, I’m looking for a job again. So is MY LOVE, and we both use Craigslist because it has become one of the largest resources for job seekers. It’s also a place full of spammers and scammers, which is starting to get extremely frustrating.

      • Deacon X's Fetish Night - January 2011 performance
        On Sunday evening our performance for Deacon X’s Fetish Night didn’t go exactly as planned. There were difficulties with the music we provided and one of my props – the most important one! – failed to do it’s job adequately. Under the circumstances, I think we did okay, but it certainly wasn’t one

      • Dinner (and more) with Nina
        This last Wednesday, January 12th, Nina Hartley was in Portland doing a two-hour presentation at a local adult shop in support of her book, her persona, her way of thinking, etc. I think MY LOVE saw an announcement on Twitter or something, but the next thing I knew we were planning on picking Nina

      • poor communication
        When I first started putting our video clips up for sale I went to just about every site I could find and opened up a studio or two. Most of them wanted to split the sales 60/40, with me getting the smaller percentage. At the time, I didn’t mind, I just wanted our stuff out there. A few years hav

      • pee pee
        As some of you may know, MY LOVE likes to hold my cock while I urinate. She’s been doing this, as often as she can, for about four years now. Most of the time I snap my fingers as I am headed to the bathroom and she will jump up, run in ahead of me, pull down my pants when I reach the toilet, and

      • MUCK
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Last summer I made a trip to British Columbia - Kamloops to be exact - to shoot with a company called Mud Puddle Visuals. Although I promised to blog about it I never did because, quite honestly, I wanted to forget the experience.

        I am not the outdoorsy type

      • CrudeBay
        There is a site called CrudeBay – - where they allow you to sell the stuff Ebay will not. Things like used panties and other strange items. In their own words, “If it’s banned on other sites you can buy or sell it on CrudeBay.” So that’s something we are going to start doing.
      • Infernal Restraints - January 2011

        MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade is on StrictRestraints again! Check out the January, 2011 update – - and see their new look!

        This is what they have written for a description of this particular scene, on their site:


      • done left Las Vegas
        We done left Las Vegas. This morning we awoke at some insane hour like 4am so that we could catch our early morning flight home, to Portland. We wound up running late for no particular reason and just barely made it onto the plane in time. The ticket agent told us our luggage would not be on the

      • day three in Vegas

        I am sorry to report the after party we went to, that was directly connected to the AVN awards and ANE convention, was nothing special. I know I have poor luck, so I’m just going to chalk last night up to that and not dwell on it.

        We were allowed to enter two clubs – Playboy

      • day two in Vegas/at AVN
        So far it's been a pretty lazy day for MY LOVE and I. We woke up, ate a light breakfast and immediately headed to an outlet mall to do some serious shopping. I thought we would have more success than we did but that's probably damn good news for our pocketbook. Looks like we're not

      • first day in Vegas at AVN

        Our first day in Vegas, at AVN, and we are so pathetic we are holed up in our hotel room, watching the movie Open Range and waiting for Asian food to be delivered. We did go to the convention center earlier in the day, and I know MY LOVE was up and shooting straight porn with someone a

      • Las Vegas and AVN
        MY LOVE and I are currently sitting at the Portland airport waiting to board our flight to Las Vegas. We will be there for three days, attending as many AVN events as we can. Everything except the actual awards I think. Neither of us are nominated or anything so why waste our time?


      • Fucked While Reading
        It's been a while since you read about some sex, hasn't it?

        Last week we didn’t have a whole lot of time together, intimate or otherwise. Sex was low on the priority list, unfortunately. There was a night, however, that I remember coming up to the bedroom and finding MY LOVE n

      • Cupido

        As some of you may know, MY LOVE and I went to Jackson, Mississippi last summer for three days of shooting with Gordon Denman. He took over 8000 shots and when it was all over we got paid handsomely for having a good time while he took photographs of us. We also received color and blac

      • one foot out the (bathhouse) door
        On January 5th I will no longer be working at the bathhouse. (Hallelujah!) Later posts will better explain and help you understand why I am quitting, but for now let’s just say that the main reason was, the place was making me miserable. It was affecting my health, my sex drive, my attitude, and

      • 40 Something Magazine - March 2011

        MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade is in the March 2011 edition of 40 Something Magazine. We received a copy from them in the mail last week so I don't actually know if the magazine is out yet. If they are anything like Hustler they release issues a few months in advance, so it might be in

      • More Eye Candy
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Few more enticements for you from one of my recent shoots in NYC.

        Naughty in the gym - seems I can't be trusted to keep my clothes on anywhere!

      • 24 hours of Xmas
        On the morning of Christmas Eve I arrived home after a full shift at the bathhouse. It was probably 9am and I wouldn’t make it to bed for another hour. While I slept MY LOVE did some last-minute running around and prepared food for our visit to her mother’s home. The three of us, along with her h

  • 2010
    • December
      • She Muscle
        My strong, stunning, stacked girlfriend Catherine de Sade is on

        We recently received photos from this shoot and all I can say is WOW! I don’t know what we can share with you here so I’m going to hold back on posting any photos. You’ll just

      • still spinning

        I/we have been gone for a while. Maybe some of you noticed? To my usual excuse of being super busy I add the fact that we were without internet access for the last four days. But who asked for excuses?

        Catching up, at this point, is such a daunting task. There

      • The cookies are baked, the presents are wrapped...
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Just a few more days and Christmas is here!! I have to tell you that this year seriously F L E W by. This time last year we were surrounded by family in Central Oregon and having to face the cold hard facts that moving back to PDX was necessary for our financial surviv

      • early morning catch up post
        It is 5am, on a Tuesday morning, and I have been awake for over an hour. I guess my body has gotten used to staying up late five nights a week because on my two days off I can’t seem to sleep through the night. MY LOVE is upstairs right now, getting plenty of rest so that she can put in another fu

      • The Fighter
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***K and I went out to see The Fighter yesterday afternoon and let me just say this is a GREAT movie. Gut wrenching at times and a happy - but not Hollywood - ending. I highly recommend seeing this flick!

        The new laptop is up and running!! The hard drive was s

      • no Tricky yes DXFN
        We had plans this Sunday to see a live performance by a recording artist MY LOVE and I both find unique and entertaining, but I waited too long to get us tickets and the show sold out. I’ve written about Tricky in this blog before, and it was probably a year ago that we saw him at the Doug Fir Loun

      • Oligarchy
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I was in NYC all last week and had access to regular TV while in my hotel. The big news story early in the week was of course the press conference where Bill Clinton endorsed the Obama Tax Plan. I listened for quite a while. As the minutes passed I found myself sinking

      • same lame excuses
        There’s no telling the number of things I’ve recently promised to blog about, but failed to do so. Sorry about that. I have a list right now that looks pretty long, but some of it seems pointless to recount so many days/weeks later. Maybe I’ll just skip it and keep trying to report on the present

      • NYC Baby!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I have been in NYC shooting with various companies all week and boy was I NASTY!! I won't give you the blow-by-blow right now as I want to have pics to show when I fill in all the details...let me just say that things were shoved inside me that I have not seen don

      • Catch-up
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Recently I was in LA and Palm Desert shooting for a number of different sites. One of the sites I shot with is called Bondage Designs Below is a snapshot from one of 4 scenes that day. Gina Rae Michaels and Dominic Wolfe are known for S

      • working at a bathhouse
        I’m sure some of you have been wondering, all this time, about what it’s like working in a bathhouse. Admit it, you’re at least a little bit curious about what goes on inside. I'll be honest and say I had a preconceived notion or two that was blown away within the first few days of working at

      • Radical Reach Around
        It’s official – I have released a single from my upcoming E.P. on iTunes. The song is called Radical Reach Around and it is the one that I’ve already showcased here, on the blog. You can listen to the tune on MySpace - - or you can go to the old post that is still here, o

      • her = New York, him = home
        It is early Monday morning and I have just finished Skyping with MY LOVE, who is in New York. Trying to sleep last night, without her in our bed, was very difficult. It felt like I didn’t sleep at all.

        The job I was trying to get at Goodwill fell through. It being the holiday season, t

      • Last Big Trip of the Year!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Tonight I am off for a week of shoots in NYC! I land tomorrow at 5:30AM - I like taking the red eye to the East Coast. Monday is a day to get adjusted, dinner with friends then Tuesday the real fun begins!

        Tuesday I will be shooting with a photographer that

      • The Trouble with DICK
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I love cock! I have no trouble admitting I love cock! There is plenty of photographic and video evidence to substantiate this statement.

        During the past 4 years we have maintained a blog (well, K does more of the maintaining than I do) that accurately d

      • Today is K's BIRTHDAY!!!!

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***My god how times flies!! When we met you were still just a young thing and in 4 short years this redhead has managed to make white hairs sprout prolifically in your beard! Tried to warn you :)

        Here are some other famous people who share yo

    • November
      • Jingle Balls
        Yesterday MY LOVE decided she wanted to break the Christmas decorations out and start making our home properly festive for the upcoming month. Hauling all the boxes and bags in from the storage closet on our tiny deck was no big deal, and putting up the tree was a quick and painless task. Decorati

      • clues for the clueless
        Disclaimer: I don’t think you will find any actual clues for the clueless in this rant. Sorry. I just thought it was a good title. The clueless I am referring to are the people who sometimes write to MY LOVE and I through FetLife, our site, etc. Folks who so desperately need a little advice that

      • spare moment
        I am experiencing one of the rarest of things, as of late; a spare moment. Working a full-time job and spending all the rest of my time sleeping or with MY LOVE, I have had no spare moments. Working on the E.P. and trying to get it ready for release has left me time to do little more that is compa

      • California Quickie
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Just got back from a quick modeling trip to L.A. and Palm Desert. I will post more in-depth details when the shoots are on-line, but just to fill you in on what transpired...

        Arrived in LA Friday evening, got settled into my hotel, picked up a few groceries

      • it is freakin' cold out there!
        It is Thanksgiving Eve and I will be working at the bathhouse tonight. Tomorrow, it will be closed for the holiday so we’re sure to have a very busy evening. I am thankful for this because frankly, the job is super boring when there is nothing much to do except sit around and wait for the next cus

      • Shower Sex

        Normally I like to shower alone. It’s not necessarily because I need some private time, it’s more about comfort and available space. When I shower, I like to remain under the water at all times. It feels so damn good on my back and it keeps me warm. Even with someone as tiny as MY LO

      • "day we moved in together" anniversary
        Being a pretty typical guy in most respects, I have found myself guilty a time or two of forgetting an anniversary or other important date. While growing up I had great difficulty remembering my own mother’s birthday. These first few years with MY LOVE, I’ve had trouble keeping track of her birthd

      • the haps
        MY LOVE is currently in Los Angeles, shooting with Naughty America and others, and I have a couple days off from the bathhouse, so I guess I can try to catch up a bit on the blogging.

        I received my first paycheck from the bathhouse yesterday. It only has three days on it but I have to ad

      • there is something wrong with people (#1)
        Last night I worked eight very busy and taxing hours at the bathhouse and then came home to the wonderful sound of the next-door neighbors barking dog. This usually occurs during the day, when she leaves to get groceries, run errands and so forth, not at night. My shift ended at 9pm and I pretty m

      • Univesaibty Daiploma
        My personal email has a Spam box that is emptied periodically throughout the day. It’s the one I’ve had the longest so it gets the most trash. A few months ago I started getting advertisements from an online University. I can’t recall the name now, and I certainly don’t know anything about them b

      • workin'
        I’m going to post this real quick before you all think I’ve forgotten about you. The new job began a few days ago and I’ve been super busy and tired. Also preoccupied a bit with missing MY LOVE. I’ve been working graveyard shift, so our schedule were conflicting, and she just left this morning fo

      • untitled track #1
        Sometimes music takes you on a journey. If you are a really good listener it can relax you, invigorate you, and possibly transport you to another state of being. Music is meant to alter your mood. Darken or lighten it. It is meant to move you, soothe you, and entertain you. Some music is made p

      • Kinky Lifestyle Cruise 2012
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***This may seem a bit early for us to ask you to make plans for November 2012, but believe me it is not! If you wait too long you are going to miss out!

        "But on what?" you ask. Only the BIGGEST KINKY LIFESTYLE CRUISE IN HISTORY! That's right, K

      • the search is over (sort of)
        Well, I got me a job. Yesterday I went in for a second interview and I guess I done good because they called to offer me the position shortly after I left. To be honest with you – something I always try to do – I thought I had the job after the first interview. Call it being cocky, having confide

      • Interview!!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by a gentleman in NYC who runs a website called Mans Night Out. Please listen to the interview at

        After listening to the interview, please visit his site at www.mansnigh

      • Typical Diet Day - Per request
        MY LOVE writes:


        I am more than happy to share a bit about my diet and workout!

        The absolute, #1 important component is consistency. I cannot stress this enough. Training or ANY sort requires consistent efforts if you want to see improvement. I typically work

      • Birthday Cake

        MY LOVE writes:

        This year my birthday was spent on an airplane returning from South Africa so I did not get an opportunity to enjoy any birthday cake. Since returning I have been trying to decide what I wanted as a special treat for turning 46. This is no easy task as I am a

      • Butt Sex (oh yeah!)
        Yep, I had some earlier today. Some butt sex. It was really good too. Thinking back I realize it’s been quite a while since MY LOVE took it in the ass. Her reactions to my intrusion were quite satisfying and it didn’t take long before she was using the Hitachi to keep that asshole nice and tight

      • the search continues...
        Over the last three days I’ve done a lot of job searching. Some of it has been early in the morning, on the computer, doing things like answering Craigslist ads or composing cover letters and printing up resumes. A good portion of it has happened later in the evening, when I’ve gone out to look fo

      • More South Africa Pics!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***The pics below are from my visit to the Kruger Park.***

      • Fuck

        That's all I really wanted to say, and that pretty much says it all.

        P.S. Unfortunately I can't remember who the artist is to give proper credit. I apologize in advance.

      • job search woes
        Before I met MY LOVE my view of life, and my attitude towards it, was a bit different. I didn’t aspire to be or do much. Didn’t care if I lived to see 50 years old and I’m not being dramatic, just honest and blunt. Money didn’t mean much to me. Happiness did. Making a lot of money, or having a

    • October
      • Halloween Eve
        Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, as most of you know, so the good times, for adults anyways, were going to be happening on Saturday. MY LOVE and I went to Club Sesso Saturday evening because, frankly, there wasn’t much else going on of an adult nature in town. The Erotic Ball looked appealing

      • Some Serious Fucking
        MY LOVE and I just got done doing some serious fucking. “No shit?!” you exclaim. “You NEVER write about that.” It’s true though. Some serious fucking.

        For her birthday, I got MY SLIGHTLY OLDER SLUT a few typical items: sour candy and chocolates she particularly enjoys, a stuffed anima

      • Adjusting
        MY LOVE Writes:

        ***It is wonderful to be back home with MY MAN!!! I am adjusting to the time and elevation change although my sleep schedule is still a bit wonky. The 10 day visit with my relatives was VERY full of a variety of activities such as zip-lining in the Magaliesberg Canyon: <

      • Halloween is cancelled
        Okay, technically Halloween hasn’t been cancelled. We’ve just had to say no to our much-anticipated weekend in L.A., attending the Bordello of Decadence party. The sad and embarrassing truth is, my business (ORLinc.) made almost no money for October. Not enough to pay a fucking bill, let alone be

      • Some Catching Up
        MY LOVE and I have both been without sex for nearly two weeks, so it’s no surprise that on her first day back from Africa we did our best to make up for lost time. The first bout of lovemaking was intense – the Hitachi Magic Wand even got involved – but MY LOVE was still pretty exhausted from her t

      • she's back, and HUMP!ing
        She’s Home! MY BABY GIRL is home! Now things can maybe go back to normal a little bit…

        It is magnificent to have MY LOVE home, where she belongs. Since we got back to the townhouse we have made love one glorious time, and right now she’s upstairs taking a real nap that I probably won’t

      • pretty girl

        I noticed it's been a while since I posted any photos - sexy or otherwise. Might as well make up for it with some wonderful shots of MY LOVE. These three were taken by Darcie Elliott -

        Hope you enjoy the photos. She

      • homeward bound
        In just a few minutes, MY LOVE will be stepping onto the plane in Johannesburg to begin the long journey to get her sweet little buns home and back into my loving arms. As mentioned before, it is also her birthday today! She will be spending the next sixteen hours trapped on a plane while I am run

      • DJ K
        Tonight, starting at 9pm and lasting at least an hour, I will be DJing at Plan B in Southeast Portland. The address is 1305 SE 8th if anyone reading this decides they want to show up. Obviously I’m not doing anything more than “making an appearance” but I am excited nonetheless. I might be “tryin

      • savage disappointment
        A DVD arrived in the mail for me yesterday called “Savage Vengeance”. It was made around the same time “I Spit on Your Grave” was and purportedly contained a few good rape scenes. As many of you may know, one of my more bizarre “hobbies” over the last few years has been finding and isolating rape

      • her return/birthday in four days!
        In four days – October 25th – MY LOVE will be having a birthday. Unfortunately she’ll be spending a good portion of her special day on an airplane, headed for home. It is over sixteen hours from Johannesburg to Atlanta, and then another five plus hours from there to Portland. Ugh!


      • life without
        With MY LOVE out of the country it is difficult to make regular posts on the blog. Not that I don’t have a life of my own worth talking about, but it just feels like there is something missing. Oh yeah, I know what it is – entries about sex! Well, I’m not about to deny or disappoint our fans, so:

      • ... like an elephant

        MY LOVE sent this photograph to me yesterday. She couldn’t help but make mention of the elephant’s cock – said he was showing off. I had to laugh.

        Communication between us has been sparse, and we’ve not been able to Skype as often as we would have liked, so both of us are pr

      • no HUMP!(ing) this year
        I got a rejection message from the folks who run the amateur adult film contest “HUMP!”. Our entry will not be shown this year. Which totally blew my mind because what I came up with this time around was a hell of a lot better than what I sent in last year. Perhaps there will really be some good

      • what would you do/choose?
        Let me throw a few hypothetical situations/scenarios out there for you to consider and see if your opinion/attitude mirrors mine:

        Let’s say you want to buy a car/truck/SUV and are so eager to do so that you show up at the nearest auto dealership twenty minutes before they open. It’s a

      • into Africa
        Thursday morning, at roughly four a.m., I drove MY LOVE to the Portland airport so she could meet her mother and together they could board a plane to Africa. A few hours later I received a text message from her that said they were beginning a six-hour layover in Georgia or some place like that. Mi

      • Even More Catherine de Sade and Venus DeMila photos
        Nothing but gratuitous shots of MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade and Venus DeMila for all of us to enjoy.

        ......................look at those nipples!!!

      • SOUTH AFRICA!!!!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***It’s Tuesday! I am feeling lazy and excited about my pending trip to South Africa. The next couple days are going to be very busy and I seriously doubt I will be doing any additional blogging before I leave (have to be at the airport at 4AM Thursday!!) so this is it!
      • a little of this and a little of that
        In two days MY LOVE will be leaving for Africa. I know she started putting together a post about her trip last night, so it should be up soon.

        I have been in contact with a local club that might allow me to fill a guest spot/try out my DJ skills on a Sunday evening soon. The place is ca

      • random tits, pussy and ass
        I received these photos in an email from MY LOVE a few days ago. Seems she found some of her work on a site she'd kind of forgotten she'd worked for and snagged a few random shots for me. I do love her ass so you can see there are more pictures of that than anything else...


      • Professor Oni and Scott Paul
        As promised, I would like to provide some contact information for Professor Oni, whom MY LOVE worked with in Seattle recently, and for Scott Paul, who’s studio we were allowed to shoot in and who’s wonderfully wicked adult toys we were allowed to use and eventually purchase. First, Professor Oni:
      • and there was HUMP!(ing) after all
        We had to wait until nearly three in the afternoon, but MY LOVE and I finally did get to shoot footage for our 2010 HUMP! entry yesterday and I have to say, I think it turned out pretty well. Today we will have to reshoot a couple of scenes that didn’t turn out so good but other than that it’s time

      • no HUMP!(ing) today
        A couple weeks ago MY LOVE went into the hospital and got some vaccination shots for her upcoming trip to Africa. Shortly after that, she seemed to grow ill, and then things got back to normal. Maybe she almost caught a cold or just maybe she was reacting to the medicine. Either way, everything s

      • back from Seattle and ready to HUMP!
        We have returned from Seattle safe and intact. Not that there was ever a doubt we would, I just like saying it that way. The sole purpose of the visit, as mentioned before, was to shoot with Professor Oni and that went off as planned. An added bonus came when we were not only allowed to work in S

      • Another (very short) Seattle trip
        We will be driving to Seattle this afternoon but only staying there for one night. The sole purpose is to wake up early tomorrow so we can get to shooting with Professor Oni. I don’t have much information about him just yet but will provide it after we finish our work. I say “we” like I’m really

      • The Views Expressed are...
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***The views expressed are not those of ORL Inc., or its affiliated companies, principals, friends, parents, pets, cyberbuddies, fuckbuddies, anonymous encounters, or plant life. The following depiction is only a representation and not meant to reflect a real being living

    • September
      • Fucking Dungeon w/Catherine de Sade

        This last time MY LOVE went to L.A. she worked with the Dungeon Corp/Strict Restraint guys that are all connected for another of their sites called Fucking Dungeon. The most remarkable thing about this site is that the female talent actually gets put in bondage

      • author? author?
        Last week I responded to an ad that was posted on Craiglist. There was a company looking for spanking stories, and other erotica, and I decided to contact them and see if our story – Our Ruinous Love: A deviant love story – would be of interest. I invited them to come check out our blog and see if

      • Explaining Elements of Masochism
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***This past Saturday we had a wonderful time at a friends place where we shot a custom movie and afterwards, indulged in some much needed playtime for ourselves! I have been doing quite a bit of modeling in recent months and this tends to take a toll on me with regards t

      • I BEAT MY MAN!!!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***At bowling you pervs! I took the first two games with my highest scores ever - but then he staged a comeback.


        Happy dance, happy dance!***

      • spring "Desktop" cleaning - 2
        Here are some more photos that have been cluttering up my Desktop. Don't know why I took them but didn't have a post to go with them, so here they are to just stare at and drool over.

        We recently started shooting images for a gentleman who likes pantyhose. This w

      • An Afternoon BJ

        We recently released a wonderful and very erotic blowjob scene here, in our "CockWhore" studio, and on Clips4Sale. This took place right after a small pissing scene we shot, which apparently got MY LOVE a little horny. Dressed like a prostitute, I had her squat in a semi-publ

      • A Song by Me - K #1
        Here is a song I created recently while fooling around with a program on the computer called Garage Band. There is no singing because I do not have a microphone, and even if I did I don't know that this wouldn't remain an instrumental track. It is only about four minutes long... hope you

      • Four Short Years!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Four years ago today, little did I know just how much my life was about to change. It was the first time MY MAN and I were to meet. I barely slept the night before and was up early in nervous anticipation. Oh how the minutes dragged on! We were supposed to get togethe

      • Our Deacon X Experience - September 2010
        Our evening of fun at Deacon X’s Fetish Night was almost everything we hoped it would be, after being gone for so long. Every familiar face was a joy to see. From the moment we walked in to the moment we left we felt very much at home in the familiar surroundings. It just so happened to be the De

      • Deacon X's Fetish Night - September 2010

        Tomorrow night is Deacon X's Fetish Night at Berbati's in downtown Portland. MY LOVE and I will not only be there, we will be doing our third performance for the club. As promised, we will not interrupt the flow of the evening, instead we will simply appear on stage and do wh

      • Over 40 Mag/Score Group

        While we were in Miami last month MY LOVE worked for The Score Group for two days. One of those shoots – video and photographs – is ready for our viewing pleasure. The specific site it is on is called “40 Something Mag” and here is the direct link that will hopefully take you right to

      • cops and porn shops
        The other day a gentleman contacted me on FetLife to tell me that the photographs I have posted there were very arousing to him. He also admitted that he was gay and jokingly asked if I supposed there was a gay version of me in town. The conversation was friendly and brief, but somewhere in there

      • Bordello of Decadence calendar shoot

        This is MY favorite so far...

        On what I believe was our last afternoon/evening in Los Angeles MY LOVE and both participated in a shoot for a kinky calendar that is going to be released by the wonderful folks who run Bordello of Decadence. This is the only link I have for more

      • here and gone
        MY LOVE and I got back into town from Seattle two days ago. We've been busy the last 48 hours getting her ready for a brief jaunt to L.A. and spending as much time together as possible. Today I drove her to the airport and less than an hour ago she called to let me know that she had landed sa

      • quick trip and The Bondage Channel update
        We are headed to Seattle this afternoon for a quick two days of work. Tomorrow night MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade will be appearing, in person, at FootNight – for information: - and then Friday we are both participating in a photo shoot together. I know I said I wasn’t

      • Thigh Sex
        Our last night in Los Angeles MY LOVE and I were eager to have sex but we both felt very fatigued. To be honest with you, her pussy was sore from a whole lot of use, as was my cock. All the Mississippi sex, plus the work MY LOVE did in Los Angeles, had left her pretty worn out and it was taking my

      • wasted days

        It is Labor Day weekend, which means an extra day off for most folks out there. Neither MY LOVE nor I hold “normal”, steady jobs so all it means to us is that the bank isn’t open and the roads are maybe a little less congested. After the amount of travel we just did there was absolutel

      • Images For Sale

        MY LOVE and I have officially opened a store to sell images/photos on Images4Sale

        We never had any intention of doing this before but business has been bad and frankly, we found we'd accumulated quite a list of photo sets from working with

      • meeting my daughter

        This has taken a couple of days for me to write. I always strive to remain honest but sometimes that's not so easy...

        Meeting my daughter in Reno was a wonderfully awkward and confusing experience. Frustrating and delightful. As much as she is flesh and blood, this you

      • Los Angeles, California - August 2010 (#3)
        I don’t know if it was the day after the Venus DeMila shoot or not, but I can say with great confidence that MY LOVE eventually went to shoot for Naughty America - - while we were in Los Angeles. This was something that took up an entire day, when you include travel time, so

    • August
      • Los Angeles, California - August 2010 (#2)
        I went to Venus DeMila’s studio hoping to film what would go down during her shoot with MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade. There had been some hints in the past that this might be acceptable but I was denied my opportunity. Pity, because as lovely as the pictures liquiderotica takes are, watching the phot

      • Strict Restraint - Late August, 2010

        There is another update on StrictRestraint starring MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade. Below you will find the pictures and description they provided on their site. Go check it out!

        “It's a good thing Catherine has submissive stamina...t

      • Los Angeles, California - August 2010 (#1)

        Our California trip seemed pretty uneventful. The first official day in Los Angeles we did little except hit the gym and make our brief appearance on the Rev Mel show. We were the first guests to come on and really did very little except chat with the Rev and show the audience somethin

      • there's no place like...
        We are home again, and will be staying for a little while. No more travel for at least a week…

        Thursday, MY LOVE and I didn’t make it to bed until around midnight. She set her alarm for five a.m. and when it went off we were quite happy to get up, get packed and get the hell out of our

      • this will sound familiar...
        I finally have a free moment to get on the computer and make a post. For the last few days I have been in Reno, and there was no internet access in my room. Now, I could have wandered down into the bowels of Circus Circus with the laptop and found wireless somewhere but I was very busy. Hanging o

      • still in L.A.
        I’m not really going to say much more about our two plus days in Jackson, shooting with Gordon Denman, until I start putting up pictures. So for now we’ll just skip forward a bit…

        MY LOVE and I flew out of Mississippi on Saturday, August 14th. We made it home, to Portland, and spent a n

      • Jackson, Mississippi

        After Miami, MY LOVE and I headed to Jackson, Mississippi to shoot with Gordon Denman. What can I say about Jackson? It was hot and humid, but I think I've mentioned that already. We didn’t get to see much of it because we were super freakin’ busy shooting with Mr. Gordon Denman,

      • Miami meeting
        On our last evening in Miami, MY LOVE and I had the pleasure of meeting someone that MY LOVE has been corresponding with on FetLife for a very long time. It was wonderful to get together with Lady Samantha and her fella. They both live in Ecuador, where they run a retreat/sexual getaway/whatever t

      • Miami, Florida - days 2 and 3

        Do me a favor, will you? Go throw on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and some sandals. No shoes or socks allowed. Now go start the shower. Adjust the temperature to lukewarm but make sure it is on full blast. Please enter the shower and stand directly underneath the stream/spray. Stay

      • Tampa, Florida - final day
        Our last day in Tampa was definitely the best one. We began by hitting the gym then took our time getting ready to go mingle and network at FetCon for a few hours. It was so hot and humid that we had to decide whether or not to walk the few blocks to the Hyatt in our normal clothes, then change in

      • Footnight

        Do you like feet? Do you like to kiss and caress them? Do you like them so much you’d basically worship them? Well, you are in luck! On Thursday, September 9th MY LOVE - along with Lady Lydia McLane and Ms. Matisse – will be available for foot worship. This is taking place in Seattl

      • L.A. again
        MY LOVE and I are in Los Angeles, California, getting ready to go to RevMel's studio tonight to see the show - and appear on it briefly. It is comfortably warm here, but almost anything is after Florida and Mississippi.

        We left Portland yesterday at 1pm. I drove for 11 hours, somet

      • whew!
        IT'S SO GOOD TO BE HOME!!! - even if it is only for about 36 hours. Familiar, comfortable surroundings... ahhh!

        So let me get this complaint out of the way before I do anything else. You all know what bad luck I have with rude people. There was probably a curse put on me that I kn

      • busy, busy, busy - sorry, sorry, sorry
        We are sitting in the Jackson, Mississippi airport waiting to fly home! This leg of our trip is done! We will go back to Portland, stay for one evening, and then pack up the car and head to Los Angeles. Both of us are extremely tired!

        We've spent the last two-and-a-half days shoot

      • Miami, Florida - day 1
        The drive to Miami was pretty uneventful, save for the massive amount of rain that dumped on us nearly the entire time. I kid you not, it was like driving in the shower most of the way, and getting out to do something simple like walk from the parking lot to the front door of a building got you soa

      • Headed to Miami
        We went to sleep at 4 o'clock this morning, just a little drunk and hungry. Up at roughly 10a.m. so that we could pack, pick up our rental car and head over to Miami. It's about a four hour drive. MY LOVE is still running around the hotel room naked right now, but I imagine she'll

      • Tampa, Florida - day 2

        Day two in Tampa was a busy one. MY LOVE got up early so that she could get ready for a shoot with David Mack. Not sure which site her scenes will go up on so for now I will give you the direct link to the site he's best known for -

        It was a v

      • Tampa, Florida - day 1

        Welcome to Tampa, Florida, home of/known for - I don't know what. I can sure tell you it's hot and humid here but that's all I really know so far. During the flight from Denver to Tampa - we started in Portland but had a layover in Denver, Colorado - I got extremely cold

      • We're off! - 1st stop Tampa, Florida
        MY LOVE and I are currently at the airport, waiting to board our flight to Tampa, Florida. We woke up at 3am this morning so that we could be ready to leave by 5am. Our plane takes off around 7:10am and after a brief stop in Denver we should be getting into Tampa around 6pm. A long day of just si

      • Beach House Bondage Bimbo
        Here are some pictures from the shoot MY LOVE and I managed to squeeze in the last day of our trip to the coast. I named it "Beach House Bondage Bimbo" because it sounds silly but possibly sexy too. Not all of our movies, or titles, are hardcore sex and brutality. We have plenty of stra

      • August schedule (2010)
        It is August, which is going to be one busy month for us. I don’t know the specifics yet, so I’ll just give you a general idea of what is coming.

        Thursday, August 5th we catch a plane to Tampa so that we can participate in FetCon.

        Sunday, August 8th we will be in Miami for a c

      • bloody cum
        I don’t exactly know what started it, but over the last couple of months I have been doing my damnedest to hurt MY LOVE with my cock while fucking her pussy. Not that I haven’t been trying to do that pretty much our whole relationship, but it seems I’ve upped the effort recently. Both of us have e

    • July
      • More Catherine and Venus photos
        Just wanted to share some more of the magnificent photos we've received from the shoot MY LOVE did with Venus DeMila.


        Thanks, as always, goes to Smudger/liquiderotica for making MY CUNT look s

      • back from the beach
        MY LOVE and I have returned from our wonderfully relaxing trip to the coast. We stayed at a friends’ beach house in Lincoln City and really just spent the entire time reconnecting. Work and the stresses of daily life were definitely having a negative effect on us but we have just had a long enough

      • Lincoln City - mini vacation
        Arrived in Lincoln City Monday night with just enough energy to do a little grocery shopping, eat some dinner and watch one entire movie plus half of another one. I realized, shortly after arriving, that I’d forgotten a large section of my clothing. Shorts, pants, socks and extra shoes were in my

      • the beach
        Today MY LOVE and I leave for what I think we’ll both agree is a much-needed break/vacation to the Oregon coast. A friend of ours is loaning us his place for a few days and we are going to do a whole lot of nothing during our stay. Not all nothing, just mostly.

        I am taking our video cam

      • BDSM Pride Day - Rev Mel Show appearance

        Saturday, July 24th was BDSM Pride Day. To acknowledge and celebrate this MY LOVE and I made a brief web-cam appearance on the Rev Mel Show. Sitting together in our office chairs, we tuned in about fifteen minutes before we were supposed to make our call, to see how things were going.

      • Strict Restraint - July 2010

        MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade is on Strict Restraint again! Here's what they have written on their site:

        "MILF wonder girl is back...Catherine Desade...and she's as hard-bodied as ever...another natural power player, Catherine has

      • Hammer Fuck
        Woke up the other morning and stumbled downstairs to grab my box of cereal out of the cupboard. Inside I found an envelope that was clearly meant for me. The card it held had a snow globe on the front of it with a smiling snowman trapped inside.

        It read: “Here’s a helpful

      • fill you
        This is technically the first song I ever wrote. Not only do I have lyrics, I can play this on the guitar. Not well, but I can play it. This was written while I was in prison, and it may sound like it’s for someone in particular but I have to say I don’t recall whom, if that’s the case. Maybe it

      • Domestic Abuse

        Domestic Abuse #1

        We recently started releasing a series of movies/clips called “Domestic Abuse”. At the moment, I think we are up to number four. In these scenes, MY LOVE is dressed in lingerie or some other sexy outfit, and made to do some pretty normal household tasks. T

      • First Twisted Party at Club Sesso
        Our first night trying the Twisted Party at Club Sesso was a bit of a disappointment. For once I won’t be complaining about the music, as it was fantastic! The DJ played good stuff (in my opinion) the whole time we were there. Now if we could only get them to turn it down a bit. I sure do sound l

      • O' Canada
        MY LOVE left at five o’clock this morning, headed to Canada to shoot for a couple of sites that specialize in some very interesting adult content. She is going to be asked to roll around in and wrestle with another girl in real, honest-to-goodness mud. This shoot will take place outside. She is a

      • busy girl
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I am so behind in blogging that the only place to begin is right in the middle!!

        Big NEWS!! I have an agent now!! I am VERY excited as he also represents NINA F***ing HARTLEY!!!! You can find me here:

        Just got back

      • Help Lew Rubens
        MY LOVE and I consider Lew Rubens a good friend. She has known him quite a bit longer than I have but I can honestly say we enjoy his company, energy, wit and demeanor. The man is a genius with rope, has no problem giving extremely helpful and valuable advice, and is just an all around good guy in

      • Venus De Mila and Catherine de Sade
        One of the shoots MY LOVE did a few days ago, while she was in L.A., involved the gorgeous Venus De Mila. The three photos you see below were taken by our photographer friend Smudger, who now goes by Liquiderotica. When he gets his site up we will definitely be letting all of you know about it.
      • The Rev Mel Show
        MY LOVE just got done with her live interview on the Rev Mel show. It was a great two hours and I am now doubly sad that I didn’t get to be on the program with her tonight. After the first hour was up I did manage to call in and chat with them for a while. Rev Mel and all the watchers in the Chat

      • The Rev Mel Show with guest Catherine de Sade

        Be sure to tune in to the Rev Mel Show tomorrow night (Monday, July 12th) where the guest will be Catherine de Sade/MY LOVE! Here is what they have on FetLife about this show:

        “Live on the Rev Mel Show Monday July 12,2010 at 8 PM PST will be Guest Catherine de Sade on TSRnetw

      • separated again
        I dropped MY LOVE off at the airport today so she could fly to Los Angeles for three to six days of adult work. She was supposed to shoot with West Coast Gang Bangs again but they are trying to cancel at the last minute because their camera guy is not available. Now this is not art, it is pornogra

      • zombie stripper
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Yep it’s true – I have unrealized talents in the Zombie genre! I am a flesh eating sexpot!

        I arrived on the set at 9:50 a.m. and was introduced to the wardrobe/make-up crew. We rapidly picked the outfit I was to wear and got started on make-up. I was the ON

      • Twisted Party at Club Sesso - July 2010

        MY LOVE and I will be attending the Twisted Party at Club Sesso for the first time tomorrow night. This is a special, once-a-month event where you are supposed to be able to combine BDSM-style play with sex in a public place. Granted, we could do that at dungeons and private parties bu

      • Yanks
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***4AM comes VERY early no matter WHAT time I go to bed! But we had to get up so we could drive to Seattle for a photo shoot with a new (to me) photographer. Two elements made this shoot intriguing to me; 1) the photog is female and 2) I was supposed to hump a flagpole!<

      • Angel Priest

        We recently did a shoot with local photographer Angel Priest – - and you can see the results here as well as FetLife. This took place in a cold, bare room that was floor to ceiling cement and stone. It was only the three of us in this little space, and di

      • Saturday Night - July 3rd, 2010
        It is Saturday night and we are going to be doing two things this evening. At around 5pm we will be having dinner and watching a movie with MY LOVE’s mother, and her husband. This is not to celebrate the 4th of July or anything like that, it’s just so we can spend some time with them. Afterwards,

      • Lew Rubens at Club Sesso
        Thursday evening we went to Club Sesso so that MY LOVE could be suspended by Lew Rubens again. We were also there to view his 3-D photography, which was on display. Below you will find a few professional images, given to us by a friend who attended. The club was open two hours early for this even

      • Stripperland

        I dropped MY LOVE off in North Portland today to shoot for a movie called "Stripperland". It is apparently a sexy parody of "Zombieland" only this time it's specifically strippers who are becoming undead, and they are attacking their boyfriends, the pizza delive

    • June
      • 3-D photography and bondage demonstration - Lew Rubens
        We're back from Seattle. Maybe MY LOVE will put up a post soon about what she did, and where the results might eventually show up. Apparently things went so well she has already been offered two gigs next month. Pretty exciting!

        Tomorrow night – Thursday, July 1st – MY LOVE and I

      • Seattle to hump stuff
        It is 6 a.m. and we are about to drive to Seattle so that MY LOVE can shoot with a company that is going to pay her to hump things. You are going to laugh – she’s supposed to be the “girl/lady next door” type, who you’d think wouldn’t do anything strange or kinky. Ha ha ha! Not that there isn’t a

      • Ron Jeremy's Club Sesso

        Saturday evening we went to Ron Jeremy’s Club Sesso to meet the man himself. Actually, we went for a lot more than that, but you’ll have to be patient until I get there. Our entry fee for the evening, as well as the renewal of our memberships, was taken care of by a very generous frien

      • Choke the Bitch - stood up
        I was supposed to get the opportunity to shoot a scene with MY LOVE today where I would, among other things, get to choke her while I fucked her. This appeared to be a semi-professional gig that she found on Craigslist, but it is now almost 90 minutes past the time we were supposed to meet the gent

      • fIXE magazine

        MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade recently did an interview for fIXE magazine. You can see a few familiar pictures, and the interview here -

        Enjoy another look into her brain!

      • DXFN - June 2010
        We had another great time at Deacon X’s Fetish Night last night. For the first time in a couple months the music seemed to be consistently good, the place was full of people and we saw TONS of faces we recognized. I swear half the folks we met at Red Cheeks last week were there, as well as some ne

      • Only in America
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Haven't written in a while - just busy with life and work and family - so time to jump right back in with a blurb from "The Week" magazine.

        A Michigan woman without health insurance shot herself to get medical attention. Kathy Myers, 41, says s

      • Deacon X's Fetish Night - June 20, 2010

        That's tomorrow night, and we are going to be there. Not performing, just boozing, dancing and socializing. Making new friends. Seeing old ones. That whole routine.

        Right now, it's Saturday, and we're so lame that it's not even 10pm yet and we are both

      • corrections department - "dad's day"
        Last Sunday I revealed to all of you that I have a daughter. I did this because I thought that it was Father's Day. I think I even mentioned I was posting because of the holiday. Well, someone pointed out to me the other night that Father's Day is actually this weekend. I just want to

      • The Bondage Play Party w/Lew Rubens - report
        When we arrived at the Conservatory last night Lew Rubens was already getting set up. While he spoke with MY LOVE about what they would be doing I did my best to troubleshoot a couple of minor problems with the sound system. Soon the dungeon was filled with music and the guests were coming in and

      • Lew's Bondage Play Party - reminder
        This is basically a reminder to everyone of where we will be tomorrow evening. We will be attending the “Monthly Bondage Play Party Featuring Lew Rubens”, which is taking place at the Conservatory. You can find out more information about this event, including the address of the dungeon, the cost o

      • Model Mayhem

        I have a profile on Model Mayhem!

        My Mayhem # is 1718804. The profile/member name I am using is “MyNameIsK” because this is not a strictly “Our Ruinous Love” kind of thing. It is more about me having the opportunity to make some money

      • amateur hour
        Over the past three years I’ve traveled with MY LOVE to quite a few different cities in the U.S. so that she could work with some other adult-oriented companies. Most of them have been long-established, relatively successful businesses and caused us absolutely no problems. They were courteous and

      • Red Cheeks
        The “Red Cheeks Club Play Party” we went to on Saturday was a pleasant experience. As promised, it was more of a social gathering than anything, but there was plenty of space to play and plenty of people openly doing what made them happy. MY LOVE and I utilized a couple of the rooms before we left

      • dad's day
        It is Father’s Day, so I guess it would be appropriate for me to reveal that I am actually the father of a nearly 17-year-old daughter who lives with her mother in Nevada. I haven’t been in contact with either of them for the past 15 years, which makes me a pretty bad dad I guess. Personally, I th

      • fun
        We will be attending the “Red Cheeks Club Play Party” tonight in Hillsboro, Oregon. This will be a new event/space for MY LOVE and I to explore, and possibly make some new friends. It is apparently more of a social gathering and less of a play space however, there should be ample opportunities. M

      • bored at work
        A certain beautiful little something has been talking to and flirting with MY LOVE on FetLife for quite some time apparently. Today I got a message from this lovely lady. She called it “a quick idea”.

        “i had a very naughty idea today while bored at my desk at work. here it goes

      • changes, they are a comin'
        I sold my drum seta couple of days ago. Actually, I’m trading it for a bunch of weed but whatever. The original plan was to sell it and use the money to fix a malfunctioning computer fan on MY LOVE’s tower so that I could start trying to record some music in our office. As it turns out, the recor

      • 4 in 12
        It’s been a while since I wrote about a day where I had a big bunch of orgasms. What better way to start the week, I’m thinking, than to read about some guy getting off multiple times by using his whore of a girlfriend? I dare someone to complain.

        It started around midnight, two nights

      • advice?
        I have a word document that sits on my computer called UPDATES. Basically, it’s where I compose the majority of my blog posts, so there are a lot of unfinished rants, descriptions of sexual depravity and admissions of guilt there. Often, when I decide to answer e-mail with more than a few sentence

      • who you really are
        I am not a “Dom” or a “Master”. At times I would have to identify as a “Top” because I don’t “bottom” to anyone, or have those tendencies. Hating labels, but knowing they are necessary to ease communication, I can say I am “dominant”, a “top”, “heteroflexible” and in an “open” relationship. I do

      • Monthly Bondage Play Party Featuring Lew Rubens
        I’ve worked in the adult business, in one form or another, for as much of my adult life as I could. My jobs have varied from simple things like clerking at porn shops to bartending and DJing at strip clubs. I’ve also managed those same porn shops while trying to put together things like Fetish Par

      • Tuesday 6-1-2010
        Yesterday was Monday, but it was also a holiday, so I did what everyone else did – or wished they could do – and took the day off. Didn’t do one minute of video editing, didn’t shoot any new footage or even put up a blog post. Last Monday I skipped my usual blah about movies/books and shared with

    • May
      • spring "Desktop" cleaning
        For the weekend, I am going to do a little “Desktop” spring cleaning – even though it still feels like friggin’ winter around here – by posting some old pictures that never quite made it into the blog at the time they were taken. Hope you enjoy…

        If April showers bring May fl

      • Desperate Amateurs - May 2010
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***The shoot with Desperate Amateurs is posted on their site!!! This was a REALLY fun shoot and I encourage you to not only visit but join and enjoy this site.

        This is a departure from what the type of scenes you normally see me in.

      • Happy Butthole Moments
        Lately we’ve been getting lucky with what I’ll start calling Happy Butthole Moments, since they aren’t full-blown Butthole Days. I probably shouldn’t say “full-blown” and “butthole” in the same sentence. Doesn’t sound right. Anyways, I say we’ve been lucky because that seems to be the only reason

      • Shutter (crunch!) Island (crunch! crunch!)
        Friday night, MY LOVE and I decided to chance it and go to one of the local cheap theatres to see “Shutter Island”. For a Friday, the theatre was actually pretty empty, but then again it’s a damn boring movie that really seems to go nowhere so I’m not surprised people weren’t fighting for seats. W

      • talkdemonic - May 2010

        MY LOVE and I recently went out to see one of our favorite bands perform live, in a local club. talkdemonic is actually from Portland, so you’d think it would be easy to catch one of their shows, but it isn’t. They have been taking a break from a recent tour and recording a new album,

      • adult gigs
        Have you ever tried to place an ad on Craigslist? How about one under the “Adult Gigs” category? This is a place where adults are supposed to be able to put up ads seeking professional but legal adult services from other adults. Mostly it’s web-cam and XXX movie stuff, and both of those things ar

      • Deacon X Performance Photos! - April 2010
        While we were attending the recent DXFN we ran into John, their photographer, and he handed us a disc of the photos he was able to capture during our April performance. You have to admit, the guy is good, especially considering the lighting and all the movement he had to deal with.

      • My Boyfriend is a Butt Fucker

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Yep, it’s true. He is a TOTAL butt fucker!! If I even mention that I am planning to prepare my ass he loses all train of thought, his eyes glaze over and his hand moves towards his cock.

        Yesterday was just such a day. We had a custom video sh

      • Sunday Fun - Deacon X's Fetish Night - May 16th, 2010
        It’s Monday, and I know I’m supposed to be telling you about a movie MY LOVE and I recently watched and letting you know what book I am currently reading, but I think you’ll forgive me if I talk about something else.

        We had another good time at Deacon X’s Fetish Night, last n

      • Deacon X's Fetish Night - May 16, 2010

        MY LOVE and I will be going to Deacon X's Fetish Night this evening. We are not performing, just going to have a good time. Both of us have been looking forward to this night all week.

        As usual I would like to extend an invitation t

      • Hustler Magazine July 2010

        My beautiful (mature) sexy (older) adorable (aged) girlfriend is in Hustler Magazine this month! That’s right, MY LOVE, MY ALL, MY CUNT, MY SWEET EVERYTHING is in freakin' Hustler Magazine!

        It is the July 2010 issue and her one-page biopic is on page 59. “Cougars Unlea

      • Tit Bouncer Gig
        It's the third update from the top right now, but another scene that MY LOVE did a while back for House of Gord is up. It is called "Tit Bouncer Gig", and here's the brief description they put up:

        "So Catherine de Sade gets to be the next lad

      • Desperate Amateurs

        MY LOVE writes:
        ***Thursday was an exciting and nerve racking day. I was booked to work with a very unique “vanilla” site called Desperate Amateurs based in Oregon. I came across their site one day while looking on CL for adult gigs in our are

      • Monday 5-10-2010
        Last Monday I was supposed to give you a movie review and at least tell you what book I was currently reading. Well, a lot of heavy, serious relationship-type stuff was happening so I didn’t write much of anything. So, I owe you.

        “A Serious Man” is a Coen Brothers movie.

      • love is not simple
        Been working on this post for a few days now. Just want to get it right. This is really important…

        I once named a movie we shot “Love = Pain” because I was trying to sound dramatic. Little did I know the truth of what I was writing. I don’t imagine this post will surprise anybody, bu

      • Into the Attic - May 2010

        Five scenes from the recent shoot MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade did with IntoTheAttic are up and ready to be viewed. They are another membership site, and I didn't see any video previews when I was checking things out briefly, but I could be wrong. You should

      • the next level
        I haven't written in a few days because some serious shit has been happening. Here's what's going on:

        MY LOVE and I are trying to take the openness of our relationship to a new level. Basically, we’re not seeing other people but we are free to fuck them, or glean some oth

      • Happy (unexpected) Butthole Day!
        Yesterday MY LOVE had a happy butthole for a brief period of time. I discovered her ass was clean quite by accident. The greedy little slut was on her knees in front of me, sucking on my cock, and I decided to reach over her mostly naked body and play with her asshole. Rubbing it turned into slip

      • gone and back again

        We just got back from our brief visit to Seattle, Washington, where MY LOVE shot with Rodney Moore. She says it was an interesting and different experience, doing straight/vanilla porn. No bondage, no real pain, no need to act like she’s in distress and frightened for her well-being.

    • April
      • lmfao
        Another wonderfully hilarious comic masterpiece by Bizarro creator Dan Piraro.

      • Into the Attic

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***After many years of sporadic contact, I finally had the opportunity to shoot with the folks at Into the Attic on Saturday! Thank you to JR, Miss Angel Darling and Geezer for an adventurous shoot. – OH and the beauty behind the strap-on!

        The only

      • Monday 4-26-2010
        I wanted to start some regular, weekly blog posts that everyone could count on, even when things are going slow or we’re not feeling so creative. I figured I could schedule certain topics for certain days, or something simple like that. I’m not going to lay that schedule out for you but I am going

      • Deacon X videos on FetLife
        The footage from BOTH of our Deacon X performances is available for your viewing pleasure, on FetLife.

        Our January, 2010 performance:

        And our April, 2010 performance:
      • no more belly punching
        We will no longer be shooting custom movies for Jill Lauren. During our sixth, and final scene for – - I managed to punch MY LOVE hard enough, often enough, or at the wrong angle (or maybe all of the above) and injure her. It’s no big deal I guess – probably a burst

      • throwing in the towel
        We almost threw in the towel this last weekend and gave up on the whole make porn, get rich and famous, move to Europe and stay rich and famous until we eventually retire thing. Our biggest concern and obstacle, at the moment, is money. Moving to Portland was supposed to change things in that rega

      • Deacon X's Fetish Night (performance) - part 2 of 2
        It took a bit of coaxing on my part before the ladies that had control of her legs really took charge, but once they did things went very well. Without further hesitation, and without saying another word to the crowd, I began to warm MY LOVE up. The first thing I grabbed was a plastic, light-up to

      • Over the Edge
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Just saw THE movie that has put me over the edge! That's right from here on out I am only watching loving, sing-a-long, comedic dreck. Next on my list is "The Sound of Music." Julie Andrews and cute little kids... might work my way up to "Victor V

      • Deacon X's Fetish Night (performance) - part 1 of 2

        This is definitely going to be a two-part entry. I don’t know if I’m too wordy or there’s just a lot to tell you. Maybe some of you will clue me in…

        Our second performance for Deacon X’s Fetish Night went very, very well. This time around, I was a whole lot LESS nervous tha

      • in defense of anal hooks
        A few posts ago I made mention that the new rules for the “Hump!” video contest this year included prohibiting the use of anal hooks. This was a direct reference to the film that we entered last year, wherein I placed a shiny, silver anal hook in MY LOVE’s ass. We were thrilled to see something we

      • Rodney Moore

        MY LOVE is going to be shooting with Rodney Moore in Seattle - - at the end of the month. I have been a sort-of fan of his for as long as I’ve been working in porn shops. His movies had some creative elements to them that I appreciated. I don’t know what his work i

      • music
        Someone recently asked me what kind of music I listen to. Normally that would be an easy question to answer – I guess I should say it would be an easy question for a normal person to answer – but I have quite a wide variety of tastes/interests. Ask me to name a favorite band and I will simply stan

      • Deacon X's Fetish Night - April 18, 2010

        The weekend is over. It is Monday, and time to start thinking about how you are going to end your NEXT weekend. Our suggestion? Attend Deacon X’s Fetish Night at Berbati’s Pan on Sunday. As you can see from the advertisement above, there are a few interesting things going on that eve

      • rough air ahead
        This weekend has been less than wonderful. MY LOVE and I are experiencing some turbulence in our daily life. Both of us are feeling pretty unhappy right now.

        We didn’t move back to Portland so that we could go out and have a good time more often, but that was a benefit/bonus that we l

      • Club Sesso/Gang Bang Night update

        Unless something very bizarre happens, MY LOVE and I will definitely be going to Club Sesso this evening. I imagine we won't leave our home any earlier than 10pm, because none of these places seem to get going until around midnight. We will either stop somewhere and get a couple d

      • cock it is
        Looks like MY LOVE and I will not be going to the Twisted Party at Club Sesso tonight. I haven't heard rumor of a clean butthole or anything like that, so I assume we're going tomorrow. I guess that means I should get prepared to share MY SLUT with a group of men. She keeps saying how s

      • extended family (10)

        This is Milton. I think he was supposed to be an Easter gift for someone but I turned him into a random gift for MY LOVE.

        She gave him his name. He is a very disgruntled sheep who often has a bad attitude about things, but he has expressed happiness while living with us. Th

      • kink or cock? - a dilemma

        Tomorrow evening is the monthly “Twisted Party” at Club Sesso. It is a sexually kinky fetish night that we’ve heard has gotten quite wild lately. This interests us a great deal, but Friday night is Gang Bang night at the club and we REALLY like that. Even though

      • Making it Hurt

        On a day of normal/average arousal my cock measures roughly 6-7 inches long. When I am super, ultra turned on it can get as big as 8+ inches. I’m not bragging – well maybe I am a little bit – I’m just explaining. You see I’ve been hurting MY SLUT with my cock a lot lately, while it is

      • balls
        MY LOVE received a call today from Seattle, Washington. The Pacific Northwest Ballet called about a review/reaction I had to their "3 by Dove" performance we attended a while back. I'm sure they got her number from the online ticket purchase, and they solicited the review/reaction f

      • theatre of the absurd
        We went to see Avatar Friday afternoon. Yes, finally. Go ahead and laugh. As you know, MY LOVE and I wind up having a bad time pretty regularly, when we go see movies. People are clueless, rude idiots who will talk, eat loudly, play on their phones, kick the back of your chair and do a host of o

      • Out takes from a recent shoot
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Just a couple fun pics from a recent shoot in PDX with Shape Shifter Photography


      • stolen car
        I once drove a stolen car, in the state of Oregon, for nearly two years without getting caught. Hell, I even got pulled over by the cops once, but I think luck was just on my side that night. The vehicle was a white, 1988 Toyota Corolla, and there had to be hundreds of them out on the road at that

    • March
      • ego stroke
        MY LOVE was flipping through the pages of the Portland Mercury – our local weekly “alternative” newspaper – when she saw an advertisement for this years “Hump!” video contest. For those of you who don’t know, “Hump!” is basically the Pacific Northwest's biggest, best, and most beloved amateur-

      • first pole dance class
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Not even 24 hours after my first Pole Dance class and I am SORE! I do not mean a few muscle aches here and there, I mean hard-to-walk SORE!!!!

        The studio is not far from my home, which is wonderfully convenient. The instructor is vivacious and very good at

      • Glowing Greens

        Last night MY LOVE and I couldn't decide what we wanted to do with our Friday evening. I'd already ruled out any chance of seeing a band perform, because there were none playing that I wanted to see, or could recognize. Going to anything

      • Photos For Hustler Magazine (2)
        Here are some more pictures from the photo shoot that MY LOVE did for her upcoming Hustler Magazine spread:

        This is my absolute favorite of all the shots that were taken. So natural and so beautiful...

        Once again, the make-up artist was Lil

      • Pacific Northwest Ballet - "3 by Dove"
        While we were in Seattle last weekend, MY LOVE and I took a chance and attended a dance performance at McCaw Hall. The event was called “3 by Dove” and showcased the choreography of Ulysses Dove. There were three pieces by him (thus the name of the event “3 by Dove”) and one by Victor Quijada. No

      • Yep, It's Official, Humans are NUTS!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Just a few examples of why I think humans are over-reactive, body-phobic nut jobs.

        Police ordered a Rahway, NJ family to cover up their snow sculpture of Venus de Milo after receiving an anonymous complaint of a "naked snow woman."

      • Real Time Bondage - March 2010
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***This was my fourth visit to NYC to work with the creative crew at Intersec. For those of you who don’t know who this is – PD originally started Insex and now own/operates/runs HardTied, InfernalRestraints and RealTimeBondage. My shoo

      • Photos for Hustler Magazine (1)
        We are going to begin sharing some photos with you that were taken of MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade for her upcoming Hustler Magazine interview and photo spread. As mentioned before, she will be "Cougar of the Month" whenever the issue comes out. And we will definitely let you know when that

      • Confab Nation Interview - part 2

        The second-half of the interview we shot for Confab Nation is up, and waiting for you to stop by and view it.

        Why a two-part interview? MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade took her time answering the questions instead of just giving a one-line

      • good things are coming...
        Friday morning MY LOVE and I will be driving to Seattle for a night or fun. We don’t have any solid plans yet, we are just going to go and see what is happening. The next day she has a three-hour meeting and then we are driving back home. Hopefully there will be a great concert going on Friday, o

      • complications
        Today we begin shooting a custom video request from one of our regulars. We are excited to do this one because it is a little stranger than the others, but I am a bit apprehensive because of the noise we have to make to pull it off. Our next door neighbor is an alcoholic, and she sleeps during the

      • MY HOLES are Home!

        It is good having MY MEAT HOLES home. Good to have something to stick my dick into. She seems to be fighting a cold, so I’ve been taking it easy on her mouth hole, and since I’m not writing to you about a Happy Butthole Day you can guess what orifice I’ve been abusing.

        I kno

      • she's back!
        MY LOVE is back in my lovin’ arms again. Her trip to New York seemed a lot longer than five days to the both of us, so we are very happy she is home.

        The live shoot for RealTimeBondage went very well. I logged in at one point with the hope of sending her a message that I was certain wou

      • Confab Nation interview - Sunday, March 14, 2010

        The interview we shot for Confab Nation should be up for everyone to view, tomorrow. That'd be Sunday, March 14th. It's a long interview, and there is a lot more than just question answering going on, so stop by and check it out.

      • Real Time Bondage

        ***MY LOVE writes:

        I am off tonight for NYC to shoot with PD and SisterDee for! What makes this shoot so different is that it will be LIVE!!! Saturday March 13th, 3PM Eastern Time, for 4-6 hours I will be teased, tormented, ta

      • love pangs or pains?
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***No doubt about it, MY MAN and I are in deep. I am in NYC (arrived this morning) and K is home in PDX. Feels like I haven't seen him in a week! How is it possible we just don't tire of each other? I love being around him, I love that we work together all day

      • Photos for Hustler Magazine (4)
        As promised, here are some more images from the Hustler Magazine photo shoot. This will be the last of them, so get your fill...

        Thanks goes to make-up artist Lila and photographers J and Jordan Sleeth. As stated before, I cannot tell y

      • one final trip across the mountain
        Saturday morning MY LOVE and I awoke at 5am – okay, I didn’t get up until 5:30 – and got ready to head to Central Oregon for one last time. The goal was to sell as much as we could in a garage/estate sale and then pack up the rest and close the place for good. We actually made a small detour and p

      • Photos For Hustler Magazine (3)
        Just sharing some more photos with you...

        make-up artist Lila

        photographers J and Jordan Sleeth

        It's Official: July issue of Hustler's Magazine!

      • More Happy Butthole Days!
        Yesterday was another glorious Happy Butthole Day, but it started out like any other… with a blowjob.

        I woke to find MY LOVE crawling under the covers and sticking her face in my ass. Moaning and rubbing at my eyes I rolled over so that she could have better access to my cock, and then

      • TopGrl - belated updates

        We have an update from a site called TopGrl - - that we just learned about by accident. Here is the current direct link to the two scenes MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade starred in: Once you get there, you’ll have to go pretty much to the

      • morning love
        One of the first things I do when beginning my day is sit in front of the fire and read the morning paper. I’ll place a cushion on the ledge in front of the fireplace so that my butt doesn’t get sore, set my cup of water and box of fiber cereal at my side, and look at what has been happening in my

      • our ruinous office
        This is what the office in our new townhouse looks like:

        It hasn't been decorated yet, and I don't know if MY LOVE will put much effort into doing that in this particular room. We do spend a lot of time there, but our eyes are usually glued to the computer, so we�

    • February
      • FetishCon 10 (August 5-8 Tampa, Florida)

        K and Catherine de Sade will be going to FetishCon 10, held this year in Tampa, Florida. It runs August 5 – 8 but I’m sure we will get there early, or stick around afterwards, because there are going to be quite a few wonderful people around that we hope to shoot

      • what gives?
        Let’s say you run an adult business. In this adult business, you are enjoying a certain amount of success, but you are, by no means “making it big”. The revenue you bring in from your adult business might pay the bills, and even afford you a few more luxuries than the average person, but you’re no

      • Deacon X Performance Photos! - January 2010
        While we were attending Deacon X’s Fetish Night last Sunday I had the pleasure of running into the staff photographer. He had burned the photos from our January performance onto a CD so that we could have the raw, higher-quality images. Here are a few examples of the action he captured.

      • strange(ly worded) request
        Below you will find a strangely worded request from someone who, I'm guessing, found out about us through Clips4Sale. Once again, I want to stress that I am not making fun of the people who write to us and ask us to do these things. It must take courage for some of them...

        Here is

      • February - Deacon X's Fetish Night
        MY LOVE and I had another wonderful time Sunday, at Deacon X’s Fetish Night. This is going to be a long post, so settle in...

        At 9pm I drove to Oregon City and picked up my friend Dewaine. I’d told him that fetish attire was pretty much mandatory for the evening, and he did not disappoi

      • Deacon X's Fetish Night - February 21st
        We will be attending Deacon X’s Fetish Night this evening, but as normal guests and not as performers. The atmosphere and music would be enough to draw us there, even late on a Sunday night, but we are also eager to see members of the staff again. They did such an excellent job of making us feel e

      • expensive fruit
        Do you see this apple?

        It is one expensive piece of fruit! I went to what would now be considered my neighborhood grocery store with the sole intention of purchasing a single apple. As you can see by the receipt below, it weighed over half a pound, but the price absolutely s

      • Maintaining the Average
        Our sex life has been pretty typical lately. Considering the lengthy move, my back injury, general exhaustion and getting used to new surroundings it is not so surprising, I suppose. We are still managing an average two times a day, and by that I mean I am having an average of two orgasms a day.

      • another court appearance
        Today I paid a visit to the Multnomah County Courthouse, to make an appearance and enter a plea of “Not Guilty” regarding a citation I recently received for failing to obey a traffic device. The device was a “Right Turn Only” sign, and I decided to disregard it and go through an intersection anyway

      • just another v-day
        Valentine’s Day was no big deal for MY LOVE and I. We didn’t celebrate the holiday but we did celebrate our love by waking up early, exchanging minor gifts, going out for breakfast and then traveling all over the place to look at bookshelves. And I mean all over the place! It was truly romantic.
      • "Obsessed Fan" - BellaMorte February 2010

        MY LOVE wrote a while back, about her shoot for Bella Morte Productions. It’s the post where she lists the number of ways she met her end on the set that day. Well, one of the scenes is up and ready to be watched.

        It is called “Obsessed Fan” and the description r

      • a busy Friday
        It's going to be a busy Friday!

        We are shooting an interview for Confab Nation - - which contains about 25 questions. While asking these questions, I am going to be putting MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade through a few painful and/or distracting things. She

      • More Scott Church
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***While shooting with Scott Church, I had the opportunity to work with a fairly new model named Faie. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.***

      • Naked Gord and House of Gord
        More scenes are up on both House of Gord and Naked Gord, starring MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade.

        The description for the Naked Gord scene reads as follows:

        "Catherine de Sade Bound Orgasms"

        "Watch as Lydia locks Catheri

      • Revenge Fuck

        Three days ago we shot yet another custom fetish video for what might now be considered a regular customer. The movie is called “Revenge Fuck” and it is already available here, on our Clips page. It is in the Request Line store, if you care to take a look.


      • SCOTT CHURCH!!!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I have been looking forward to this shoot for quite some time and I was NOT disappointed! Except for a little bit of difficulty finding the location – which I will tell you about shortly – it was an amazing day. I love working with people who are professional – by thi

      • this and that
        Today MY LOVE did a photo shoot with Scott Church while I fooled around in town enjoying some music and book shopping. She will definitely have pictures to share with you very shortly. What I saw was amazing!

        The photo shoot took place in Sandy, Oregon, which turned out to be a thirty-m

      • settling in
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***The unpacking is pretty much done and our place feels more like a home than a storage locker. Wonderful to be back in Portland! I admit, I miss the sunshine and the beautiful view I woke up to nearly every day, but getting back to PDX is a necessary step in order to ma

      • Happy Butthole - sad back
        Two days ago, while helping MY LOVE heft a dryer up our new driveway, I accidentally stepped off the edge of the concrete and into the flower beds. Losing my balance, I landed on my right ass cheek, and then reached up and tried to keep the dryer from crashing down into my lap. My back didn't

      • video of our performance (Deacon X's Fetish Night/January 2010)
        Last night I met with Deacon X and picked up a DVD he’d put together, of footage from our performance that they captured on their cameras that evening. Putting it in the DVD player, it works fine, but I cannot get it to download and convert to something compatible with my computer, so I’m not sure

      • Belly Punching (Jill Lauren Productions)
        A couple of months ago, we received a message from a gentleman who was interested in purchasing some of our clips. He’d tried Clips4Sale, but apparently the credit card he was using was one that they did not accept. His specific interest was in stomach/belly punching so I sent him to one of our cl

      • Random Pictures (feeding your eyes)
        I know there has been a lot of writing lately, and no pictures to go with it. How shameful! So, here are a couple of random pictures for you to enjoy:

        My Cunt - My Meat - My Whore

        And now, back to our regularly scheduled program...

      • getting settled
        Well, most of the unpacking is done, and we are ready to get back to a regular routine. I wish I had something more to report to you, but that’s all our days have been filled with for this past week: moving. Today I escaped briefly, to do a bit of music shopping, but for the most part I spent the

      • good trade?
        MY LOVE and I spent nearly three straight days packing up our Central Oregon household to get it ready to move to Portland. Already quite exhausted at that point, we then loaded the moving truck with the help of a small crew MY LOVE found on Craigslist. That was Friday, the 29th of January, and by

    • January
      • Deacon X's Fetish Night/January Performance (pt. 2)
        Johnny escorted MY LOVE and I behind a white screen that sits lengthwise along the stage, and it was there that we waited for the music to stop. Once it did, I led MY LOVE out and pointed to a spot for her to stand. She wore panties, a bra, stockings and high heels. A pair of suspension cuffs wer

      • a quick stop, then movin' on
        We are back in Central Oregon, and staying just long enough to pack our things and load up a moving truck. The plan, is to get it all ready on Friday and then leave for our new home in Portland, first thing Saturday morning. It’s going to be a busy week!

        I have yet to see the new place

      • pearls before swine

        This is "Pearls Before Swine", by Stephan Pastis.

        Pig is one of my favorite characters. He's so innocently stupid that you can't help but feel sorry for him.

        Pearls Before Swine can be read daily, in most major newspaper

      • Deacon X's Fetish Night/January Performance (pt. 1)

        Our performance during Deacon X’s Fetish Night, on Sunday, January 17th, went very well. The turnout was tremendous, and I think it had a lot to do with the fact that the next day was a holiday. It must be hard planning an event that goes late into

      • Bella Morte

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I had been corresponding with the folks at Bella Morte Productions since early December. Our shoot date was set for the 17th of January. Talk about organized! This company even sent me scripts in advance so I would know what we were planning to shoot, clo

      • date night at the movies (part 2)
        I don’t want to write about this. I don’t want to bitch and moan about the pieces of shit we sat next to at the movie theatre last night, but I have to. It’s not even that what I have to say is of any real importance. I think I just need to vent.

        MY LOVE and I went to see a movie tonig

      • shoot! no shoot.
        I thought MY LOVE was doing a photo shoot today, for an upcoming layout in Hustler Magazine, but it turns out she was only supposed to get together with the make-up artist. They were going to try out some interesting ideas, and just do a bit of experimenting, but apparently the lady broke one of he

      • date night at the movies (part 1)
        I’m going to give you the good part of this particular story before I let out the bad, so enjoy it while you can.

        MY LOVE and I ventured out two nights in a row, to go to the movies. Last night, we decided to catch a flick that I have been eager to see for quite some time. It came out a

      • not "just visiting" anymore
        We are off for another week of business, house searching and random good times in Portland, first thing tomorrow morning. MY NASTY WHORE has already made the appropriate purchases so that she can properly clean her asshole for me, and a large number of other men, some time while we are there. I se

      • quit for a bit
        I recently quit smoking marijuana for seven days. It was an unpleasant week, but I am better now. Smoking again and feeling extra good about life!

        To say I quit makes it sound like I had a choice. The fact is, I ran out, and couldn’t find anyone to purchase any more from. Don’t forget

      • Cage of the Soul - January 2010 (pictures)

        I don't actually know if these images are on CageOfTheSoul - - but I do know they are up on FetLife. And they are here, for your viewing pleasure...

        Hope You Enjoy!

      • must sleep
        During most of my time working in porn shops, I chose the graveyard shift. I liked the lonely hours, strange people and freedom to do things most other employees couldn’t. The bosses NEVER stopped by in the middle of the night so I always had plenty of time to enjoy my surroundings, if you catch m

      • viewing schedule
        I’ve instituted a new “policy” in our home/lifestyle. Call it a “way things are going to be from now on” kind of proclamation. As many of you know, we do not watch television. We have television sets, and we watch movies, cartoons and a select few televisions series on them, but we do this with D

      • a glamorous life indeed
        Yesterday was Friday; a most coveted day by those who have regular, straight jobs. For us, it is literally just another day. We can do the same thing on a Tuesday that we can do on a Saturday. That is, if the local businesses and community will comply. So, what did we do last night? In typical

      • maybe sort-of movin'
        MY LOVE and I have just returned from a brief visit to Portland. We were there mainly to look at possibilities for a second home. Or maybe a new first…

        Business has been bad in Central Oregon. It’s bad everywhere, really. When the recession hit, my profits fell by half, and MY LOVE ha

      • The End of Common Sense
        I think I am witnessing, daily, the End of Common Sense.

        I am stupid enough to pick up the local newspaper every day and read about the wonderful things that are happening in the world around me. Most of the news is bad, if for no other reason than bad news sells papers, but I think it

      • The Goodest News
        MY LOVE came to me today with some good and bad news. The good involved money and the bad involved blood coming out of her twat. This meant that I was down to two holes – my favorite two, so I really didn’t see it as bad news at all. She then coerced me into the bedroom where I proceeded to face

      • extended family (9)

        This is Vicious French Bulldog. He is a Naughty Naughty Pet. No, that doesn't mean he's done something wrong, that's just what they call these stuffed animals. Kind of like the other ones I have are called Ugly Dolls...

        Unlike the Ugly Dolls, these Naughty Na

      • the birds

        No, not the Alfred Hitchcock kind who come and attack you, trying to peck your eyes out. I'm talking about Finches and Sparrows, and the occasional Stellar Jay or Woodpecker. Two weeks ago, when it started snowing, we began throwing out bird seed for the little things and t

      • education (part 2)
        My grades were good, work was going fine, and I met a girl in one of my classes that I fell very hard for. We were one week from our final exams and it was winter quarter, I remember that. My girlfriend didn’t have any classes that day and I know that I rode my bicycle from my mother’s house to th

  • 2009
    • December
      • Fuck Clips4Sale!
        I’ve had to deal with a lot of unnecessary bullshit from Clips4Sale over the last couple of months, but it has gotten really bad lately. I call to ask questions or request assistance, but they NEVER answer, and when I leave a message I might as well be talking to myself because I never get a call b

      • serial killers and the people who love them
        During the relatives’ recent visit, everyone took a look at our bookcases, trying to find something to read. I think we have pretty good taste in literature, but there was one shelf that I was a little worried about. When I saw someone looking at it I always made it clear that the shelf, and all t

      • Joe Rohraff/Cage of the Soul

        Here are some photos from the shoot MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade was involved in, a few months ago, when we were in San Diego.

        The photographer is Joe Rohraff, and the only contact information I have for him right now is -

      • coming soon...

        If you didn't see it, take a look at the flier again. Do you see "K and Catherine de Sade" on there? That's right - we will be in Portland on Sunday, January 17th, to do a small performance during Deacon X's Fetish Night. If you can't read the address of

      • education (part 1)
        During my stay in an Oregon State Correctional Facility (prison) I met a gentleman who turned me on to idea of furthering my education. Were it not for his influence, I would have been released with very little on my mind except revenge, and maybe making up for lost time. As it was, I also met a m

      • x-mas wish
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***The past week has been pretty busy/active for us. We spent a good part of last week getting the house ready for the arrival of my relatives. Then, of course, a houseful of people – planning and preparing meals, sightseeing and shopping, laundry and dishes - then gettin

      • Christmas 2009
        Look at what Santa brought MY LOVE for Christmas! She MUST have been a good girl... or this is his way of hinting that she should be one? How do I know what goes on in that fat head of his?

        Last year, I think we made it until 10:30pm on Christmas Eve before MY LOVE and I bro

      • Happy Holidays! 2009
        It's Christmas Eve. MY LOVE and I already caved in and started exchanging gifts. Guess who these belong to?

        Seasons Greetings! Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!

      • visitors
        We've had a house full of guests staying with us these last four or five days. Yesterday morning, they all packed up and headed to their next destination, so the place is once again ours. And just in time for the holiday...

        There were six of them: A family of four that flew in from

      • is honesty really the best policy? 2
        It probably took about a week, but I finally did get a message from “D”. I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive about reading his response. Even though I don’t know the man, I am not an asshole - at least I try not to be – and I don’t particularly like offending people who haven’t first offended me.

      • StrictRestraint update - December 2009

        MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade is on StrictRestraint again - - and she's about the third one down the list right now. This is what they have written:

        "Catherine's day isn't over yet, and

      • Made Me Laugh
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***In today's paper - just made me laugh!***

      • haRDTIeD update - December 2009

        MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade is on haRDTIeD again. Here's the address to the Updates Page: Just scroll down a bit and you'll find "Catherine de Sade (Part Two)" Here's what they have for the descri

      • Venting, Fuming, Ready to Blow!
        MY LOVE Writes:

        ***I am so incredulously angry right now that blogging to relieve the pressure seems my only logical outlet. This post is a rant so if I am all over the board, just try to follow...

        This has been a rough year, financially. In fact it has been my worst year eve

      • is honesty really the best policy? 1
        A gentleman pervert whom we’ll refer to as “D” wrote to us a few months ago regarding the spread Hustler’s Taboo magazine had done on Our Ruinous Love. He liked what he saw, and read, and had a few things to express to us. He wrote:

        (Please Note: I am not putting everything he/we said h

      • Cooperative Butthole Day!
        You know, MY CUNT is not so old that her twat doesn’t still bleed once a month. When it does, that means more oral and anal sex for me. Now, MY ANAL SLUT would absolutely love to take it in the ass on a weekly or even daily basis, but that’s just not healthy or safe. When we first started fucking

      • Seattle Super Slut (the mini-series) #3

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Day Three – BoundToLoveIt; cancelled due to illness (not mine).

        Day Four – tied4abuse –

        The site is not yet up, but some teaser images will be while the owner is building content.

        Abduction comb

      • More Smudger!

        Our photographer friend Smudger - see his work at - has been sending us more amazing shots from the photo shoot back in October. Take a look:

        Smudger is still working on the video fr

      • Seattle Super Slut (the mini-series) #2

        *** and

        That’s right – Lady Lydia McLane and MY MAN enjoyed a day of exploits using ME!!! By the time we arrived my palms were sweating. I was made to wait in the dressing room while Lydia and MY MAN walked through the dungeon space plo

      • more and more traveling
        Haven't posted in a while so you know what that means - we are traveling again. We've made the trip to Portland twice in the last ten days or so, but after this there are no plans to go anywhere for a while. Maybe mid-February. We have company invading our home in a couple of weeks (her

      • extended family (8)
        One of the gifts MY LOVE gave me on my birthday was Ice Lodge Cinko; another Ugly Doll for our family! He is a rare one, according to her. I certainly haven't seen him before.

        This is Ice Lodge Cinko.

        Wage, Bobo and the Ugly Dolls decided to go on a little va

      • Seattle Super Slut (the mini-series) #1

        MY LOVE Writes:

        ***You may or may not recall that our last Seattle trip was cut short because I got very sick – something to do with being paint-balled in the rain, naked, perhaps? This time I booked a more conservative schedule.

        The first shoot day was with Nake

      • we our smart

        Walking out of the department store today and this caught my eye. I hope I don't have to point out the obvious flaw, but I also found it telling that the sign was made with such obvious care. Anyone that advertises with a sign like this is telling you, up front, that quality and s

        MY LOVE Writes:

        ***Today is YOUR day!!! I love you. I cherish you. I adore you. Not one day passes without thoughts of the magnificent man I get to spend my life with.

        The first moment we spoke my life began to change, for the better. In you I have found my dreams.

    • November
      • FOOD, INC.

        Now that most of you have been stuffing yourself with Thanksgiving goodness (or badness, depending upon how you look at it) for the last couple of days, I want to talk to you about your food. Do you have any idea of what you are really eating on a daily basis? If you knew how bad some

      • Smudger!

        When I took MY LOVE to shoot with Dragoonsblade and Sire Kane at Lair de Sade, I did not know what to expect. I had no idea of who these people were, what their experience level was, etc. Since it is MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade that is going to wind up dealing with the people and the pa

      • Frugal Extravagance
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I was at WalMart this morning - 7:22 to be exact. Based on the amount of cars in the parking lot it was clear that I was already late! But I only had one thing I needed to get, the new Star Trek for $9.

        What I found odd was the limo parked out front. I get

      • "Happy Holiday"
        I don't want to sound like a Grinch already, but here I go anyways.

        The Salvation Army bell ringers are already doing their thing at some of the department stores in our area. What a truly annoying way to try and gather money for a noble cause. Even if they'd just give these

      • D.U.I.I. - the final chapter (?)
        Nearly a year ago, I was getting pulled over for driving while under the influence of intoxicants. Diversion was an easy and smart choice. It may have cost me a lot of money, and a bit of my free time, but the biggest benefit of all is that in March it will be taken off of my record. That is, if

      • The Lusty Lad Visits the Lusty Lady
        Our fourth day in Seattle, MY LOVE had some business to take care of, so I was left to entertain myself. To kill some time, I did what I normally do – went in search of adult entertainment. Now, during a previous visit we’d learned that two people were not allowed in a booth at the same time, whic

      • lovin' MY LOVE
        I haven’t written about love in a while. It’s not that I haven’t been feeling or experiencing it – quite the opposite. And it’s not like some of the trivial things I write about are more important than the love we are sharing, so I’m not certain why I don’t say something more often. Who needs exc

      • Hawaii, California, Washington...

        We left for Hawaii on the 30th of September and didn’t come back home until the 6th of October. Nine days later we were headed to Los Angeles for a 10-day visit. We began driving on October 16th and didn’t head home until the 26th. We stayed in one place for nearly two weeks – twelve

      • paper shredding
        "I am a fan of girls using paper shredders (the bigger, the better). We have also a fanclub for this (no joke).

        So do you have access to a paper shredder or have you ever shredded paper? And how big is the shredder and what would be the price for a video?"

        I gave this

      • the HUMP! results/reactions
        Do you remember the contest we entered in Portland, Oregon, called HUMP!? Well, we didn’t win anything for our efforts – at least not prize-wise. We did earn some gasps, a number of cringes and quite a few laughs from the audience. Or so we were told. MY LOVE and I could not attend the event in

      • California drivers
        Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I remember hearing the adults around me talking about “California drivers”, but I had no idea what they meant. Once I got my license, I never encountered what my mother and father referred to as a “California driver”. Moving from Washington to Oregon, and doing

      • California Slut Chronicles: The Saga Ends! (#5)
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Final Day – Submissive Mollie

        Our final day in LA, and the combination of working with new people (which I like) and finally heading home had me pretty amped up!

        We arrive at the designated location - Lair

      • Infernal Restraints - November 2009

        Pictures and video are up for a scene MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade did for Infernal Restraints. Here are their pictures and their description:

        Piss Head featuring Catherine de Sade.

        "With her hood on catherine doesn’t know i

      • home again, home again...
        We have returned from our week-long stay in Seattle. As it turned out, MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade did very little shooting, so when she writes in posts to come we are going to call it a mini-series. Aren’t we freakin’ clever!

        As always, we are extremely happy to be home. Being away from

      • California Slut Chronicles: The Saga Continues (#4)
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***A day of rest! It was Saturday and we had no shoots scheduled. Our only item on the agenda was dinner with Nina Hartley and Ernest Greene!! We spent a wonderful day doing very little - working out, seeing a movie - “On- Bak II, The Beginning…” and just spending qual

      • Naked Gord - November update

        A new photo set of 238 pictures with Catherine de Sade and Lady Lydia McLane has been added to Naked Gord -

        Video of the shoot will be out the 13th of November, but there is a trailer available right now. Go to the site and check it out!

      • shooting in Seattle
        It's been a few days since either of us put up a post, and that usually means we are traveling. We took off three days ago and drove from our Central Oregon home to Seattle, Washington, so that MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade could do some modeling. This time, I think the only big company she'

      • California Slut Chronicles: The Saga Continues (#3)
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Day Four – STRICT RESTRAINT!!!!

        I shot with Dungeon Corp – - for the first time last May. More specifically, with JP, a.k.a. The Pope, for Society SM. – It was one of the shoots that I had the most fun on,

      • while she works...
        On Thursday, while MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade was shooting with Sybil Hawthorne, I had a little look around San Diego. I had a few hours to kill, and hadn’t yet had my first orgasm of the day, so I decided to check out the area and see if there were any adult establishments. We’d left our hotel on

      • are you smarter than a 5th grader?

        I watched an entire episode of the television show “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?”, while waiting for my clothes to dry in a laundromat in West Hollywood. This is a program that we should all be embarrassed even exists, based on the difficulty level of the questions that the guests were

      • California Slut Chronicles - The Saga Continues (#2)
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Day Two – Fabulous Mz. Berlin at Ken Marcus Studios - Cancelled

        DAMN! I was looking forward to working with Mz Berlin, but she was not feeling well, so no shoot.

        We had a fun day and went to see Zombieland at Mann’s Chinese Theater instead!

      • Frozen Cum (part 3)
        Do you remember the custom fetish video we were making for the Sick Fuck who wanted to watch Catherine de Sade eat spoonfuls of cum, that had been saved up and frozen over a period of days? I know it’s been a while since I put up a post about the whole disgusting ordeal, but if you want to go back

    • October
      • haRDTIeD - Octobre Update

        The first scene that MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade did with haRDTIeD, when she went to shoot for them in late September, is available for your viewing pleasure. Here's the direct link, just scroll down a bit once you get there -
      • California Slut Chronicles: The Saga Continues (#1)
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***That’s right, this slut was back on the road for more slutty adventures!!

        Day one, Fetish Nation!!!

        I was honored to have been scheduled to visit Fetishnation – - for a second time! Apparently Ian had gotten over t

      • My California Slut
        We left for California on Friday, October 16th. MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade did not begin shooting until Tuesday, October 20th. This was her schedule:

        October 20th – Fetish Nation w/ Ian Rath and Seth Dickens –

        October 21st – Mz Berlin @ Ken Marcus Studio –

      • Jesus Lizard

        On our second evening in San Francisco, we went to a concert at the Fillmore. We purchased tickets to this show many months ago, and the anticipation had been killing me. There were supposed to be two opening bands, but one of them did not show up, so we arrived with literally minutes

      • all through the night
        We left Los Angeles yesterday, about three hours later then we had planned. The freeways were packed so we pulled off just long enough to get a bite to eat, but then we were back on the road. We’d paused just long enough that traffic had thinned considerably. Thus began the long drive home.

      • homeward bound
        It is Monday, October 26th, and this is our last day in California. MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade has one final video shoot today, which starts at 10am and should last until about 4pm, and then we are heading home. If we switch off, and drive straight through the night, we should make it to our Centra

      • a birth day
        Today, October 25th, is MY LOVE's birthday. She's really old. How old? When I told our pet goldfish, Henrietta, how old MY LOVE was she laughed hysterically, and it's the first time I've seen bubbles come out both ends...

        We don't really have a goldfish, but MY

      • Hawaii wrap up
        Before I get too much further, I have one final post I want to put up about Hawaii. Unless I remember something that I forgot to tell you, there won’t be another post about our recent trip. So let’s wrap it up…

        This post will be mostly about pictures. I took some in Maui and some in Ho

      • 2 is not better than 1
        Our first night in San Francisco we walked around a bit, just to get an idea of what was in our area. We came across several adult establishments – strip clubs, gentlemen’s clubs, porn shops – and decided to get something to eat before having some fun. We ate, came back, and went into an establish

      • star sighting
        We got up a bit later than usual this morning. So late that we basically missed breakfast in our hotel. Without showering or anything, we decided to walk down the street to get some coffee, and do a quick bit of grocery shopping.

        Stepping into the coffee shop ahead of us was a petite

      • Hollywood!
        We are currently in Hollywood, California, on a mostly-business trip. Actually, there has been very little work so far, but that changes for MY LOVE, starting tomorrow. We left our Central Oregon home four days ago, at some ridiculous hour like 6am, so that we could get an early start on our long

      • fog
        We woke up yesterday to a dense fog shrouding the hill behind our house. I had to go and venture up there, to see if I could get "in it".

        Can you see the poles at what looks like the top of the hill? That's only halfway.

        Here I've made a little progr

      • massage w/o happy ending
        On our second to last day in Honolulu, MY LOVE and I both went down the block to get pampered. She got a facial and I enjoyed an hour-long, full body massage. From a woman. No, I did not receive a happy ending. To be honest with you, it would indeed have been a wonderful way to end things, but t

      • eats on the islands
        Food on the islands was expensive. I know that some of the markup comes from the cost of having to ship all of their goods in, but it was a bit over the top compared to what we are used to. Boxes of cereal that are regularly $3.00 in Oregon were $7.00 in Maui and Honolulu. A t.v. dinner was also

      • wooden cock!

        I don’t think I ever set out before, while shopping, to find a wooden cock to purchase. Looking back, I can’t even recall if the first one I bought was the wooden cock/ashtray, or the Jamaican statue with the huge penis. All I know is, I left for Hawaii owning two wooden cocks, and whe

      • hookers!
        On our first morning in Honolulu, MY LOVE awoke at some ridiculous hour like 5am, so that she could make it to the gym an hour later. I remained in bed, hoping it was all some silly joke. She was gone for nearly three hours, so by the time she came back I was still quite asleep. She came in the d

      • heat and humidity
        Honolulu was quite a bit different from Maui. There was a nightlife, it was full of tourists, and the heat was quite unbearable. We thought it was hot when we began our Hawaiin vacation, but once we reached the “big city” I think the humidity must have doubled. That’s how it felt anyways.
      • sorry for the delay...

        We made it home very late last night – nearly 4am – and have spent the day just getting ourselves back on track. Unpacking, buying groceries, going through a mound of mail, and all that good stuff. I’ll get back to telling you about our last few days in Hawaii shortly, but fo

      • Aloha from Oahu!
        We have landed safely in Honolulu, Oahu. We will be staying at the Aqua Waikiki Pearl for the next four days. It is a lovely room - certainly miles above the "condo" we just left - and one hell of a huge and busy city! We are at a hotel that is only a block away from Waikiki beach, but

      • Over to Oahu
        We will be boarding a plane in a few short hours, that will take us over to Oahu, where we will be staying the remainder of our trip. That means we have to pack everything up, return the car we rented yesterday, catch the shuttle to the airport, take a thirty-minute flight over the water, claim ou

      • 2nd Day in Hawaii

        So we rented scooters/mopeds. I don't know the difference anymore. These things probably had a maximum speed of 45 mph going downhill. With the wind at your back. They were a little noisy, and a bit uncomfortable for me because I'm tall, but we had a blast riding them arou

    • September
      • 1st Day/Night in Hawaii

        We landed safely in Maui yesterday, and were met at the airport by Emme, our new friend from MauiKink. She presented us with two beautiful leis, helped us find our luggage, and was kind enough to drive us to the “condominium” we are staying at in Kihei. I put it in parenthesis because

      • Off to Hawaii!!!

        We are currently standing in Portland International Airport, waiting to board our Hawaiin Airlines flight to Maui! We will be there three days and then we'll be hopping over to Oahu for another four. This is a "working vacation" with the emphasis on vacation. Neither of

      • Bad Lieutenant

        When I first moved to Portland, Oregon, in the early 90’s, I knew exactly one person. That was a bit scary, and certainly very lonely. It didn’t take me long to ask a very cute girl out, that worked at a shoe store I had been to exactly three times. The first was to look at their sele

      • Alcoholics Anonymous
        I attended my first, and hopefully last, Alcoholics Anonymous meeting yesterday. Truth be told, I was supposed to go to one every week, the entire time I was attending rehab classes, but that would have been a minimum of twelve meetings and I really don’t think I could have forced myself to do that

      • HUMP! 2009

        The Portland Mercury is local weekly newspaper that is distributed in - you guessed it - Portland Oregon. It is something I looked forward to reading, every week when we lived there, and now I pick one up whenever we go into town, if for no other reason than to see what concerts are com

      • humon photography
        A couple of months ago we did a shoot with a rather talented photographer, Peter Schmidt, of humon photography. Here are some of my favorite shots from that day.

        No, I'm not spelling it incorrectly. It's "humon

      • Happy Three Years!
        My Sweet – My Love – My All – My Everything!

        I wanted you to wake up today, to words of love. I wanted you to read something so deeply romantic and profound that it would carry you through these next few days that you face, without me by your side. I know that sounds overly dramatic, bu

      • distance
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***What is it about distance that intensifies the pain of separation? I spent 5 days in PDX taking care of my mom after knee surgery. It was difficult and I missed MY MAN terribly, but somehow the fact that he was only 3 hours away made it more tolerable. Right now I am

      • hands pressing into the belly
        Here's a recent request that we declined to do:

        "Hi there I have a video request for you to consider. It's basically one woman pushing and pressing her hands into another womans soft belly fat. The deeper the pushing the better, also do it both fast and slow. The belly

      • Warye Photography
        We recently drove to Estacada, Oregon, to shoot with Mark Warye of Warye Photography. Mark is a friendly, energetic man who is clearly talented with a camera. We shot in an industrial garage/dungeon atmosphere that he told us frequently changed. Strewn about the p

      • more love
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I will be leaving on Sunday for a week of shooting with PD!!! MY MAN will not be coming with this time because I will be out on “The Farm” and it just was not practical. After having another shoot cancel in Buffalo (I will not rant about it) I am down $872.00 and I h

      • good day so far...

        Woke up today to find that we’d made one hell of a sale last night, from our Beauty of Brutality studio on Clips4Sale. As you can see, they take a cut of the profits, but it’s nothing to get upset about considering they are the largest site of their kind. This means more exposure for u

      • Video 1
        This is our first attempt at uploading a video to our blog. If this works, we will be doing this pretty regularly. Enjoy!

        Neither YouTube nor MySpace will allow me to post this video, and I can see why. WAY too much ass crack in there! It's amazing, what people can ge

      • Frozen Cum (part 2)
        When we started corresponding with Sick Fuck about his custom video, he was interested in having Catherine de Sade/MY LOVE say a few things. When I say a few, I mean a shit ton, but rather describe it I’ll just do some more copying and pasting.

        Sick Fuck wrote:

        “(Combing her

      • so how was your holiday weekend?
        All weekend people have been asking us if we did anything special for the holiday. This is apparently the last four-day weekend for a while, for a lot of people. School starts very soon. I know that an employee at one of the biggest department store chains that we frequent said he was getting two

      • Naked Gord - September photo set

        MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade is up on Naked Gord again! Right now it's just a photo set of nearly 200 pictures, but the video will be coming out (it says on the site) September 11th. This scene is called "Catherine de Sade is Folded and Fucked"

      • Frozen Cum (part 1)

        We received a custom video request from a Sick Fuck recently. I’d describe a mini-version of what he wants for you but it wouldn’t do the man, or his request justice. Now, this Sick Fuck has admitt

      • Dexter Season 3

        MY LOVE and I waited longer than necessary to see the third season of one of our favorite shows. We don't have cable, which means we didn't have Showtime, where it regularly airs. We had to wait for it to come out on DVD, and then we didn't even get it until just a week

      • Bizarro by Dan Piraro

        Bizarro is a syndicated comic by Dan Piraro

        Did I mention before that I admired Dan Piraro? Yep, I think I did. I don't know why, but I still keep laughing a little bit every time I read this one. Stoned I guess...

      • trauma or drama?

        "I ride in da' back wif da 'victims'."

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Ok, I am just trying to put a few things into perspective here. A young girl is kidnapped, held in captivity, forced to breed, put through who knows what other horrors that have yet

      • A Nice/Honest Surprise!
        Grabbing the keys to our 4-Runner, I walked out to the garage and gave MY LOVE a big kiss as she continued to tromp along on the treadmill. I told her that I was going to get a Pepsi, and that I would return shortly. Starting up the vehicle, I pushed the button on the remote that would raise the g

    • August
      • my "oh team" interview

        The interview that I did with the fellows from the Oh Team! is up for all to listen to. Actually, it's been up for a while now, but I just unfogged my brain enough to remember to tell you. Or something like that...

        So here's the most direct way t

      • Some Good (Strange) Fucking

        Friday night I had every intention of dragging MY LOVE downstairs and doing horribly painful things to her, but our next door neighbors have had massive amounts of company all week, and the basement is unfinished, which means that sound leaks through the walls as if they weren't even ther

      • new rules for strippers?
        I had the opportunity to spend a bit of time with my friend Dewaine, and we did what we pretty much always do which is sit in a strip club, have a few drinks and talk about how things are going in our lives. Even though we keep in touch over the phone, and hardly a week goes by that one of us doesn

      • Fun in the Paris Theatre
        We tried, for three consecutive evenings, to visit the Paris Theatre in Portland. For those of you just joining us, this is an adult theatre that plays porn on the big screen, and encourages the audience to get involved with one another. It’s a great place for couples to go and explore exhibiting

      • Another Glorious Morning
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Today, I chose pussy.***

      • Glass Monster – Just Another Toy in the Arsenal

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***It’s no secret I like the feel of unusual objects shoved inside me, so we are always looking for new, different, big, weird objects. In fact K freely admits that he is no longer capable of visiting any store without the thought of finding something on the s

      • In Plain Sight
        As mentioned in an earlier post, we went out to see the latest Star Trek movie again, on our second evening in Portland. This is a movie that MY LOVE has gone crazy over, and watching it a second time I am starting to feel the same way. Such a good movie!

        The night before, after leaving

      • cabaret/fetish night
        So, let’s start with our first night in Portland. The plan was to arrive, get settled, maybe take a nap and then get dressed up and go out to a bar/club called Dante’s that has an evening they’ve named “Sinferno Cabaret”. Now, I know damn well what a cabaret is so I should have anticipated a diffe

      • a little work, a little play
        We arrived in Portland two days ago for a week of work and play. On Sunday night we decided to try out a couple of clubs that seemed to have some promise, and there'll be a brief blog about that shortly. Last night we went to the theatre so that MY LOVE could see the newest Star Trek movie ag

      • ""
        To the stupid fuck who keeps trying to spam our blog: We will ALWAYS delete your attempts so why waste your time? You are a coward and a nuisance, but above all else you are pathetic. Nobody gives a fuck about what you are selling so please go somewhere else and never return here. You will accomp

      • D.U.I.I. - close to the end
        Yesterday I attended my last drug & alcohol rehab class – a twelve-week course that was part of my diversion process for the D.U.I.I. that I got last year. Every week, for twelve weeks, I have shelled out $42 to attend 90-minute classes that would be helpful to anyone with a drinking problem, i

      • Naked Gord - August Release

        There is another strange and sexy scene up on Nake Gord – - that MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade starred in.

        It is called “Catherine de Sade is Humped and Fucked”, and the description of the scene reads, “Lydia and Gord have Catherine de Sade over at

      • the little things
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I can’t help but laugh a bit, as I sit here enjoying the smell of K’s cum drying on my chest, at how the most painful toys are often the innocuous items found at everyday places.

        These hair clips were found at Dollar Tree - a store that sells ever

      • Happy Butt Hole/3 Orgasm Day!
        It’s pretty much a given nowadays that any “Happy Butt Hole Day” is also going to be, at the very least, a “Three Orgasm Day” as well. When I am given the gift of ass, I don’t let it go to waste.

        When MY LOVE and I first started dating, fucking and falling in love, ass sex was a pretty r

      • Human Punching Bag (Ken Marcus) is #1

        The “Human Punching Bag” scene we did, where Ken Marcus was in charge of the camera work has reached #1 in our “Beauty of Brutality” store, on Clips4Sale.

        Since I put it on the site, it has sold like crazy! We did two other scenes

      • editing woes
        I have been trying to edit the footage that we shot with Lew Rubens and Cactus Jack on our last day in California, but it is quite a pain in the ass.

        There were two people operating cameras the first part of that day, and frankly, they spent a lot of time in the frame, jiggling the came

      • customer dissatisfaction
        A few days ago I pedaled into town - eight miles from the resort we live in/on - to do some shopping for MY GIRL. She’d been in Portland, and away from me for exactly one day, and I wanted to find her a card, a DVD, and a stuffed animal to welcome her home. She had our vehicle with her, in Portlan

      • Pain Toy photo set

        There is an enormous photo set from the shoot MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade did with Pain Toy, up on their site right now.

        They are another membership site, but from what I understand they are very popular. Certainly worth ch

      • Friday Night Fun
        It was beginning to cool down. The sun had finally set, after a day stuck in the house, trying to avoid the heat. We’d finished watching a movie, and “What do we do now?” was on our lips. I suggested a nice stroll, knowing that both of us were pretty tired. She accepted, and moments later we wer

      • Another "Smothered Slave" Update!

        MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade is on Smothered Slave again!

        In this scene, Catherine de Sade is used and abused by Natali Demore because she is doing a poor job of modeling for her. Once again, I need no reason - I'm just happy to si

      • California Slut Chronicles, Day 10 (phew!)
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Last day of our big California adventure!!! Today we would be shooting with Cactus Jack and Lew Rubens. I have not worked with Cactus Jack before so was not sure what to expect, other than I was going to be kidnapped!! That’s all I needed to kno

      • thunder, lightning, and a bit of insanity

        MY LOVE left early Sunday morning to drive to Portland. She was spending the day with her mother doing some shopping, getting their hair colored, etc. while I elected to stay home and get some work done. I missed her a ton, but I'm glad I was home to witness the incredible thunde

      • Oh! - My Oh Team! Interview

        Call me a complete idiot, but I forgot to tell all of you that I was going to be interviewed on The Oh Team! yesterday evening! This is the same internet radio show that MY LOVE was on, not too long ago. As of today, her interview is up and ready for all of us who didn’t hear it the fi

      • stormy days

        It’s been pretty friggin’ hot around here lately, as it has been in many parts of the country. Record high temperatures for this time of the year and all that. Where we live it’s been exceptionally hot, but nothing I’d consider out of the ordinary. This weekend we were expecting thunder and

    • July
      • a rut
        I wrote this last Friday, July 24th, 2009.

        The town we live in is small – our population just made it over 25,000 this year – so there is not a whole lot going on here. This seemed quaint at first, and we were determined to appreciate it instead of longing for our “bigger city” lifestyle

      • starting the day
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***So I am sitting at the computer this AM, trying to wake up a bit, answer emails, etc. MY MAN comes into the office, moves his chair aside and says "Pussy or mouth?" I turn around to look at his long, lithe physique and smile.

        I love my life!

      • D.U.I.I. - a new kind of sadness
        As of today, I have three classes left before I am officially done with rehab. That is to say, I will have fulfilled all of their requirements, but I will still be on Diversion until sometime next year. What that really means is, I won’t have to attend any classes, and there won’t be any more mone

      • ( sigh )

        Another end to another beautiful weekend.

        Did we do anything special this weekend? Well, yes and no. We spent time together doing things we can do any day of the week, but it felt like a mini-vacation/day off to us. It's just that "spending time together" t

      • California Slut Chronicles Day 9
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Day 2 with Michael Kahn and, based on the previous day’s shoot, I knew it would be brutal. I have to admit that my energy was definitely a bit lower than the previous day. If I haven’t said this before (and I am fairly certain I have) I am a THUD person, not a sting p

      • An Incredible Offer For You!

        So, you know that I am waiting with crossed fingers and toes for the word that MY LOVE is going to start stripping, but it's going to take a lot more than that to get her up on a stage. What she really needs is a pole, at home, to start practicing on. She already has the music, th

      • 7 in less than 48 hours!
        Two days ago, as described in a previous post, I received four blowjobs that resulted in four orgasms. The following day – that’d be yesterday – was a Happy Butt Hole Day, and I managed to have three more orgasms before it was finally over. All of those were from deep, lengthy bouts of anal sex.
      • A Special Four-Orgasm Day!
        Yesterday was a particularly amazing four-orgasm day. Each one was given to me orally. You might remember my last four-orgasm day, where I did nothing but fuck MY SLUT's pussy. Yesterday it was all mouth and throat, and that’s no bullshit. Furthermore, they came in pairs, at opposite ends o

      • hey there
        We are in Portland for a couple of days. It is beautiful here but it gets a bit hot in the middle of the afternoon. I would imagine it's a bit worse at home right now - probably drier and hotter. Can't wait to get back though...

        We went out to see "Drag Me To Hell"

      • Fetish Nation ( Meat Hole )

        Two more scenes with MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade in them have been released on Fetish Nation. We also have the unedited footage to these scenes, and as soon as I get done working my magic we will be releasing them on Clips4Sale, and on our HelpMeViolateHer site a

      • STUFFED!
        We have a new DVD in our store called STUFFED!

        This is actually a compilation of scenes we did for one of our sick freak customers, quite a while ago. He wrote and asked me to shove strange objects in Catherine de Sade's ass, and to get as many of them in there as I coul

      • Human Punching Bag ( Ken Marcus )
        When MY LOVE and I went to California a few months ago, we both shot with Ken Marcus. You can read about that experience in earlier blog posts. I think we did three scenes, with Human Punching Bag as our last one. Ken held the camera while I brutalized MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade, and with his obvi

      • random fantasy
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***While “taking a nap” this afternoon I had a fantasy running through my brain that kept me sopping wet as MY MAN fucked me...

        I imagined MY MAN and I, Ernest Greene, Nina Hartley and Belladonnna – this is a fantasy remember!!! Belladonna and I are the fuckees

      • Another 4-Orgasm Day!
        Yesterday I had the first four-orgasm day that I’ve had in a long time. Let me tell you all about it!

        I awoke pretty damn horny, for reasons I can’t recall. MY LOVE was still sleeping next to me, fitfully, but I knew I would disturb her if I so much as moved. I lay on my stomach for a

      • sunset
        Sometimes I feel isolated, and I want very badly to be back in a much bigger city, like Portland. There are so many good things about living in Central Oregon, and about living on a resort, that I don't feel bad for too long. Then I look out one of our windows and see this:


      • a break in the routine (her side of the story)
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Instead of going to our regular hangout on Friday evening, we decided to do something different – just for a change. The previous Friday we went bowling – yes bowling – it’s FUN!!! I suck, but who cares! Yesterday when I asked MY MAN if we were going to our local bar

      • a break in the routine (part 2)
        When we left the strip club MY LOVE had no idea of what was in store for her. She’d been begging for hints all day long and the only thing I’d let slip was that we were going to “The Fan”, and that I didn’t want her to drink too much because I had something planned afterwards. Between being nervou

      • what price beauty?
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Yesterday was the third and final laser hair removal treatment on my pussy and let me tell you thank god! I am willing to do a lot of things to keep in shape and looking good – working out 6+ times a week, yoga, biking, eating fish, brown rice & greens beans every d

      • a break in the routine (part 1)

        Last Friday, I took MY LOVE to a strip club instead of going to the sports bar we usually hang out at, and we had a pretty good time. There is only one adult establishment in our little town of roughly 25,000 and it is a decent-sized strip club called “The Fan”. I have been there on se

      • D.U.I.I. ( the halfway point )
        With delays from traveling to California for nearly two weeks, as well as other circumstances beyond my control, I am just now hitting the halfway point in my whole D.U.I.I. situation. I’ve not written much about it lately because, frankly, I want to leave what I’m experiencing in the rehab center.

      • California Slut Chronicles Day 8, part 2
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***The Nina Hartley live web cast was the evening’s main focus. Although I should have been tired from the day of shooting with Michael Kahn, I was quite excited that I was going to get used by NINA HARTLEY!!! She has been in roughly 650 movies – translation, this woman

      • Hustler's Taboo Magazine, September 2009

        The issue of Taboo Magazine with our interview and photo spread in it is available in your local adult shop now! Maybe. Not everyone carries Taboo. Actually, I had to call all three adult establishments in the nearest “big” city (Bend), and drive over 20 miles to pick up a copy of thi

      • The Oh Team! ( Adult Internet Radio )

        MY LOVE is going to be getting interviewed tomorrow night for an adult radio program that we honestly know little about. The time they will be calling is supposed to be 5pm West Coast/8pm East Coast. The site is:

        People can listen live at:

      • Naked Gord ( July Release )

        There is another amazing scene up on Naked Gord - - featuring MY LOVE as Catherine de Sade. It is called “Catherine de Sade Sucks and Blows”. I don’t know if it got cut out during the editing process or not, but I was in this scene for a brief moment. Gord makes some

      • Kicked off Facebook
        About a week ago I logged on to Facebook only to find my account had been deleted. Moments later I tried to log in on MY LOVE’s account and found it had also been deleted. We weren’t getting much out of the site – it is so empty and devoid of anything I would consider valuable that I was on there

      • TYSON
        MY LOVE writes:

        *** While we were in Portland earlier this week, we went to see the movie “Tyson.” I am no fan of Mike Tyson, but the reviews intrigued me.

        Gotta tell ya, this is a documentary worth seeing, if for no other reason than the human story is quite inter

      • Catherine de Sade and Michael Kahn (scenes 1-3)
        MY LOVE was correct - I have been working on getting the footage from the shoot with Michael Kahn up on Clips4Sale. I ran into some compression/conversion problems with the disc he sent me but finally got it figured out. You see, Michael Kahn shoots in widescreen and I was trying to compress them

      • California Slut Chronicles Day 8, part 1

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Today’s shoot was at a home with a spectacular view in the hills of Canoga Park. I had been communicating with Michael Kahn for many months and knew I was in for a day of rough treatment. The location is somewhat isolated and w

      • mighty cute for a whore

      • Paintoy Shoot (before the Ass Sex!)
        MY LOVE Writes:

        ***Now I know what that word means! Yesterday I had my first (hopefully not my last) shoot with Paintoy. Let me tell you that just sitting here writing, my ass and thighs still hurt!

        Just a bit of background; Paintoy has been around

      • Ass On the Way Home
        We have returned from our brief trip to Portland and there are a few things to tell you.

        We did indeed make it to Ron Jeremy’s Club Sesso, Sunday evening, but that’s a post of it’s own, so you’ll have to wait a bit for that.

        Tuesday, MY LOVE shot with Paintoy, but I will leav

    • June
      • two days away
        Okay, I'm trying to be responsible here, and inform you all that we are going to be away for two days. This doesn't necessarily mean there won't be any blog posts, but it should serve as a warning nonetheless. You see, unlike most trips to Portland, this time around MY LOVE has set

      • Killed Another ONE!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***We were in Portland for a few days last week, staying at the McMansion. As always we indulged in various sexual romps throughout the giant house. We are very fortunate that a friend of mine allows us to use this space while the house is on the market. Because of that w

      • Strange Requests (a beginning)
        I know it’s a little late in the game, but today I started a new category called “Strange Requests”. There have been posts in the past about some of the odd missives we have received from fans, but I want to start chronicling them now, on a more regular basis. To respect everyone’s privacy I will

      • Is it just me?
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***No matter what I accomplish in my life, no matter how happy and confident I feel, there is still this one thing that can fuck it up, temporarily.

        I am sure we all have something from our past – something that was said to us that for whatever reason still cut

      • the barbecue that would not be
        I’m sad to say, we did NOT have a barbecue this weekend. Here’s how it all worked out:

        Guest #1: (our ex-perverted cat-sitter now just perverted friend) SHOWED UP! She also had plans with her father that evening (the next day was Father’s Day), so she couldn’t stay long. After drinking

      • my doofus friend

        A couple of days ago I drove to the Redmond airport to pick up my friend Dewaine, who is staying with us for a couple of nights. He took a shuttle bus called “The Breeze”, that runs from Portland all the way to Bend, which is twenty miles further South of us. MY LOVE an

      • My Lesbian Whore Girlfriend

        I wish! MY LOVE is on Smothered Slave though! Check out some of these amazing photos!

        I've seen brief glimpses of this scene and it got me incredibly aroused. I know that MY GIRL really

      • busy busy bees
        We were in Portland for the last few days, on business. Actually, it was MY LOVE that was working, while I was off doing some shopping and counting the hours until I could be with her. It’s really still kind of like that with us.

        Since we got home we’ve been planning for Dewaine’s arriv

      • California Slut Chronicles Day 7, Part 2
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***This was an evening I was really looking forward to! On our previous LA trip we had the pleasure of meeting and sharing dinner with Ernest Greene. If you do not know who he is (how can you not?!) Google him! I remember the food being quite good and the conversation d

      • last of the L.A. pictures
        Here are the last of the pictures I took while MY LOVE and I were visiting California in May:

        This is Amoeba Music in Hollywood. I'd only previously visited, and been aware of, their store in San Francisco, but I was very excited to go to this one. The place is absolute

      • the cost of driving drunk - so far
        Here’s a rundown of what my D.U.I.I. has cost me so far:

        License Reinstated: $105.00 - (They literally reprinted my license and that is it)
        Public Defenders Application Fee: $70.00 – (I was approved on the spot)
        Attorneys Fees and Court Costs: $648.00 – (3 payments down, 3 to go

      • Fetish Nation (update)

        There are a couple of scenes up on Fetish Nation - - starring MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade.

        Take a moment to check out the free video preview - you'll see a glimpse of her getting thrown into a wall, and it actually leaves a huge hole!

      • Happy Vagina Hole Day!
        Something has gone horribly wrong.

        Two days ago was technically a Happy Vagina Hole Day. This has never happened before. In the nearly three years that MY LOVE and I have been together there has never been a day where I used her pussy as my sole source of sexual gratification. There ha

      • Ken Marcus

        Shooting with Ken Marcus was really a first time for me, and I fear it didn’t go all that well. The idea was that Ken would be a “fly on the wall” and film what MY LOVE and I do naturally, which sounded wonderful until we got started. I can’t say I’ve ever had a fly on the wall get me

      • Our Homegrown Video (#758)
        We got our copy of Homegrown #758 in the mail a few days ago and I have already watched it. I’m proud to say that our scene is by far the best on the DVD, but unfortunately that’s not saying much. Overall, it’s a pretty lousy 90 minutes.

        There are usually four scenes to every Homegrown

      • crude
        We went out last night and did our weekly "visit the local sports bar and get a little drunk" thing. While we were there we handed out invitations to a B-B-Q/Party that we are having in a couple of weeks, to a few select friends we have made at the bar. One of them is the gentleman who c

      • our loss
        First of all, I want to thank all of you that posted comments or sent us private messages about the loss of our cat. The sentiment is appreciated. I know the rest of you are probably tired of reading this downer stuff, but we bear with us, we just need to get it out of our system.


      • Big Buns

        I don't have many pictures of Greyster but I did have plenty of names for him:

        Buster Buns
        Big Buns
        Boo Bear
        Kitty Licker

        He didn't respond to any of

      • And Then There Were None
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I knew when I took my Grey to the vet last Tuesday that the news would not be good. With no definite diagnosis until Wednesday I remained very optimistic that he would be ok, the whole time my gut telling me that was not the case. I was not surprised when she told me

    • May
      • California Slut Chronicles, Day 7, Part 1
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***This is the day we shot with KEN MARCUS!!! I MEAN KEN FUCKING MARCUS!!! This man is an amazing photographer, and as it turned out, also an incredibly interesting man.

        No, that's not me in the picture - we don't have any to share just ye

      • Bad News
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***We got some bad news yesterday. My 15 year old kitty, Greyster, is not going to be with us much longer. I took him to the vet because he was getting sick, looked very gaunt and breathing heavily. Turns out he has an enlarged liver and spleen, some fluid around his lu

      • No Thank You!
        It was probably our second day in Los Angeles, while we were still staying at the Miyako, that I went for a long walk around the neighborhood. It was hot and traffic was kind of heavy at that time. I was walking past a building when I saw a lady ahead of me stop and begin to chuckle. The mirth in

      • Fetish Nation
        The day MY LOVE shot for Fetish Nation was the first day I accompanied her to the set while we were in California. It was unclear whether or not I would be participating, so I brought along a change of clothes, just in case. I also brought the laptop so that I could get some w

      • Los Angeles (pictures vol. 2)
        Here are some more random pictures taken during our trip to Los Angeles.

        I didn't get any pictures of San Francisco

        We were only there for a day

        And all that time was spent working...

      • California Slut Chronicles, Day 6
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I have been looking forward to shooting with Fetish Nation for months and months! Actually for years. I had been corresponding with Ian Rath a bit too much I think – as the video will show I am chastised for it – and was confident he would put me

      • IntoxaLock
        When you get a DUII in Oregon they immediately take your license away from you and suspend it for three months. What you leave the jail with is a piece of paper that gives you thirty days to straighten things out with the DMV, and the courts. You can drive thirty days, without your license, as lon

      • Naked Gord scene 1

        One of the scenes that MY LOVE did with Lady Lydia McLane (Naked Gord) in February is finally up for us to salivate over. Stop by and take a look. She’s not top of the page right now, but she’s the next one down.

        Last time we were in Washington w

      • West Coast Gang Bang w/Catherine de Sade

        As MY LOVE mentioned in her previous post, the first time she offered herself up to the men at West Coast Gang Bangs it was also Super Bowl Sunday. Of course, if I had a choice between fucking a slut in her ass or watching a football game, I’d pick the ass fucking, but that’s just me I

      • California Slut Chronicles, Day 5

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Saturday was the West Coast Gang Bang shoot! Tried to make this happen when I visited in February, but my only available day at that time was on Super Bowl Sunday, and apparently guys would rather watch football than fuck?! G

      • CUM on my desk
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I'm home I'm home I'm home!!! So nice to be back! MY MAN was not here when I arrived, but as I was bringing my luggage through the front door, I received a text message that he was on the way - that meant I needed to "take a nap" right away!

      • so fucking excited!
        MY LOVE is on her way home, at this very moment! She said goodbye to her mother this afternoon and stepped on the bus that will take her all the way to the Redmond airport. Unfortunately, it arrives at 5:30pm, which is also the start time for my stupid Rehab Class. Fortunately, being a homeowner

      • California Slut Chronicles, Day 3 & 4
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Day three we headed out for a short day of shooting in Santa Ana, with a photographer for his "Damsel in Distress" style clips store. We also checked out of our nice hotel, still unaware of the disappointing cave we would spend the rest of our trip staying in.

      • L.A. fashion (?)
        One evening, while returning to our vehicle, we ran across this window display:

        As I took a quick picture I asked a lady walking by if she would date a man dressed like the one in the window. She sort of chuckled by way of a response...

      • Spank Bench from MauiKink!

        The custom-made spanking bench that MauiKink built for us arrived while we were in California, and since MY LOVE has been staying with her mother in Portland while I am stuck at home by myself, it has gone unused. Pity, because it is such a beautiful piece of

      • California Slut Chronicles, Day 2
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***No doubt about it, I was VERY excited about shooting with I had been corresponding with The Pope for many months and the possibilities we discussed for scenarios seemed pretty varied. What works best for me it to give parameters/limits –which are few

      • Homegrown #758

        The scene that MY LOVE and I did for Homegrown Video is in your local porn shop NOW! This is our first, official, semi-mainstream release, and it may be our only one for a while. Homegrown started in Seattle, Washington, and has been around for many years. Our particular release is nu

      • L.A. art
        Here are some interesting examples of graffiti art that I found in the area of town we were staying:

      • California Slut Chronicles, Day 1
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***The best way to tell you about the shoots/adventures in California is to just take it day by day, so I don’t miss any details!

        First shoot day was with Natali DeMore for Smothered Slave I admit, I have very limited experience with wome

      • Los Angeles (pictures vol. 1)
        Here are some photos of Los Angeles that I took during our first couple of days there.

        Don't know the name of the buildings

        I just know they are big and beautiful

        Many more to come!

      • DUII - Victims' Panel (part 2)
        This is a continuation of an earlier piece about attending a Victims' Panel for drunk drivers...

        We were now shown a video. I mean no disrespect to the very real people that were portrayed, nor do I want to insult them and their story. What I do want to point out, are two things my

      • emerging from the cave
        MY LOVE is in sunny Portland and I am home, in sunnier Central Oregon. Every day in California was like this, so it's no big change, but the real relief comes from staying in much nicer accommodations. We are no longer sleeping in the cave...

        Here is the letter that we sent to the

      • missing my girl
        Saturday night I got to spend a few hours with Dewaine before driving the final three hours to our home in Central Oregon. He and I had drinks, talked about guy-stuff, and celebrated female nudity by doing it all in a strip club - or three. Actually, I only had one drink, at the very first place,

      • Society SM

        Some of the footage MY LOVE shot with Society SM is already up on their site. Take a moment to check it out:

        This was a day that I was roaming free around Los Angeles, taking pictures of buildings and whatever caught my eye, so I reall

      • nearing the end
        The last three days have been incredibly busy, tense, and gratifying for both MY LOVE and I. She has worked very hard, and taken a good deal of abuse, all the while looking stunning in her distress. I am very proud of her and have said so many times. This will certainly not be the last.

      • Nina made me SQUIRT!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Not going to share all the details, I will let MY MAN do that as I think his view will be more articulate than mine - but I will tell you that on the Nina Hartley show last night Nina made me squirt!! Don't know how and I did not feel it happen, just looked down a

      • Nina Hartley LIVE SHOW
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Tuesday May 12th, 7PM West Coast/10PM East Coast watch me LIVE with Nina Hartley!!!

        Ideally you want to sign in through but cannot get same day access - so is the next best option!

        Not sure all that will happen, just know that Ni

      • OMFFFG!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Shot with today - all I can tell you is you better watch for the update!! We will know this week when to expect the scenes, and will of course let you know.

        I was SLUTTY SLUTTY SLUTTY, took the LARGEST dildo they had (I was the only one

      • slut on camera
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***So being a slut on camera is obviously nothing new (to me), but these last two days have been new in a number of ways!

        Day 1 - Natali DeMore - we shot for her site Now, it is no secret that I have done very little with women – I just p

      • The Cave
        When MY LOVE was planning this trip, she found a Condo that seemed like a really good deal. The pictures made the place look wonderful, it had 24-hour security for our vehicle, a pool on the roof and a gym on the mezzanine level, and even security at the front door. Staying at the Miyako was suppo

      • day off
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***No shoots scheduled for today - just time for us to relax, explore and enjoy. I originally wanted to drive to Carmel, but after looking at the map a 5 hour trip did not sound fun AT ALL! So we headed for Santa Monica instead. Finally got to visit a California beach!

      • another beautiful day in L.A.
        MY LOVE once again left me to my own devices today, while she went off and did another video shoot. She'll be telling you about that soon enough, but until then, I have a few pictures to show you.

        This is the hotel we are staying in for another night. It is called Miyak

      • the drive to California
        We woke up 30 minutes later than planned (4am instead of 3:30am) and we left an hour later than anticipated (6am instead of 5am) but our drive to California went remarkably smooth. We expected to be on the road for 14 hours but good driving and an average speed of 70+mph helped us make it in 13. M

      • things are going to be different this time
        Most of the time, when we leave for a mini-vacation, or go off to do video shoots in some other state, I do a poor job of blogging. Sometimes we stay where there is no convenient internet access and sometimes we’re just so busy that it seems like “one more thing to do”, so I don’t. We’ll, not this

      • Clean, you Filthy Cunt!
        Today MY LOVE decided to clean our shower. I found her in there naked, kneeling on the floor, scrubbing away at the cracks between the tiles. Pulling out my cock, I snapped my fingers and pointed to a spot right in front of me. Like a good girl, MY NASTY BITCH came over, turned around, and spread

      • Food Supply
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***No I am not talking about all the cum I feed on!

        I have been a pretty health conscious person for a very long time, and also have a culinary background that left me, quite frankly, spoiled.

        I like good food - but better yet I like food that is goo

      • perverted cat-sitter

        Found out today that our newest cat/house-sitter is a disgusting perverted freak. (Hello T!)

        She’s not really.

        MY LOVE had T come to our house today, to go over a few things that need taken care of while we’re gone for two weeks in California. When she arrived, bright

      • D.U.I.I. - Rehab
        Attending my first drug/alcohol rehab class was like sitting through a miniature version of hell. A slow, plodding, not-all-that-bright version.

        The class is called “Living in Balance” and it takes place every Thursday, for about two hours. I have eleven more of these to go, minimum, an

      • DUII - Victims' Panel (part 1)
        I attended my first, and thankfully only “Victims’ Impact Panel” two days ago. They charged me $45 and made certain that the proof of attendance was held until the very end of the class, when they called us forward in alphabetical order to receive the slip of paper. I was given a warning: the room

    • April
      • Rant part II
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Been thinking about my rant the other day and contemplating the various factors that led to my eruption. First of all, I should have prefaced my post by saying that in my family we had a rule: When someone just needed to vent or rant, they simply made the declaration “I

      • short trip
        Late Sunday morning we left our home to drive to Portland. It is Tuesday afternoon and we are already headed back. Tomorrow I have to attend something called a "Victims Panel". It will cost me $25 and I will have to sit in a building with many other uncomfortable, broke individuals and

      • Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***OK - this is RANT!

        What the F*** is wrong with the average guy? Are they so starved for affection/attention that as soon as a woman pays any attention to them they turn into creeps? If they come into contact - even just on-line - with a woman who is open, s

      • Adultism (part 2)
        Here are the pictures I put up for our second post on Adultism.

        Was I trying to get a reaction? A little. Was I curious about the reaction? Certainly. Surprised by it? Definitely. Here are a few examples of comments left:

        “Adultism should realise that there

      • D.U.I.I. - the beginning
        In late December of last year, just before Christmas, I was pulled over for driving without my headlights on. I’ll explain why. I had been out drinking with Dewaine that evening, and when our time was up, I was a good friend and drove his ass home. At his apartment complex, I put the vehicle in P

      • I AM A LOSER!

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Yep – that’s right – I am loser. I don’t Facebook, I don’t Twitter or Tweet, I am not on ModelMayhem or any other myriad of sites that allow me to stay in constant contact with anyone and everyone. I don’t have email on my phone, in fact my cell phone is a

      • Magnificent Three-Orgasm Day!
        Yesterday was a three orgasm day, and that’s important, because for a while there we were having zero orgasm days.

        Actually, that’s not true. Remember that pillow I told you about before, that MY LOVE sits on when she’s in her office chair? The one I have been dropping loads on for abou

      • Adultism (part 1)

        While perusing profiles and pictures on AdultSpace, I came across a reference to another site called Adultism. Yep, one more site for me to keep track of, one more profile to make, one more password to remember and one more account to regularly check. It’s also another wonderful opport

      • disease-free

        It’s official: I am disease free and ready to fuck anything that moves. Two tits, a hole, and a heartbeat… that’s all I need.

        So who wants to fuck?

      • day 3 - Jim Duvall

        Shooting with Jim Duvall was easy and fun. For the first half of the day I watched as he suspended MY LOVE in odd positions then took photographs of her. This was both interesting and fun to witness, and he took the time to explain some of the things he was

      • RopeGoddess/David Knight update

        We have pictures to share of the shoot MY LOVE/Catherine de Sade did with Juliet Heart (I know her as RopeGoddess) and David Knight of DavidKnightBondage.

        We don't yet know when the video will be availab

      • penis or gangbang?
        I think we’ll all admit; any kind of censoring that happens on American television is for the sake of “the children”. In the United States, hearing the word fuck on t.v. apparently turns kids into delinquents, and makes their head explode. In a past post, I told you all about the movie MY LOVE and

      • day 2 - RopeGoddess/David Knight

        Today we awoke rather early, ate a tiny breakfast, and then headed out to the video shoot with RopeGoddess/David Knight. Shortly after arriving MY LOVE received the phone call from our cat sitter about Greyster nearly dying. She took it well, all t

      • a little off
        We got back from Washington last night. MY LOVE is sick with what must be the flu. She has not been awake for more than a few hours in the last two days. It hit her three days ago and we had to cancel two video shoots. We also left a day early, only stopping in Portland to eat and take care of o

      • day 1 - no work
        We are in Silverdale Washington, staying at one of the Oxford Inns. I say “one of” because the first one we went to – the one we had a reservation at – was a bit smelly. MY LOVE and I aren’t snobs, but we aren’t about to sit and be miserable either, even for a night. So, she went down to the fron

      • April Schedule So Far...
        Tomorrow we will be leaving for six days worth of shooting in Washington. We’ll take off Thursday, the 9th, but work won’t begin until the 10th. On that day we are shooting with Rope Goddess, and Catherine de Sade/MY LOVE is going to be the victim of a home invasion. I have two cameo appearances,

      • swapping books and compact discs
        The CD and Book swapping have been going well. Over the last few weeks, visiting our mailbox has been a real treat. Almost every day we check, there's been something waiting.

        The book titles you can read, and by now you know I like all four of

      • Force Fantasies

        The four photo shoots that MY LOVE and I did with Lorelei, of Force Fantasies, are beginning to show up on the site. Two of the four scenes we did are on there right now.

        Stop by the site and check it out. We're about half way down the

      • T - R - I - C - K - Y

        While shopping at one of my favorite music stores I happened to look up at all the fliers on the windows, promoting upcoming concerts. When I saw Tricky’s face on one of them I did not expect the date of the event to be a mere two days away. For whatever reason, the venue was not adver

      • CUNT Lasering
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Well now I know I am not the masochist I thought I was.

        I have been shaving my pussy area for years because I like the way it looks naked, and it feels much cleaner. Tried bikini waxing once and almost punched the lady when she tore the first strip off – so b

      • gone for a good reason
        I know I haven’t put up a blog post in about three days, but when I tell you what I’ve been busy doing, I think you’ll forgive me.

        For the last three days I have been thinking about, and working on, submissions to one of Portland’s biggest weekly newspapers. Maybe it’s THE biggest – I’m

      • William Shakespeare
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Someone on FetLife posted this the other day and I cannot get it out of my head - just want to share it with you.

        "Let not our babbling dreams afright out souls, for conscience is a word that cowards use, devis'd first to keep the strong in awe.&quo

      • Hump Fuck Mark II

        One of the scenes Catherine de Sade/MY LOVE shot for House of Gord is up - - why not stop by and take a peek? Actually, she’s about the third one down on the page at the moment, and actually quite difficult to recognize. It’s the one called “Hump Fuck Mark II”. She

      • surprise naked hike

        Before we left for Portland I had the wonderful and surprising opportunity to go out for a brief naked hike. I took along the camera to get some pictures for MY LOVE.

        I also play the drums naked, and I think I've threatened to put up pictures of that too, but

      • money well spent
        Got the opportunity to do a bit of shopping before I got too sick to do much of anything else. Just a few more books and CDs to add to my growing collections.

        I avoided getting the Joe Lansdale book "Freezer Burn" from PaperBackSwap because the picture made it

      • Suspension Cuffs

        We were staying in a huge house – MY LOVE has been calling it a McMansion – for a few days. This place is amazing! One of our friends is being very generous and we are taking advantage of it by shooting some footage in this phenomenal structure. On this particular day, for instance, w

    • March
      • fuck your i.d.

        So I took MY QUICKLY DEVELOPING WHORE out to suck some random cock tonight at the glory holes in Portland. We are here on vacation, and as promised, she has at least attempted to suck

      • Big Order from Japan
        We have a new fan from Japan who wrote and asked about purchasing our entire video catalog. He literally wants everything we have done so far. Through a few e-mails we decided that he should buy all of the DVDs we have on our site, and then go through the Clips4Sale stores later and download what

      • Getting over being sick

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***After a not too relaxing vacation (as you have most likely read about) it was time to get things back to normal and help MY MAN get over the remnants of his cold. Hence I declared yesterday "Happy Butthole Day!"

        Cute pink an

      • sick - not the good kind
        We have been gone for over a week, on what was supposed to be a vacation. It was neither relaxing, nor much fun, which is a big part of what vacations are supposed to be, but some of that was unavoidable.

        Shortly after arriving in Portland, I began to cough pretty heavily, and before the

      • very productive unproductive day
        Woke up today knowing that I wouldn’t get a lick of work done, and found out I was dead wrong. I did manage to get up early enough to play the drums for a brief 30 minutes, before I had to start emptying out my drum room in anticipation of the carpet cleaning guy . At 9am he would arrive and begin

      • MY LOVE - R.I.P. (part 2)

        Racing down the hallway, Catherine de Sade comes flying into the kitchen and ducks behind the island. Sitting atop it is a cutting board with a knife laying on it, and she makes a grab for this as she tries to conceal herself. The Cumshot Killer enters the kitchen and sees her on the o

      • extended family (7)

        Big Toe

        While we were in Portland MY LOVE and I added another member to our extended family. His name is Big Toe, and we’d like you to meet him.

        Big Toe is very busy, but he is going to take care of everything. Just watch. At first, Big Toe may seem a little slow

      • MY LOVE - R.I.P. (part 1)

        MY LOVE is dead. MY CUNT – MY HOLE – MY EVERYTHING is NO MORE. May she rest in peace.

        The cool thing is, I met some woman just like her a couple of nights later. It’s strange. She looks and acts remarkably like MY LOVE, and is even a bit of a sexual deviant, but she’ll nev

      • One More Happy Butthole Day!

        I started this particular Happy Butthole Day by receiving a blowjob. Woke up to it actually. MY LOVE had been out in the garage, doing some morning cardio, but she’d spent the whole time thinking about it being a Happy Butthole Day. Her anticipation, believe it or not, sometimes seems

      • re-connected
        One of our friends wrote us yesterday, concerned because he hadn’t seen a blog post in quite a while. We have been away from home, and convenient internet service, for almost a week. During our latest trip to Portland we stayed at an amazing house – MY LOVE continues to call it a McMansion – but i

      • PaperBackSwap - success!

        Using PaperBackSwap has been a great success so far. Of the 20+ books that I’ve collectively posted for trade, over half are gone. Recently, I’ve been a bit obsessive about logging on and searching for titles and authors that I’ve had a difficult time finding in the past. Maybe it’s t

      • KILL HER!
        There is a man in Idaho that wants to kill MY LOVE and then have sex with her dead body. He’s told me so, and I don’t know what to do. I’m thinking of inviting him to come visit us in Portland the next time we plan on being there. He’s agreed to let me videotape the carnage and release it as a He

      • so busy I can't believe it!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I am so excited about going back to LA!! We will be arriving sometime on the 7th. Our first shoot is with West Coast Gang Bangs – don’t know how many guys there will be – 20??? I am up for it! Then we will be shooting with Ken Marcus for a day, Michael Kahn for 2 days,

      • May - so very far away.
        I know May is a little ways off – another two months actually – but I have to tell you about what’s coming up for Our Ruinous Love!

        The footage we sent to HomeGrownVideo will finally be in stores sometime in May. We will, of course, let you know the specific date just as soon as we know

      • HelpMeViolateHer #3 on Clips4Sale

        HelpMeViolateHer #3 is now available on Clips4Sale. You can purchase the full 59 minutes or you can buy it in three segments that are each about 20 minutes long. It's pretty much an hour of nonstop asshole abuse.

        I'm working on the s

      • House of Gord/Naked Gord (Thanks!)

        We would once again like to thank Gord and Lady Lydia McLane, of HouseOfGord and NakedGord, for giving MY LOVE the opportunity to shoot with them. From my point of view, the content is bound to be pretty amazing and unique, and bot

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Just got back from running a quick errand and guess what is all over my cushion??!? WET CUM STAINS!!

        Sitting on it right now...***

      • Help Me Violate Her #3

        The evening of our video shoot for HelpMeViolateHer #3, I met the men who would be participating, in a café. My friend Dewaine was also present. I had everyone sign the appropriate paperwork, and we all just sat and chatted for a few minutes. This was my opportunity to see if everyone

      • so much i don't know where to begin
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Thank you Damon Piece and Claire Adams – what an amazing shoot while in LA!! The bondage was very rigorous and Damon quite adept at making me submit! K and Damon had a conversation about limits and such, meaning I was going to be surprised – which I enjoyed! I cannot wa

    • February
      • "C.C.I." aka the Cum Cushion Incident
        MY LOVE:

        ***First of all just want to clarify that I did not invade MY MAN’s privacy and find the post he was working on that revealed his dirty little secret. We work in our home office, at an L-shaped desk. The backs of our chairs LITERALLY touch each other. I walked back into the off

      • outside February 26, 2009

        Woke up this morning to about three inches of snow. What a wonderful site to begin your day. MY LOVE left early in the morning to drive to Eugene, so I was left alone for the majority of the day. I had time to go walking in the hills and take a few pictures for you to enjoy.

      • A Secret Revealed
        For the last three or so months I have been working on a surprise for MY LOVE. Early in the morning, or sometimes in the middle of the night, I have been sitting at my computer and masturbating to something disgusting and perverted on the screen. When it comes time to drop my load, I have done so

      • Scorpion and Dragons Tongue

        Today I finished editing a scene we shot almost a month ago, using two implements from - They are called the Scorpion and the Dragons Tongue, and I guess they’d both be considered whips. My experience with these kind of pain-givers is very limited, so I s

      • Paperback Swap

        Our local, daily newspaper recently ran a story about a site that lets people swap books for free. They’ve been doing tons of articles lately on how to save money and survive in an uncertain economy. Everyone benefits from this sort of information, and we could do with a bit more of th

      • AdultSpace

        We just recently became members of AdultSpace and we’re finding it’s a great place to freely promote ourselves. Nobody gets angry if we post web addresses or mention other web sites. They even have it so you can upload and publicly show videos, so we are taking full advantage of that a

      • schedule for April
        We don’t really have anything specific planned for March yet, except the Seattle photo shoot that might take place on public transportation, but I’d like to brag a little about how April is looking.

        April 10th - MY LOVE will be doing a photo shoot with Rope Goddess of David Knight Bondage

      • p i g

        Why is this pig so angry?

        What's his problem?

      • update: new e-mail addresses
        Just So You Know: MY LOVE and I have had problems in the past with our Yahoo e-mail accounts. The main issue seemed to be that our mail, once sent, was ending up in the Spam folder of the recipient. Some people automatically erase that stuff, without even looking at it, so you can imagine our frus

      • Public Displays
        A new fan of our site told me that she takes her computer out on the train, during her daily commute, and reads some of our blog posts. To me, that’s sexy, and I would think it would be a great way to start your day. I know sometimes MY LOVE will get nostalgic and start reading posts from the past

      • Force Fantasies w/ Lorelei
        When we went to shoot with Lorelei, of Force Fantasies, I had set myself up again to have little or no expectations. I did not visit her site, nor did I ask MY LOVE too many questions. We arrived ready to have some fun and that is exactly what happened. It was the furthest

      • more shopping (WORDS)
        I also did my fair share of book shopping while we were in Portland. I guess you could say I got a bit luckier during this search...

        Henry Miller=Plexus / Stephen King=Night Shift / Chuck Palahniuk=Rant / William Burroughs=The Ticket That Exploded

        Jean Paul Sartr

      • 17,000 Feet Club
        While we were in Los Angeles last month we did a photo shoot for Lorelei, who runs The details of this we will share with you later, but right now I want to tell you about something that happened afterwards. When we boarded the plane out of L.A., I was pretty pent up from the

      • more shopping (MUSIC)
        I didn't do a lick of shopping while we were in Gig Harbor, and MY LOVE was shooting for House of Gord and Naked Gord, but I made up for it BIG TIME while we were in Portland. Just look at all the music I got!

        Johnny Ace=Memorial Album / Otto Van Schirach=Global Speaker Fisting /

      • Further Glory Hole Adventures
        MY LOVE and I made an attempt, yesterday, to have some sexy, dirty, anonymous fun at the glory hole booths in Portland. We set out in the early afternoon with the intention of visiting as many different shops as we could, as long as they had viewing booths with the holes in them that we required.

      • House of Gord/Naked Gord (day 2 and 3)

        MY LOVE and I drove from Seattle yesterday, to Portland, after she finished her three days of shooting for House of Gord and Naked Gord. It took me a while to realize that Gord was in charge of the material and Lydia McLane was responsible for the s

      • Los Angeles
        Quick Disclaimer: I’m never out to insult anyone, or hurt their feelings, unless I think they deserve it. However, my opinions, thoughts and observations – my blunt honesty - has been known to offend quite a few people. When MY LOVE and I visited Brooklyn, New York last year, we did not have many

      • House of Gord/Naked Gord (day 1)

        We are in Seattle right now – technically I think we’re in Gig Harbor – for three days of shooting with House of Gord and Naked Gord. MY LOVE has already been through two rough but enjoyable scenes today, and it sounds like there is one more big one to go. She has been alternately exc

      • i love dan piraro

        She must teach in the United States...

      • Yet Another Happy Butthole Day!

        When we landed in Redmond, I told MY CUNT that she would need to clean her asshole, so that I could use it. She was quick to agree, and as commanded she presented herself to me the next day, with a clean orifice. There was a dirty movie starting when I walked into the bedroom, and she

      • Miss Black

        Miss Black R.I.P.

        I must apologize to everyone: as MY LOVE mentioned, one of our cats has been ill for a few weeks now. It has kept us distraught and distracted. We care about our pets very much – probably more so because we do not have children. They are our children, we feel

      • gone too long
        So, we’ve been gone for a few days, as you know. Doing video shoots in Los Angeles and trying to squeeze in a little fun and rest. Today, I should have “gotten back to work” but I’m honestly just trying to “get back to normal”. Flying, for me, is a very unpleasant experience. My stomach and neck

      • A Sad Day
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***We have two kitties. They have been with me for just over 13 years and were full-grown when I got them. Today we had to put our Miss Black to sleep. She developed a lymph disorder that leaked fatty fluid into her lungs. This all started about one month ago and unfor

    • January
      • Victorian "Rug Beater" Paddle from MauiKink
        Victorian "Rug Beater" Paddle

        I finished editing our first scene using one of the implements that MauiKink sent us. The Victorian “Rug Beater” Paddle is “shaped much like an old-fashioned carpet beater, and is an interesting combinatio

      • blessed, wonderful Friday
        We are definitely feeling the effects of living a semi-isolated life, on a resort, next to a very small city where absolutely nothing happens. We are feeling the effects of working at home and not going out much, for any reason other than necessity. We are all too eager for Friday to come, so that

      • REALLY Fuck
        It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I’ve been kicked off of again. It could have been the rant with “Fuck Alt” as the title but I’m not certain. Once again, they are so cowardly that they don’t even bother to inform me of why, they just pull the plug. Perhaps I deserve this tre

      • Los Angeles
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***We are leaving Sunday afternoon for a couple days of shooting in LA!!!! Neither of us has been to LA before so in addition to the excitement of shooting we will get to explore a new city!

        Monday – Claire Adams and Damon Pierce will be tying me up and doing w

      • HMVH #2 Shoot w/ cindi zyre
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***It was great fun to reconnect with cindi! I had not seen her in about 4 years and fondly remember the many many enjoyable shoot days spent with her – only she was the victim and I held the camera. Her playfulness and high energy was matched only by her new skills as a

      • HelpMeViolateHer #2 (Update)

        I have finished editing HelpMeViolateHer #2, with cindi zyre. It is nearly an hour long, and it is wonderful to watch. There is just something about cindi’s energy…

        So, I will get a bit more detailed about what happened, but I’m still not going to be too descriptive:

      • Yeah, this is a RANT – I need to blow off some steam…so here goes.

        MY LOVE writes:

        What the fuck is wrong with Americans? Why are we so fucking stupid? Sometimes I find it hard to believe we even know how to breathe on our own.

        What has me mad – This whole Sam Adams bullshit. For those of you who are not in Oregon, Sam Adams is an

      • freedom
        Recently, I held a getting-to-know-you/just-passing-the-time conversation with someone I’d just met. One thing we spoke about was freedom, and how important it is to be able to choose your own path or destiny in life. I had remarked that if my friend Dewaine were to decide that being homeless and

      • fuck
        I was contacted today, by a member of, that said he'd tried a few times to send me messages through Alt's mail system. None of them got through. He had to write me at my Yahoo account and introduce himself. I could tell he was a bit frustrated, and frankly so am I. Alt was supp

      • shopping
        On our second day in Portland, I went shopping. Among the items I purchased, were these books:

        The Road by Cormac McCarthy

        I liked Cormac McCarthy long before his novel “No Country For Old Men” was made into a movie. Actually, it was Stephen King of all people,

      • MauiKink TOYS

        When we drove back home Saturday, from Portland, we had hoped to reach town in time to have access to our business mail box. We did not make it, and that was Saturday, which meant we would also be out of luck the next day, Sunday. Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. day, which meant that

      • HelpMeViolateHer #2 w/ cindi zyre

        We left for Portland Wednesday morning. There was just enough time for us to eat a quick lunch, and then we were scheduled to show up at Valhalla House to shoot with cindi zyre. When we arrived she had just finished laying out the implements that she would be using on MY LOVE. The two

      • more ketchup
        I wrote this before we drove to Portland on Wednesday, but clearly I did not get it posted.

        Wednesday morning, we are off to Portland, to shoot with cindi zyre at Valhalla House. MY LOVE admitted to me that she is both nervous and excited about working with her. More like being at her m

      • ketchup
        MY LOVE and I drove to Portland Wednesday morning. Actually, I drove and she slept/sucked my cock. While we were there, we did shoots for HelpMeViolateHer #2 and #3. I managed to get some much needed shopping in, and there was plenty of anal sex. We drove - I drove - home Saturday, and we'v

      • new advertisement
        This is our new advertisement, for the anal gang bang (HelpMeViolateHer #3) we are hosting this Friday:

        "Ever just wanted to be in the same room as a bunch of people who were fucking? Maybe watch a group of guys use a woman’s asshole? We’d like to give you that opportunity…
      • More Maui(Kink)

        Things seem to be moving forward nicely with MauiKink. This morning they will be shipping us several items from their web site. Along with the implements MY LOVE chose they tell us we are going to receive some surprises. We love surprises!

        We are not g

      • ass sex
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Ass sex - or more accurately, lack of. I am saving my hole for our upcoming photo shoot. It is on my mind constantly - we have not used my butt hole, nor will we until the shoot - it will be over 10 days - and yes I am whining! I want it to be extra tight for the even

      • Are Kinky People Afraid of Sex or Just Hypocrites?

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***It has been my experience that the BDSM kink community has always been easily squicked about sex. Now, they have no problem getting naked, collared, leashed and beating the hell out of each other, doing cuttings or fireplay, but when people start to fuck – I

      • television
        Television is an important part of our lives. I don’t mean television programming, I mean the actual electronic device, and the DVD player that goes with it. MY LOVE and I try, almost every day, to escape for a couple of hours. Actually, the amount of time we watch usually depends on how long the

      • honeymoon phase (extended version)
        While catching up with my mother the other day, I of course had to mention MY LOVE, and the amazing relationship we both still feel lucky to be in. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been “in love” a few times – or at least thought I was – and my mother has known about each of those instances. You’d

      • nasty from the past
        MY LOVE has, unfortunately, run into a nasty from our past. Normally I don’t like to say the name of a person unless I’m saying something positive, but in this case I’ll only be revealing profile names of past and present.

        One of the attractions of was the Advice Line. When I fi

      • toys (1)

        No more Ugly Dolls to show you, so I might as well share a few of my toys with you. I don't know what this one is called, but I do know it makes me happy when I wind it up and let it do it's thing. He sort of dances by swinging from side-to-side, while inside him a pendulum w

      • i like this
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***A friend shared this with me today...

        "There are really two kinds of submissives in the world: those who believe they don't deserve any better…and those who believe they don't deserve any less." ~author unknown***

      • cindi zyre

        cindi zyre

        Before we shoot HelpMeViolateHer #3, we have to do #2. On January 14th, we will be going to Valhalla House, in Portland, and shooting with cindi zyre. She is a submissive who has expressed interest in seeing what it’s like to be the sadist for a couple of hours. Appare

      • mother
        I just got done talking to my mother, on the phone. We haven’t spoken for many (4+) years, not because we’d had a fight or a falling out, but simply because I haven’t stayed in touch. I am often guilty of moving, or changing a phone number, and not letting the necessary people know until days, wee

      • ORL inc. (update)
        I haven’t uploaded any footage to Clips4Sale for almost an entire month. In the last three months, I’ve probably placed a total of six clips in four different stores. And yet, I still make the base amount I have been making for months. This means that things are going well.

        Those clips

      • Yet Another Happy Butthole Day!

        Yesterday was another Happy Butthole Day!

        After the incredible ass fucking that MY CUNT received during New Year’s Eve, and on through into the next day, she was kind of missing it. I was completely surprised when I stepped into the office to find the “Happy Butthole Day!!!”

      • MauiKink

        In mid-November of last year, we received a message from the wonderful folks at Based in – you guessed it, Maui – they are a company that makes implements like single-tails and paddles, leather suspension cuffs, bondage equipment in general, unique glass items, and custom

      • HelpMeViolateHer #3

        Would you like to be a part of our third HelpMeViolateHer movie? We are hosting an anal gang bang in Portland this upcoming January 16th, from roughly 7 – 9pm. Men and women who would like to attend, and maybe get in on the action, should visit for more informa

      • fluid structure provides support
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I was once in a 24/7 M/s relationship. There were very detailed rules that affected every area of my life, which were adhered to. As a newbie, at the time, I found this structure comforting and welcome but at times stifling. One of the challenges was that my M at the ti

      • upcoming shoots!
        MY LOVE writes;

        ***First of all I just want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!! Ours has started out the way it should for two sick sex fiends, and I hope yours was just as exciting.

        We are making lots of plans to build our business more this year, and so far we are of

      • New Year's Eve - part 4 (supplemental)
        I can't go without bragging about this just a little bit...

        After we had some food on New Year's Eve - by then it was technically New Year's Day I guess - we went back to the hotel room. With MY LOVE on her hands and knees, I fucked her asshole quite thoroughly. Abused

      • Empire of Pleasure - (New Year's Eve part 3)
        MY LOVE and I arrived at Dark Lady’s Empire of Pleasure New Year’s Eve Party roughly half-way through the event. What a pleasant surprise to find so many wonderful, friendly people attending – our expectations were high regarding the number, and they were met! There had to be 60 people around, pro

      • Happy Fucking/Sucking New Year - (part 2)

        Talk about going out with a bang… MY LOVE and I have had a tremendously successful bit of fun so far, this New Year’s Eve!

        We just got back from abo

      • Happy New Year! - the beginning
        We left for Portland later than we usually do. Not a whole lot, but enough to make a difference. Before exiting the house and stepping into the garage, MY LOVE armed our security system. When she closed the door and locked it I grabbed hold of her purse, and the keys to the vehicle, and told her

  • 2008
    • December
      • Empire of Pleasure...
        Our hotel reservations have been made and we have R.S.V.P.’d. We will be attending Dark Lady’s Official Empire of Pleasure New Year’s Eve Party, Wednesday evening. The event goes until 2am, and it has been our experience that people don’t’ usually show up to things nowadays until late, so we plan

      • prison facts
        MY LOVE asked me, the other day, if men in prison who had diabetes got insulin, and how it was dispensed. I told her that men and women generally received the bare minimum of what they needed regarding health care. The sole reason, at this point in history, is to avoid lawsuits. The people who ow

      • Out With a Bang!
        MY LOVE and I were uncertain of our plans for New Year’s Eve. While discussing it we almost gave up on the idea of attending any special events, or even going to Portland. Now it seems we will be going, and visiting some of her family, and going to Dark Lady’s New Year’s Eve party. Things can cha

      • HelpMeViolateHer #1

        HelpMeViolateHer #1 is finally finished and available on DVD now! It will be available for download at the beginning of the year, on Clips4Sale.

        This is our first movie for helpmeviolateher – the first of many – and it was a fantastic experience. I know that I already told y

      • extended family (6)

        This is Jeero. He is the last of my Ugly Dolls. He is also considered a Little Ugly.

        What's up with Jeero? Don't ask.

        What time is it? Where's my keys? What are bills? Jeero doesn't know!

        Neener neener neener, the questions never

      • outside - December 27, 2008

        Much warmer today. The sunshine is out and doing it's job. This is exactly how it needs to be, if we are to travel to Portland in four days.

        I opened all the windows in the house today and let the fresh, cool air in. Our two cats took a brief walk outside to smell the

      • GRRRRRRR

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I have been spending a lot of time on FetLife lately. I was excited about a board, free of charge, where the kink community could come together and talk about, well everything.

        Unfortunately, in a very short period of time, the board is already

      • Christmas Bonus
        We went out on Christmas day, to see what could possibly be open in our little town. Surprisingly, quite a few places were at least doing business for half a day. The movie theatre was incredibly busy as were all the smaller convenience stores and markets. Every gas station, and just about every

      • outside - December 26, 2008

        MY LOVE and I went to the gym today, only to leave less than 15 minutes after arriving because the place smelled awful. The room was pretty full and someone was clearly sweating off a big, spicy meal. Unfortunately there were no windows to open for fresh air, and the ventilation system

      • X X X - mas
        I awoke before MY LOVE and tried to tidy up the house a bit. We were lazy last night, leaving dishes on the counter and stuff like that. When she finally got out of bed we did what we had been planning to do: she made me breakfast and we sat and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was the fir

      • outside - December 25, 2008

        Merry Christmas to all of you who are into that sort of thing...

        Happy Holidays to those of you who really aren't into the whole thing...

        Hope you had a great week to the rest of you...

      • PORN STAR? or not PORN STAR?
        I never really wanted to be a PORN STAR. I would have been happy just being a cock in the movies. I’ve never cared for the “personality” of any adult star – male or female. For women it was 1) Were they beautiful/sexy enough by my standards? 2) Were they slutty/whorish and hardcore enough? For m

      • outside - December 24, 2008

        This is not what MY LOVE wanted to see on this day, but I kept reminding her how quickly and unpredictably the weather can change around here. I thought it was a beautiful day. We went to the gym, knowing it would be closed for Christmas, and we even decided to go out for a brief drink

      • outside - December 23, 2008

        The nasty weather is easing up. Even if it doesn't snow for the next couple of days, like MY LOVE has demanded, she'll at least still have the snow that has already accumulated, to enjoy.

        We went out this afternoon to do some last-minute grocery shoppin

      • New T-Shirt idea

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***This is my idea for a new shirt. Tell me what you think!!***

      • Can a Hole be Whole?
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I have often wondered if the extreme nature of my fantasies affects my ability to be whole? Do they detract from or do they enhance my reality? Can true happiness come from such levels of degradation? I understand my need for pain. I understand how it challenges and

      • outside - December 22, 2008

        And the snow just keeps coming! We were supposed to drive over the mountain, to Portland today, but sanity and good sense prevailed. Our purpose was to visit some of MY LOVE's family tonight, eating dinner and just enjoying the time together, and then to go shopping tomorrow aftern

      • Another Happy Butthole Day!
        Yesterday was a Happy Butthole day. I walked into the office, early in the afternoon, to find the note MY LOVE uses to tell me she’s cleaned her asshole for me, on my section of the desk. The moment I saw it, I was instantly aroused, and I told MY MEAT to get up and bend over the edge of the desk

      • outside - December 21, 2008

        Woke up yesterday to quite a bit of accumulated snow. This morning is no different. We are supposed to be driving to Portland today but the road conditions are pretty close to hazardous, so I don't know if that'll happen or not. Still trying to decide.

        I am a fant

      • whiny bitch
        When I met MY LOVE, I had been managing an adult shop in Portland for a couple of years. During that time, I amassed quite a porn collection. The last time I counted, purely for the bragging rights, it came out to over 250, which is just a ridiculous amount of porn to own. I had discs that I’d ne

      • Company
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I am not going to re-hash the dancing part other than to say if was fantastic to FINALLY get a chance to dance with MY MAN after 2+ years!!!!

        Fast forward back to our house. I quickly got ready for bed, put on a skimpy white top and feigned sleep while MY MA

      • Dewaine Visits - Saturday Late
        MY LOVE and I had crawled into bed to go to sleep. Two nights in a row of drinking was really taking a toll on us. Remember, we drink moderately, once a week. In the darkness I waited for a few minutes before moving the covers off of her body. I don’t know if she anticipates these moments or if

      • outside - December 19, 2008
        Woke up to this...

        ... but by mid-afternoon it looked like this:

        We actually went outside last night, and sat in the hot tub. It’s probably been ten days since we last did, and both of us needed it badly. My body ached from playing racquet ball with

      • catching up
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Been a while since I posted (as I have been reminded) so I thought I would tell you a bit about our weekend with Dewaine.

        Our Portland trip was very busy with little to no time for ourselves and it was a relief to be heading back home. Dewaine rode back with

      • outside - December 18, 2008
        Yeah, it's snowing pretty damn good here, finally. MY LOVE is so very happy. If it goes on long enough, we'll have to cancel our one-day trip to Portland, to visit her family for Christmas. The next day we were supposed to go on a shopping spree instead of trying to go out and get each

      • Dewaine Visits - Saturday
        Saturday, we all woke up kind of late. There’d been plans for a big breakfast, but nobody seemed hungry. Dewaine and I went to the gym for a little while, just to work some of the alcohol out. Later the three of us would go out grocery shopping and to rent a couple of movies.


      • Dewaine Visits - Friday
        Our first night back from Portland was a Friday, which is technically our designated drinking day. Add to this the fact that my friend Dewaine was visiting, and you can understand why we went out that evening. Getting drunk isn’t really a big priority for us, but the social aspect of it is somethi

      • HelpMeViolateHer - take 1

        We finally made it to Washington, to shoot our first DVD for HelpMeViolateHer. The owner of the little bar - whom we’ll refer to as AS from now on - was clearly nervous when we first arrived, and while MY LOVE and I had a drink to help us relax

      • outside - December 17, 2008

        It's damn cold out there!

        Finally had to shovel the driveway yesterday. I played the drums for about 45 minutes, then went out and cleared the snow. That was my exercise for the day. I'm still sore from playing racquet ball with my friend Dewaine, but I haven�

      • extended family (5)

        This is Plunko, hanging out with our lovely cat, Miss Black. I guess you could say she's not very impressed with him...

        Plunko is a business man. He's got his own car wash, his own tire store, and ideas for lots of other stores. Some of those ideas are his very ow

      • Homegrown Amateur

        Today we received a check in the mail from Xplor Media. They are the company that owns, among other things, Homegrown Video. These folks have been around for years, releasing some of the best and most authentic amateur content out there. They allow you to submit your own videos and th

      • outside - December 16, 2008

        Did I actually make some crack yesterday about the sun being gone? This is a perfect example of how incredibly strange the weather is, where we live. When I've spoken before about walking in the sunshine while it snows, I was not exaggerating. If it weren't for the complete


        We were recently approached by another site that sells clips, called, and asked if we would upload some of our content. This is another company, like Clips4Sale, that takes 40% of your sales. You can set your own price, but the standard is $1.00 per minute. Selling a

      • outside - December 15, 2008

        So, the sunshine is pretty much gone for now. I know it's snowing pretty much everywhere else, so the pictures probably won't be a surprise to most of you.

        I haven't had to go out and shovel yet, because the snow is light, and it is not really piling up

      • blood = bad/screaming women on fire = okay
        We were watching cable television at our rental in Portland. It wasn’t a “movie” channel like HBO, so we were going to be seeing something that was edited. Censored. I understand that people think our whole society would crumble if children were allowed to hear the words shit and fuck on televisi

      • some excuses
        We just spent four not-so-wonderful days in Portland, and then drove back home with my friend Dewaine, who stayed with us in Redmond for three days. Both of us are exhausted, sore, and trying to get everything feeling "back to normal".

        Neither of us drink alcohol on a regular

      • normal jobs
        Although a quick look at my work history would indicate that I've spent a great deal of time in the adult industry, if you look back far enough you'd see something very typical. My first job, at the age of 16, was to wash the Fire Trucks at the local station. This was in my home town of

      • outside - December 7, 2008
        The day started out like this:

        But before long, it was looking like this:

        Tonight, I wanted to go out and enjoy a soak in the hot tub, but that is not going to happen. It is too damn cold out there. The worst part is getting all relaxed, only to have

      • The Closet (right side)
        The right side of our toy closet. A little less to look at, but equally fun to utilize.

        Middle Right

        Bottom Right

      • The Closet (left side)
        This is the left side of our toy closet. Not exactly unorganized, but definitely in need of some work. What we really want/need are glass display shelves, like you'd find in an adult shop, to store and display our implements. And I need a whole lot more hooks to hang floggers, rope, cuffs, e

      • outside - December 6, 2008

        And still the sun was out most of the day, although there was a cold breeze that once again kept things from being "comfortable" outside. Nothing to complain about though. The wind picked up as the day went along but it was a fantastic day, all the way through.


      • gross beginnings
        I remember searching for my first adult gig. I’m talking about being a clerk at a porn shop in Spokane, Washington. The place was called Ms. Kitty’s and it was on the only street in town that allowed the seedier element. This was the same street you could score drugs on, and occasionally find a h

      • outside - December 5, 2008

        Back to mostly sunshiny today, and the temperature was back up too. It would have been nice enough to go for a ride, but I was lazy/busy. Playing the drums this morning was fun. I warmed up, and then chose one of my favorite bands - Quicksand - to play to. Energetic and sometimes com

      • One Tough Cunt

        We have a new addition to our DVD store. It is called "One Tough Cunt". There are 5 scenes in this movie/compilation of beautiful brutality.

        Abdominal Abuse: Catherine de Sade is one tough piece of meat. Not only does she enjoy the abuse she receives

      • CUM as Office Attire?
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Most of you know we work together, the majority of the time, out of our home office. I also do outside sales, but the nature of the product I rep generally requires attire that would be categorized as a "Casual Friday" look, except on rare occasions. I sometim

      • outside - December 4, 2008

        The day started out like this, but it's already sunny again. The temperature, however, will not be good enough for a bike ride today.

        Winter is coming and I cannot stop it.

      • Good Ass Sex

        The ass sex yesterday was great. While MY CUNT was bent over her chair, quickly checking e-mail, I stepped behind her and began to pull down her panties. She started to shut her computer off and asked if I had something nasty to watch on mine. When I hesitated she changed her mind and

      • outside - December 3rd, 2008

        Another unseasonably warm day, although there was a chill in the air that never went away. Took another bicycle ride to enjoy it while it lasts. Also stopped by the gym afterwards, like yesterday, but I didn't pull off the side of the road and go for a naked hike. Just a bit too

      • Butt Hole Mania
        Today I was informed of a clean butthole in my proximity with a new picture:

        I don't know if this is a permanent change, or if we will go back to the picture that is usually placed on my keyboard. It's a magnificent picture, and I think I'd miss it.

      • sick filthy disgusting perverted
        Lately, MY LOVE has spent a lot of time with her face in my ass. I am accused of having a sweet tasting butthole, if you can believe that. I guess we've been doing it a bit too much in the bedroom lately because her stuffed animals have picked up on it.

        Please don'

      • outside - December 2nd, 2008

        The view from our office window. Still sunny today, and so very beautiful. I haven't been outside yet, to see if the temperature matches the view, but I'm crossing my fingers it does. Another bike ride in the sun sounds wonderful.

        Not your usual December weather,

      • A Four-Orgasm Birthday!
        Yesterday, as I mentioned, was my birthday. All I wanted for my special day was a blow job. I got a little more than that...

        The first blow job came early in the afternoon. MY LOVE had just gotten out of the shower and was making herself look beautiful. While she put in her eyes and p

      • booze, cigarettes, and porn
        MY LOVE repeatedly states, and I agree, that at the end of most people's list of necessities is booze, cigarettes, and pornography. Being a pot smoker, I would add drugs to that list, but that's it. These aren't the necessary things, but they are the make-you-feel-good/make-it-worth

      • outside - December 1st, 2008

        It is my birthday today. I am 36 years old. Wow.

        My plan, for the longest time, was to make it to 50. That's as far as I wanted to go, and I really didn't think I'd make it that long, it was just the maximum amount of time I could imagine living. Things have

    • November
      • First Man to HelpMeViolateHer
        It looks like we might have our first customer for There is a fan of ours in Washington that runs a small town bar, and makes good money doing it. He's not really kinky, but he does love his porn. According to him, nothing ever happens there. NOTHING. He's purcha

      • extended family (4)

        This is OX - friend of Moxy.

        What kind of name is OX? No, not like the animal... OX as in HUG and KISS! How can he hug you with such short arms? OX uses his ears!

        He's not a very good listener, but he puts his ears to good use in many other ways. Tuck them

      • Touching Thy Self

        It's funny - when I was a kid, it was embarrassing to admit that you masturbated. It meant, in our little boys' world, that you weren't getting sex from a girl. Of course, none of the guys that bragged about it were getting it much when I was growing up, but that didn’t

      • CUM wonderful CUM
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I will call today my CUM day!!

        Finished my morning workout and hoped to sneak back into the house to find MY MAN still in bed so I could wake him up with my mouth...but he was already up and in the kitchen. He was reading the paper and getting started on his

      • she loves me
        MY LOVE left this note for me by the computer:

        ***"So Crazy - I have had all weekend with you - I haven't even left the house but I am thinking about when I will be home to see you again.

        I love you,

        Your Girl"***

        She also left a note in the

        It is officially official: our new site is up and running - mostly! Check it out:

        We don't have any DVDs in our Store - heck, we don't even have a Store page right now - because we haven't made a film with anyone yet. That

      • Scared

        I think I’m going to keep you
        Make you my little toy
        Never release you

        Lock you up
        But I won’t throw away the key

        I know you wouldn’t try to escape
        But I’m going to tie you here
        Just in case

        Keep you a secret
        But I don’t want

      • you and your community
        First of all, this is not aimed at any specific person, but at everyone in general. To anyone that is going to continue to read this blog. Unless I type out your name, for everyone to read, this is not about you. If you can read the rest of this post with that in mind, I’d really appreciate it.
      • stagnant
        MY LOVE asked the other day, if I ever felt stagnant. Stuck. Static. Right now, we are both kind of feeling this way I think. It's not that things aren't moving forward, but it does feel like they aren't going far and fast enough for us. I call it the bottle neck or the thinnest

      • Fear is an Aphrodisiac

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***It has been a while since we have had opportunity or desire to play as we have both been trying to get over a cold that was quite tenacious - to say the least. MY MAN tells me we are going to do a shoot Wednesday afternoon, and so my nervousness begins.
      • Glass Lovin'

        Do you know what this is? Well do you?! - I feel like I'm scolding a dog...

        Okay, to most of you this probably looks like a glass stir stick that is used in those big glass pitchers. Maybe that was the intended use but who are you or I to say? I may have even gotten

      • extended family (3)

        This is Moxy. She's a Little Ugly.

        Moxy's got lots of moxy. She's a real get up and go Ugly, with far more energy than her older brother OX.

        Why the big antennas? Moxy uses them to pick up signals from all over. Just the other day, OX gave the s

      • On My Mind
        MY LOVE wites:

        ***So we were watching an episode of "Boston Legal" last night - just one of many highlighting James Spader's sexual innuendo/harassment of his of the fantasies he expressed to her was that he sometimes fantasized about her being just a head t

      • Rape As Visual Stimulation
        I have been putting together a movie that consists almost entirely of rape scenes from mainstream films. Just one sexual assault after another, with all the crap that isn't sexy edited out. So far I've taken footage from 20 movies and have about a 40 minute video to enjoy. Every once in

      • disdain
        I have a general disdain for people and problems with a few specific groups. I don't approach anyone for the first time with malice in my heart, but I do take my impression of that person away with me, and I remember it. Sometimes the impression left is so strong that I feel the need to share

      • sexy math equation
        MY LOVE and I have been together for a little more than 2 years now. That's about 730 days. On average, we have had sex no less than 2 times a day. Now, there were some days when I had 3 - 5 orgasms in a 24 hour period, and there were the days when we had sex once, or not at all. I've

      • a helping hand
        When we visit Portland I am often left to my own devices during the daytime. There are certain music and book stores I always visit, along with the 2nd hand and clothing stores I simply cannot find where I live now. There is a bit of a routine I go through and it takes me all over town.
      • Dear Abby is a Nasty Prude!
        I start my day with a cup of coffee and the Living section of our local newspaper. It contains the comics, the word jumble, and Dear Abby. I'm not too keen on the advice she gives but I do like to see what people will write in and ask her. Sometimes I do agree with what she says, but at othe

      • honesty hurts
        It appears my honest, blunt way of speaking has caused someone to get their feelings hurt. Actually, from the e-mail MY LOVE received it's a bit more serious than that, but oh well. I guess the owner of the "dungeon" I said was so smelly read my blog post "oh that smell..."

      • Sick X 2
        MY LOVE and I have both been pretty darn sick. As I've admitted, I don't know if it's a cold or flu, I just know it's annoying, energy-draining, and playing hell with our sex life. Not that I don't appreciate a little break sometimes. We've had sex less than once a d

      • ooh that smell...
        Unfortunately, our most recent trip out of town did not go so well. I don't want to upset anyone, so I'll leave out the name of the city we visited. That way, I can tell you a bit about what happened...

        Two days before we left, I began to feel ill. Cold or flu - I don't

    • October
      • One of my favorite...

        I love you K

      • The Beauty of Brutality (studio)
        The Beauty of Brutality has turned out to be, by far, our most popular and successful studio on Clips4Sale. If I make $1000 for the month, over half of it comes from that store alone. There are a great many "regular" customers that keep coming back to buy the stuff we release on this par

      • Bathroom Break?
        She was taking a pretty good ass fucking that afternoon. Standing, bent over the bed, I was drilling her asshole enthusiastically, then slowing down to a snail's pace. I think it was driving her nuts. I know that I pushed at her from all sides, and really had the hole stretched out good. Sh

      • flat tire

        MY LOVE and I made this incredible movie, titled "flat tire". It is about a woman who is out riding her bicycle one day, when she unfortunately runs over some broken glass in the road. A helpful man pulls up while she is standing there, frustrated, and offers to help her out.

      • Another Birthday
        MY LOVE writes:

        That's right, another year older (shit!).

        Had a wonderful birthday thanks to MY MAN! Wonderful presents including "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand - my previous copy was borrowed by my mom and never returned! An adorable penguin bra and panty set

      • give me a (commercial) break
        MY LOVE and I own three televisions, but none of them are receiving any kind of broadcast. We don't pay a single cent for cable and I guess there aren't any local stations close enough for the built-in antennas to pick anything up. We're hardly disconnected from the world - we read

      • extended family (2)

        This is Wedgehead. " Wedgehead has his eye on you... and he likes what he sees! Finally, someone who understands him!

        He is very handsome too... can't you tell? What do you mean he looks pitiful? Look at that charismatic posture!

        Wedgehead understands y

      • mini - xmas
        Today the mailman delivered a package that contained several items related to our new site, Among them: small and large postcards, a t-shirt, a baseball hat, 2 sets of business cards, a pen, a magnet for our vehicle, a notepad, a window decal and a calender. All of these items

      • You Are Going To Laugh
        We climbed the hill behind our house in the middle of the afternoon. It's still relatively warm here and we were going up to shoot a couple of scenes for some recent projects I've begun. Halfway up the hill - it's a steep 15 minutes to the top - I stopped MY LOVE and made her put on

      • A Real Violation (part 2)
        MY LOVE was passed out in our bed. She had been sick enough times that I doubted much was left in her stomach, but I did not want to wake her up at all. As I mentioned, any time she woke up she felt horrible and wound up in the bathroom. I just wanted her to sleep it off, and so I left the bedroo

      • A Real Violation (part 1)
        There is a local bar that we visit pretty regularly, to drink a bit, play some pool, and not feel completely isolated. It is a small town bar with small town people, but we have not had a single bad night there. Not even a bad moment really. The owner is a friendly, charismatic man who has picked

      • Growth
        MY LOVE writes:

        "Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil."

        I love to have my head fucked with. Mind games, edge play, chess - whatever you want to call it, I LOVE I

      • Nocturne Videos
        Not too long ago we found a newish site called Nocturne VIDEO

        The gentleman that runs it was kind enough to place our banner on his site in the main area, for two months, at no cost to us. His is a free site that allows people to upload and w

      • extended family (1)

        "This is Target. Target is the grandpa of the Uglydolls. That's why he has hair! The other Uglydolls are a bit scared of Target's body hair, and wonder why he has so many arms. But they come running to Target when there are questions to be answered. Old age may bring

      • ... with a capital D!

        Saturday, we were supposed to host a gang bang. The last time I tried to do this as a semi-organized event, I was still working at the little lonely porn shop in Central Oregon. There was massive disappointment then too, as ZERO people purchased tickets to an event that

      • Happy Butthole Day!

        MY LOVE now has a sign that she places on my desk, to notify me that her asshole is clean and available for use. See the picture above. Today, I was in town running errands when I received a text message from her: "Rejoice for it is Happy Butthole Day!" How exciting!

      • Ass - ignment #2 and #3
        For her second and third "ass - ignment", MY LOVE was told to do the following: Cut a pizza with her asshole, and write three words on a piece of paper, with her asshole. First, the pizza...

        ... the pizza cutter was pretty heavy, and the position was awkward, but I had to see M

      • Naked Man Walking
        I have been taking long - 4+ miles both ways - hikes around the more secluded areas of the resort we live in. There are sections that remain fenced off, yet there is evidence of human traffic in several sections. Mostly motorbike and bicycle tracks, with a few hiking boot prints. I have only one

      • The Momentum of Mediocrity
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I have a friend who started using this phrase during the 90's. He was referring to how people act, interact and evolve - or don't (as was his opinion) in our society. I used to think he was just old and crusty, reminiscing about the "good old days" a

      • getting warmed up
        It has been so very long since I "blogged" that I actually feel anxious about starting up again. Seems ridiculous, since it was such a huge part of my day for a while, but I'm even having a difficult time getting back in the swing of typing. Lots of backspacing and editing going on

      • WOO HOO - Blog time again!!
        MY LOVE writes:

        Now that our blog is completely transferred I can resume sharing love and perversions! So much has happened with both us and our company it is difficult to know where to I will start with the love.

        We just celebrated our second anniversary!!! No rit

      • A Welcome Note!



        It is good to have you here. Whether you are new to our site,

      • Ass - ignment #1
        We shot the first scene today for a new series I've told you about in a previous blog. I don't know if I had the name yet, but it's going to be called "The Most Useful Hole". This afternoon MY LOVE dressed up in red heels and a corset, and white stockings with a red stripe u

      • Back to Work
        I know, for many people, that this is a 4-day weekend. MY LOVE and I returned from Portland yesterday, and it is back to work today for the both of us.

        We did none of the filming that we were planning to, at the house we were staying at. My bicycle injury and a general lack of excitement

      • Showing Off a Bit
        Yesterday afternoon was filled with sunshine. MY LOVE and I enjoyed it while 3 hours away her mother and husband were getting nothing. We spent the day shopping, eating, shopping some more, and catching a fantastic new movie called "Roman de Gare". When we finally made it back to the house

      • OUCH!
        Yesterday afternoon, I had an accident while riding my bicycle. I took my attention away from what was happening in front of me long enough for things to change in a way I hadn't anticipated. What that means is: I was approaching a man from behind who was talking on his cell phone. I made an as

      • 5 times in 24 hours
        We never did get around to trying out the bowling pin last night. It was anal sex day, so our minds were on that kind of action, and I really don't think she's ready to take it in her ass just yet. But she will someday...

        I woke up yesterday with an erection. Part pee hard-on bu

      • Extreme Penetrations
        MY LOVE and I went out last night. We started with drinks and Mexican food and then drove into town and went bowling. This is a game she is determined to beat me at, but I don't think she has a chance. That's not a really interesting subject though.

        Working so many years in porn

      • another let-down
        MY LOVE received her copy of the serial-killer/rapist movie she was looking forward to seeing, last week. It's called "Confessions of a Serial Killer" and is about Henry Lee Lucas. She vividly remembers a rape scene that involves a woman bound at the wrists and ankles, face down on a

      • Ass Sex

        Lately, there hasn't been much ass sex around here. Not that either of us aren't interested, it's just that it can sometimes be a hassle. The process MY LOVE has to go through, in order to make herself clean, isn't one that should be repeated too often. Usually, once

      • TRUE love
        While MY LOVE was busy yesterday, with meetings and phone calls, I took a moment to search the internet for a movie she has been aching to see. It is called "Confessions of a Serial Killer", and has a pretty graphic rape/assault scene that she wants to see again. Her memory of it will like

      • american stupidity
        I just got done viewing a news report that pretty much describes how you and I could start cloning credit cards that don't belong to us. It gave enough detail that anyone could do it - and I'll bet a lot of people will indeed give it a try now.

        Only in this country have I seen e

      • ... And Another...
        We have opened yet another studio/store on Clips4Sale. This one is called "Catherine de Sade: Cock Whore" and is devoted to showcasing MY LOVE's oral talents.

        I love a good blowjob scene in porn. Watching an eager woman

      • it happens in stages
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Falling in love is easy. It happens so quickly and with such intensity that it is almost impossible to believe the feelings will ever fade.

        Being in love, staying in love is much more complex. It requires one to be selfish and selfless, often at the same tim

      • It Really Hurts
        MY LOVE has a better idea of what it would be like to have her ass raped, after yesterday.

        As I stood at the foot of the bed, slowly taking off my clothes, I watched her play with herself. Legs spread, fingers in her pussy, she was leaning back and looking very hungry. Pushing her legs b

      • A Little Help
        We are going to start a new video series soon, and I would like to know if any of you have ideas you'd be willing to share. I'll tell you the basic premise and see what you folks come up with...

        I am going to film MY LOVE performing tasks with her asshole. That is, she will be h

      • the drum problem/solution
        It's been a while since I last played my new drum set. Let me tell you what happened... I'm in the garage, playing the drums a couple of weeks ago. MY LOVE was in the shower, and I was in the middle of a song, when someone began to pound on one of our garage doors. I stopp

      • while HE sleeps
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***One of my favorite times of day is in the early morning when he is still in bed asleep, while I have already been up and busy for a while. I may be working out, or engaged with phone calls and other business duties that must be tended to. I fantasize about waking him up

      • mood killer
        We've been in Portland for the last couple of days but it has been almost entirely about business. Not that we haven't had time to go out, but we didn't take in any concerts, see a movie, or even go shopping. We did go out to eat last night, and even stopped briefly at a local, used m

      • how can it be?
        How Can It Be
        I've Found A Love
        A Love
        That Let Me Fly

        I Love You, sweet cuntmeat

      • This and That

        This time last week, MY LOVE and I were waking up to three inches of snow. Three days later, it was 72 degrees, and that lasted for two full days. Today, it snowed a teeny tiny bit again. Crazy.

        Sunday is our ultra-lazy day. Even if we try to relax and shirk our responsibiliti

      • skin
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Skin - such a weird thing. Sometimes it is so restrictive, so confining, so limiting. The flesh can be pleasure. Or it can be an inescapable prison of limitations developed and nourished for external validation - or acceptance. This prison is necessary as it also provid

      • Double Shot

        She left early in the morning, driving to meet her personal trainer. I remember the kiss goodbye, but not much else. Mid-morning I get a call from her, asking permission to stop and do something not on her schedule. I tell her that she can, but that her mouth better make up for it when s

      • tee hee
        Do you know why the baseball team made up entirely of chickens didn't do so well?

        Too many fowl balls!

      • fuming
        There is a site called that buys and sells used CDs and DVDs. Their racket: they issue you credit for movies and music you sell to them, then you ship the stuff to them and they "inspect" it to see if it can be resold. Here's what happened to me while doing business with them

      • Sick
        I have been sick for the past three days. Stomach upset, low on energy, running a slight fever, sneezing and coughing, head aching, body aching sick. Nothing major, I just feel really crummy.

        We didn't shoot a scene this entire weekend, but that doesn't mean we haven't had

      • Now THAT'S a Schedule!
        These are the projects we have lined up, to complete this weekend:

        1) Catherine de Sade is to be forcefully face fucked with a long, black, double-sided dildo and slapped when she does not perform so well. The toy is about a foot long and K is to try and make it disappear, which is only g

      • This Ruinous Love
        MY LOVE and I sit, side by side, in our respective office chairs. We are working - and I'll admit for a moment that what she is doing one would actually consider work, while I am doing something almost everyone would consider fun. We've spent many hours in here over the last few days. We n

      • damaged goods
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***No way around it, we all have some damage.

        May seem like a harsh word, but I prefer it because it feels more real. All of us have something(s) in our past that affects/motivates/drives us to do things we need. Most practicing BDSMer’s are trying to conquer th

      • Nose Blowing, Spitting, and Switching
        Did I say I wanted to put people at ease so that they'll contact us more, regarding special requests? Oops!

        Just when you think you've read it all, someone asks you to shoot a scene where your girlfriend does nothing but blow her nose. Using both toilet paper and tissue paper, s

      • The Request Line is OPEN!

        We opened "The Request Line" today. This is our 7th studio on Clips4Sale, and every clip on it is either a special request that we received from a C4S customer, or it is footage from one of our many custom fetish videos. Hopefully, pe

      • when things are so good
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***At 43, I am still in awe of the ever changing self-discoveries that surface so frequently. They are not all epiphanies, nor life changing, but they do seem to be “capacity” changing. I have always felt that I was so open, so accepting - so unafraid to love completely. I

      • Fantasizing While Fucking
        While I fucked MY LOVE, and she pretended to sleep, my mind drifted. I began to fantasize...

        ...I am riding my new bicycle, getting to know my neighborhood. We live in a resort, where your nearest neighbor is 100 yards away, and there are plenty of trees and wildlife in-between the houses

      • Woo Hoo!
        So far, today, we have sold over $300 in clips on Clips4Sale. This will bring the total sales for all six studios well over $1000 for the month - and it ain't over yet!

        We were briefly considering starting another web site that sold memberships instead of downloadable clips, but the

      • Stuck Up In There

        During our Portland visit I don't think I got to use MY LOVE's ass more than three times. She got face fucked quite a bit, and I used her pussy a few times while she pretended to sleep, but her ass was rarely clean enough to be available. I warned her, as we drove home, that sh

      • sex negative
        I took my friend Dewaine, along with his newly-turned-18 girlfriend, to a few porn shops last weekend. They made me believe that they were interested in buying some toys, so I gladly went along to give good advice. It turns out they really didn't have any money to spend, they just wanted to loo

      • home! home! home!
        We have returned home. Actually, we came home yesterday evening, but by the time we arrived we had just enough time to slip in the hot tub, and then crawl into bed. Into our nice, comfy, regular-sized bed that doesn't make a bunch of noise when you roll over. In our wonderful home where there a

      • good news
        We are in Portland for our week-long, once-a-month visit. So far it has been a relaxing, but relatively uneventful trip. We have plans for the weekend, which might include trying out a different sex club in town. Our last try ended in bitter disappointment for me, and led to a whole lot of complaini

      • hail - sun - snow
        Yesterday I went for a long walk/hike in the hills behind our home. My purpose beyond exercise and adventure was to reach the top of a specific hill so that I could see what was on the other side. That simple. It is not an easy climb but it is fun, and unlike the orderly, predictable streets of a ci

      • Going Too Far
        We both took part in a rather emotionally intense scene a couple of days ago. The action, and acting, got so intense that MY LOVE wound up with real tears in her eyes.

        The story was simple: Catherine de Sade is seen in the kitchen, preparing a meal for K. When he comes in to eat, he is u

      • Work is FUN!
        We are looking at the possibility of opening another web site. Actually, it would be built and run for us, all we would have to do is shoot and upload content. The advertising and upkeep are taken care of for us so all we have to do is sit back and collect. There is a catch, of course, and it comes

      • 14 (hours a day) - 5 (days a week) - maybe
        MY LOVE recently received a notepad with instructions on the first page. It read:


        You will use one of these pieces of paper, every day, to write down your schedule. You will account for every hour you are away from our home, and apart from me. I can, and will, cance

      • how do you know when you have found the one?
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Yesterday was a rough day for me. Personal/profession reasons that caught me off guard and left me feeling very fragile and emotional. MY MAN, MY LOVER, MY FRIEND not only sensed my distress, he did everything I could have hoped for – he took care of me. He held me, he

      • Double Shot
        We had both just finished taking a shower. I was still running around the house, naked, but she had barely managed to put on comfy pants and a top. I don't recall what got me aroused, only that I walked into the bathroom where she was just putting her hair back in a ponytail. My cock was alread

      • wrong is right
        It never feels more stimulating and arousing than when it is wrong:

        When you shouldn't be doing it...

        When you might get caught...

        When there are only certain people you can tell...

        When there is risk...

        You might have to think twice befor

      • A Unique Dining Experience - LIVE!

        Quite a few of you have been here from the beginning. Those of you who haven't can read "A Unique Dining Experience" to see what I am referring to here. It is an early blog - probably on one of the first 3 pages...

        MY LOVE and I were working side-by-side in the

      • stimulation
        I am in a monogamous relationship, for the most part. We do have sex with other people, but it is almost always as a 3-some, 4-some, or gangbang. Rarely do we ever have sex with someone else, without our "other" being present. It's not really what we want in this relationship. We have

      • Beautiful Mess

        Her first text was pretty hot: "I need a nasty fucking".

        My reply was something like "Sorry unavailable", to which she replied "MUST HAVE YOUR COCK".

        My final response: "Fine".

        While I was in the shower she came h

      • Daily Deviance
        Awoke to an empty bed. I know that MY LOVE is either at Yoga, or with her personal trainer. Either way, it will be a couple hours before she gets home. I spend a little time in the office, "working", but it starts to get me aroused. Pretty soon my cock is in my hand, and I am trying to get

      • Business is Good
        I had a chance to visit with a co-worker from the adult shop I used to manage in Central Oregon. He is now the manager, and the first words out of his mouth were "Being a manager is hard." It seems nothing has changed since I left the place. He had to fire three people in a two week period

      • retarded, trashy, ignorant parents
        MY LOVE and I attended a concert last night. It was an all-ages venue but we were appalled to see at least six children, under the age of 5 years old in attendance. One ridiculous parent brought a baby. It could not have been a year old.

        We both stood there and seethed. It was so disgusti

      • Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex
        Starting yesterday morning...

        I woke up to a nice blowjob before I could even get out of bed.

        Later in the afternoon, we shot a scene for a customer, and I had a second orgasm. MY CUNTMEAT was on her back in the living room, and I face fucked her until she was forced to take my

      • Nervous/Anxious
        We just finished shooting the final scene for yet another custom fetish video, and there are two more waiting for us. Business is good and has gotten better every month since I basically began working for myself. We are getting more custom requests than we ever have, and the money from Clips4Sale ha

      • home
        We are home - have been since late Saturday night - and it is an incredible relief. Back to our own comfortable bed and away from the noise of a big-city neighborhood. The noise of at least two different dogs that barked incessantly during the day, starting as early as 7am. The thumping of a car ste

      • disappointment leading to disgust
        Disappointment. My life has been full of it. It's a part of most of our lives, in one way or another. I feel like I get more than my fair share, and have for most of my life. I am so very tired of being disappointed, over and over again.

        We took in a movie while visiting Portland. Th

      • free to be
        My friend Dewaine has gotten lucky pretty early in life, in my opinion. He is learning about himself and getting the opportunity to experiment sexually while being honest about his desires. He's found a young lady that seems to be fully into him, and every weird thing that comes into his head.

    • September
      • JOKE
        A skeleton walks into a bar and orders a glass of beer and a mop.

      • New Toys
        I purchased a speculum today, from an adult shop in Portland. We are visiting until the end of the week and I am taking advantage of the fact that we are in a big city. I'm still not so internet-friendly/confident, but MY LOVE tells me that we can buy all sorts of kinky, fetishy stuff like this

      • birth control
        MY LOVE tried a new birth control pill with not-so-wonderful results. She is not doing this to avoid getting pregnant but for the benefit of having fewer periods. It's one of THOSE birth control pills...

        Side effects are always bound to happen. Most women gain weight, get acne, and h

      • old times sake
        I received a call from a lady who was frustrated about the lack of swingers/open minds in our general area. This is a person I met briefly while working at the porn shop in Bend, Oregon. The community did NOT want an adult business there and the place barely made enough money to stay open. I tried m

      • That Wonderful Ass

        Last night MY LOVE wore panties to bed. This is sort of an unspoken signal that she wants to pretend to sleep while I fuck her. Usually I come to bed and she is already acting like she managed to fall asleep in the time it took me to brush my teeth. Yeah right. I don't think I'

      • popular overseas
        I honestly think we sell more of our clips to gentlemen from other countries, than the United States right now. Just moments ago I checked one of our busiest studios, "The Beauty of Brutality", and found that men from England, Germany, and Italy had made purchases. We have regular fans in

      • Cunt is Home

        I picked MY LOVE up from the airport yesterday afternoon. The first thing we did was stop by the grocery store, and that's about as far as we made it before my cock just came springing out of my pants! "Would you look at that!" I exclaimed "It missed you so much."

      • Record Breaker
        The gentleman (sicko) who ordered our last custom fetish video has officially received it, and is quite happy with everything! This means he has watched it and I can go ahead and tell you a few things about it without ruining it for him. He confessed to reading my last post about his movie, which is

      • no sunshine
        MY LOVE and I get weird when we are apart for too long - too long being more than a few hours. Our very real feeling of disconnection can sometimes be detrimental. For my part, I walk around the house a great deal, anticipating her arrival when I know damn well she won't be walking in the door

      • anal xxx anal xxx anal
        Today we opened yet another studio on Clips4Sale, called "anal xxx anal xxx anal". If you couldn't guess, it pretty much revolves around clips of anal sex, anal penetrations, etc.

        This the sixth studio in two months and

      • Waiting For Her Flight
        Woke up at 4am this morning to take MY LOVE to the airport. The last time she and I were apart for five days there were tears during her departure. The feelings of unease started a couple days ago but it wasn't as bad today as I had anticipated.

        The airport is literally a fifteen mi

      • An Ass Full
        For the last two days, I have been stuffing large amounts of "things" into MY LOVE's asshole. Filling it up to capacity, over and over again, with the strangest items...

        We got another custom video request from a gentleman who was clearly very anxious about approaching us.

      • Big Brown Cock
        There has to be a post, back there somewhere, where I introduced all of you to the statue that MY LOVE and I brought back with us from Jamaica. He has quite a large, brown, stiff wooden cock that has only had the pleasure of being used two times since he came to live with us. One of those times was

      • maniacal fear-mongering
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Firstly, I just want to address our blog post entitled “Fluid Replacement.” Nothing was used on me that my body was not already accustomed to. Now, I do not get mouthwash enemas, but I do use mouthwash on a daily basis. The alcohol content in mouthwash is barely worth m

      • Fluid Replacement
        During a recent visit to the dollar store I picked up a funnel and a bottle of blue mouthwash. Later that evening, with the cameras rolling, I told MY CUNTMEAT to take off all her clothes, put on some trashy fishnets, and step into the shower. She was ordered to get down on her hands and knees and w

      • Bleeding Cunt
        MY CUNT is bleeding. Actually, MY CUNT's cunt is bleeding. You get the idea. This eliminates the use of a hole for me as I do not like the mess that can sometimes occur. Just as I insist that MY LOVE maintain a clean asshole for my use, I also insist on staying the hell away from her vagina whe

      • cuntmeat

        We opened a fifth studio on Clips4Sale. It has the wonderful title of "cuntmeat" and will offer clips of hardcore fetish pornography, as usual. The cool thing about this particular studio, is that MY LOVE's face will never be seen

      • Bamboo Skewer Corset
        I have been looking for things to whack MY LOVE with. Something with less of a sting and more of a thud. Something I can put some force into, and my weight behind. A nerf bat would probably be an ideal choice.

        While shopping for food I came across a set of 16 bamboo skewers, meant for bar

      • strange new deviance/fetish
        For giggles, I purchased a book titled "The Deviant's Pocketbook Guide to the Outlandish Sexual Desires Barely Contained in Your Subconscious". It is full of tongue-in-cheek information about real fetishes. I thought perhaps I might discover one or two new ones that could be used for

      • Absence Makes...

        ..."something" grow fonder!

        After five days apart from MY LOVE, I finally joined her in Portland. Unfortunately, during those five days neither of us slept very well, and I wound up feeling ill on the morning of my arrival. This did not dampen the joy of seeing my gi

      • the "s" word
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I sit here smelling your shirt (I know, I'm a weirdo) while reading your post thinking about the "S" word - NO, I am not talking about sex - although missing your amazing body weighs heavily on my thoughts.

        Shouldn't a few days apart be no

      • separation anxiety

        MY LOVE has been gone since Sunday afternoon. She is in Portland taking care of business while I stay behind for a few days and look after the cats. Paying someone to stop by twice a day, to feed them and to give one an insulin shot, is very expensive when you leave for a week. I will re

      • meatiness
        ***The weight of your flesh on mine… movements are selfish, thrusts deliberate – slow and reaching, other times rapid and punishing. There is no rush using your meat.

        Lost in your head, moans escape, humiliations and degradations flow. The body is lifeless save for the warmness of her fl

      • Pliers + Pussy = Screams
        I don't remember how the idea came to me, but I do know that I was holding a pair of pliers in my hand when it did. Using a spreader bar that has cuffs for wrists as well as ankles, I secured MY CUNTMEAT to a chair. The cuffs that would have normally gone around her ankles were attached to the

      • no book for the squeamish
        They followed the trampled ground left by the warparty and in the afternoon they came upon a mule that had failed and been lanced and left dead and then they came upon another. The way narrowed through rocks and by and by they came to a bush that was hung with dead babies.

        They stopped si

      • odd fetish
        Today, we made $4.00 by selling a 4 minute segment of MY LOVE riding her bicycle, to a gentleman in France.

        No, she was not nude, and nothing was remotely sexual about that particular recorded moment. Yet, someone found it arousing enough to pay money for it. As I've sai

      • reflection
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***From the moment I got out of bed this morning I started to feel the tug of separation. Headed off to my workout, the snow making the drive longer than normal (close to 8 inches in town). I had plenty of time to think about what I was feeling and why. My conclusion - som

      • Loves Sucking Cock

        Woke up today to find MY LOVE already under the covers, making her way towards me. Her eager mouth finds my cock and soon I have my legs spread and begin pulling back the blankets. I don't say a single word and perhaps my hand brushes against her two or three times, briefly, before

      • a bit jaded
        This is supposed to be an ongoing story/report of our sex life, among other things. With rare exception, MY LOVE and I have been going at it 2-5 times a day, for well over a year now. Most of the sex we have is far from average. There are always elements of violence and verbal humiliation involved.

      • Ass of Steel

        MY CUNTMEAT has an amazing tolerance for anal pain and discomfort. Last night her asshole got the treatment it craves and I cannot understand how she made it through it. After shooting some rather tame footage for our studios, I gave her a piece of lingerie to put on. While she was still

      • ... something new every day
        I was uncertain before, of the term to use for my latest fetish. I once asked for help identifying it from the advice line on, but the responses were more like attacks. As most regular readers know, I like to fuck MY LOVE while she pretends to be sleeping. With us, it's more like passed

      • favorite christmas present
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I got a lot of wonderful things from MY MAN for Christmas, but my absolute favorite is a new, very tight, black T-shirt with the word "cuntmeat" on the front.

        I admit, I have been fantasizing about such a shirt for a while... but what re

      • a good end
        Yesterday wound up being another four-orgasm day. It ended with me on top of her, shoving my cock down her throat while she used the vibrator on her clit. From the convulsions she had, I'm guessing she managed two orgasms, although I can't be certain. When we were finished I didn't ca

      • a good start
        We began the year as we would like to begin most days.

        Rolling over and waking up, my cock began to stir, and MY LOVE felt it. Crawling on top of her, we fucked quietly, and I let loose inside her pussy. As my shivers and convulsions subsided I began to cradle her head in my hands, and t

      • mundane for money
        Today I shot two of the most mundane activities, for future use in our studios on Clips4Sale. MY LOVE came back home from her workout and needed to shower. Placing two cameras in the room with her, I videotaped the entire process.

        When she had finished I also recorded her dry

      • Playing With Christmas Gifts
        We made it until 10pm, x-mas eve, then went ahead and opened our gifts. It was agreed that the giving would not be taken too seriously this year. That is why I received about two pounds of candy, collectively, and why MY LOVE got things like flying pigs and roadkill cats. Of course, she also found a

      • happy days (2007)
        It's x-mas eve, the sun is out, and it's snowing. There are plenty of gifts under the tree and there's plenty of time to spend with MY LOVE. It is a wonderful time of year, and we wish you all the very best. Back to the perversion in a couple more days. I think we'll all need it

      • Nocturnal Erections
        If I were to guess, I'd say it was close to 5am. Waking up to roll over, I found my erection was already up and ready to start the day. Lying on her back next to me, arm limp at her side, MY HOLE's breathing was slow and even. Reaching under the blankets, I gently moved her hand until it w

      • Electrical Extension Cord

        We were re-shooting the scene where she is placed in an almost transparent white garment bag. The lights are turned off, a black light is turned on, and it goes from there. I brought the extension cord that MY LOVE uses with her Hitachi Magic Wand, to give the black light more maneuverab

      • Four Orgasm Day
        Yesterday was a four orgasm day.

        The first three all happened - and I'm not exaggerating here - within an hour. I got out of bed before MY LOVE, and spent a little time tidying up, so that she would wake up to a mostly clean house. Coming back into the bedroom, I found her still slee

      • Downloadable Perversion
        We now have three studios open on Clips4Sale. They are "ORL XXX", "The Beauty of Brutality", and "Our Ruinous Love". Video clips ranging from 3 minutes to 9 minutes are available for downloading. Business has been good, and every day I do my best to at least update each

      • sex-line follies
        Many of you have probably, at one time or another, used phone lines for dating, sexual hookups, or to find the love of your life. I've used them for all three reasons, throughout the years, but mostly what I found were anonymous, sexual encounters. This is about one of those - and if you'v

      • Balls

        MY LOVE is very fond of my testicles. She likes to look at them slapping against her while I'm taking her from behind. She also enjoys the way they look when they are tight, and trying to get close to me for some warmth. Like most women I've known, she would like to attack when

      • real life is better
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I remember as a child/young woman all the romance novels I read that planted the seed I would one day meet my Prince. It would be magic from the first instant we locked eyes. Every kiss, every touch would be body would be in a state heightened "awaren

      • radio show no go
        Three days in a row I have had to drag my ass out of bed at some godawful time like 7am, so that I could be semi-awake for a phone call I was expecting. A couple of weeks ago MY LOVE responded to an ad on Craigslist that was supposedly placed by a radio station. They regularly, openly discuss things

      • In the Car Again
        Today I drove MY LOVE to see her personal trainer. We were only going to be apart for two hours, so I planted a seed of fact in her brain before I let her go. Informed that she would be swallowing my cock in a parking lot again, shortly after I picked her up, MY MEAT walked away from the vehicle wit

      • All On Tape!
        Last night we shot a scene, just for the fun of it. Dressing MY CUNT in a red bra and panties, I took her into our play room and sat her on the massage table. A red blindfold and red ball-gag were added, then she was instructed to lie down on the table, and play "coma victim".

      • no underwear
        The text message said: "Headed your way - need your cock". What was I to do? Really busy, doing something important on the computer, I took a moment to get ready for MY CUNT's arrival. Got some pornography playing in the bedroom and made certain that I didn't have any underwear o

      • Clips4Sale
        We have been trying, for at least a month, to get some of our videos compressed and available for purchase, on a site called Clips4Sale. This is a place you can download porn from, directly onto your computer, instead of having it sent to you in disc form, through the mail. Pretty cool idea, but it

      • Auto Erotica
        Dropping her off to attend Yoga, I began to make my way back into the downtown area. It didn't take me more than a few blocks before I was lost, so I pulled into a parking area to turn around. I figured I'd head back to where I dropped MY LOVE off, and start over.

        The parking ar

      • XXX Solo Masturbation XXX

        There is something about watching a woman touch her own body. It is highly sensual, and erotic, to witness a private act such as this. Even more arousing to watch a woman with a dildo or vibrator. Seeing her get it wet with her mouth and watching it slowly disappear inside her pussy or a

      • Fuck Hole
        Last night, we went to bed, but I was far from tired. Without hesitation, I rolled over in the darkness and uncovered MY CUNT's body. A tiny amount of spit on my cock and I pushed into her already wet pussy. She lay absolutely still while I quietly fucked her.

        This morning, I awoke b

      • The Entity
        The Entity is a movie that scared and aroused me when I was a kid. It is an early 80's Horror/Supernatural/Thriller starring Barbara Hershey and an invisible attacker. Throughout this 2 hour flick she is raped, assaulted, and terrorized by a poltergeist, while a psychiatrist tries to convince h

      • Ass Use and Abuse
        She was on the floor, posing for me. Dressed in an elegant, sexy outfit of my chosing. We were trying to capture the cover shot for our newest movie. Once I had finished giving her specific instructions, she asked to do a few poses of her own. Of course I obliged.

        The outfit f

      • Good Guy/Bad Guy
        How do I reconcile the man who wants to hold open the door for his lady, with the man who wants to treat his woman like a whore?

        How can I allow MY CUNT to do service-oriented things for me while surpressing the desire to do the same kinds of things for her?

        We have a dynamic t

      • pussy
        Many, many months ago (over a year now...), I gave a member of Alt a bad time for blogging about her dog. I told her, "This is a site about BDSM, sex, perversion, and the lifestyle - not about your pets!" Blah blah blah, blah. Of course, this was a member I had a personal problem with, so

      • Catherine's Favorite Toys

        I am in the middle of editing our next movie; "Catherine's Favorite Toys". It's my job now, to make these movies, so I'm going to be talking about it often. Just as I once shared tales of my daily hell at the porn shop, I will now share tales of my film making. P

      • more self-medicating
        When the music in my head gets particularly bad, MY LOVE does her best to help. She talks to people, tries to find solutions, and does the most important thing of all; listens to me. She allows me to vent, and she asks me questions so that she can better understand. These are acts of true love, beca

      • Birthday Blowjob

        I know that there are an enormous number of men out there who do not have a sexual partner that will give them oral pleasure. Or, if they get it, begging, promises, and diamond rings are usually involved. That has never been the case for me, in any relationship, and it certainly isn'

      • ritalin
        I guess that's how you spell it...

        I took one complete pill today, to see if I could shut off the music and noise in my head. Don't know how many milligrams in the pill, but I took one half, waited an hour to see how it was working, and then took the other half. Although the mus

      • i am one of them
        i tried to experience something
        other than regret
        failed miserably at that

        tried to feel something
        other than pain
        failed again

        i tried to create something
        other than destruction
        failed my mission
        destroyed my creation

        found i was

      • Dropping a Name - oops!
        I stopped telling you about our trip to Jamaica...

        There were many who attended Kink in the Caribbean for what seemed like the sole purpose of work/business. They were there to sell products, teach classes, or make an "appearance"; not for a relaxing vacation. Some of them you o

      • absence makes...
        Yesterday was a particularly bad, stressful day for MY LOVE. She has been missing Yoga, and workouts with her trainer, because our area gets dangerously icy this time of year. Dealing with the transfer of our website, and dealing with the inept nature of every business and person she came across, wa

      • Aural Delight and Arousal

        For the las three days, I have been racing to catch up with the editing from our custom video shoot. Computer malfunction - including the loss of an entire drive! - put me pretty far behind, and had me extremely frustrated. I spent a lot of time away from MY LOVE, stuck in an office chai

      • Peace and Justice
        PEACE is a word abused by those with hidden pecking order goals. It usually means, "Since I'm on top, let's keep the status quo"; or, "Now that I've managed to climb on your back, please be kind enough to sit still."

        JUSTICE is the term used by those on

      • post-holiday bloat
        Yes, we ate too much yesterday, just as planned. Thanks for bringing it up.

      • Afternoon Delight

        Showered late today. It's a holiday, so I get to do that sort of thing, okay? When I got out and toweled off I noticed that the rest of the house seemed quiet. MY LOVE should have been making lots of noise in the kitchen. Curiosity pulled me out of the bedroom, and down the hallway.

      • some holiday today

        I guess there is a holiday going on today, that some folks are celebrating. MY LOVE and I are going to cook all afternoon, eat all night, watch movies, and feel bloated. Gluttony is the sin

      • Technical Difficulties
        Today, after working on the movie MY LOVE and I have been shooting and editing, I saved the progress made thus far. All told, there was over an hour of edited footage, pretty much just the way I wanted it. I closed the program, checked e-mail, and then went to take a shower. While I was halfway thro

      • Spoiler Alert!

        Yesterday, after posting about the second half of our custom video shoot, I got an e-mail from the man who ordered it. Because I have not been paying too close attention, and because it really never occurred to me, I didn't consider for one moment that he would be a reader of our bl

      • Jamaica - Night #5
        Our fifth night in Jamaica was a pretty uneventful one sexually, as well as entertainment-wise. The day was mostly dedicated to cross-dressing, and that's just not something MY LOVE and I enjoy participating in, or watching. Honestly, it was one of the quieter, tamer nights, and we spent a grea

      • Custom Video Shoot part 2

        Last night, we tried to finish shooting on the custom fetish video we're working on. The action is taking place in our unfinished basement, and the temperature dropped to the low 50's by mid-afternoon. The portable heater I recently purchased actually does a really good job war

      • A Jamaican Math Problem (subtraction)
        One of the first things we did, on this particular day, was go to the Gift Shop that was on the resort. Among the overpriced t-shirts and toothpaste were Vitamin water, and bottles of Pepsi. We spent $12 on four items, breaking a $100 bill. The change was four $20 bills and eight $1 bills. $88.00 ev

      • Sex in Jamaica (Part 4)
        Our third day waking up in Jamaica. It was the first day I woke up and rolled over to fuck MY HOLE. She was asleep, and did not stir the entire time I used her pussy. While I quietly had my first orgasm of the day, her hand reached up to cradle the back of my neck. She held me close, preventing me f

      • Custom Video Shoot part 1
        We shot the first half of our first custom video order today. It was an awkward challenge, and it was a blast.

        When MY LOVE and I have filmed our sexual fun in the past, the camera has been a silent witness. Rarely did I move it more than once or twice, and we've gone out of our way

      • Sex in Jamaica (Part 3)
        Throughout the resort there were Queen-sized beds, suspended from all four corners by sturdy ropes, and covered by miniature roofs. Like little gazebos, but with a bed instead of an area for seating. MY LOVE and I saw these as perfect opportunities to show off, and yet remain comfortable. So far, we

      • guerilla advertising
        Our choices for free/affordable advertising are very limited. Using the internet is our best, most efficient bet. Linking to other sites that have similar themes has been smart and beneficial. Letting all of you know about what's been going on, and trying to include you has been difficult becau

      • Jamaican Cock

        This big fella followed us home from Jamaica. It is the second wooden cock I have purchased - the first was a wooden ashtray with a thick cock attached to it. I have used the ashtray-cock on MY LOVE a few times now, but have yet to use our Jamaican friend. His member actually detaches, w

      • Sex in Jamaica (Part 2)
        We began the day a bit late. By the time I was interested in fucking MY WHORE, the housekeeping staff were outside our room. After interrupting us once, to see if we needed fresh towels or the garbage taken out, I decided to leave the door ajar. MY LOVE was bent over the bed, about six feet away, cl

      • t-shirt

        MY LOVE wearing one of our t-shirts...

        ... in Jamaica.

      • Body Bag 2
        We eventually moved her to the floor, and placed her between two other participants. Both of their bags ended at the neck, so inflatable hoods had to be placed on them. While the two gentleman sat there quietly, and barely made a peep, MY LOVE was giggling and bouncing between them.

      • Body Bag
        MY LOVE and I went to a class/presentation on our second day in Jamaica. There, we met a wonderful couple from Europe, and they showed us rubber items that a person could place themselves into, and then have them filled up with air. We saw three different hoods that could be placed over the entire h

      • my habit
        As some of you may know, I smoke marijuana. I've managed to become a bit dependant upon it, so travelling can be difficult. When we went to New York, I actually carried a glass pipe in my pocket, and took mini-hits in the bathrooms. It settled my stomach and allowed me to relax, and sleep bette

      • Sex in Jamaica (Part 1)
        We arrived mid-afternoon in Jamaica, and it was hot and muggy on that first day. After customs, we spent almost two hours getting to the resort. By the time we arrived, checked in, and had something to eat it was early-evening.

        The resort was called Hedonism III, and the event we were th

      • We're Back!!!
        MY LOVE and I arrived home last night, at about 1 am. This, of course, was after about nine hours on two different planes, and another three hours driving. We were exhausted, but happy to be home!

        I hope you missed us, and are looking forward to a TON of posts over the next few days. We h

      • Talk to you in 9 days!
        MY LOVE - MY WHORE/CUNT/HOLES - MY CUNTMEAT and I are going to be in Jamaica for the next 9 days. There will be NO cell phones, and NO internet. She swears/threatens to get me so drunk that I will dance naked on the beach. It might happen, but she clearly hasn't planned for the naked puking I&#

      • bound to offend
        If you were a Sioux a hundred years ago, you believed that there were spirits who manifested themselves in eagles and clouds.

        If you're a modern westerner, you know all of this is bunkum.

        If you're a traditional New Guinean, you believe that ancestors hover around yo

      • ... Now I Remember!

        Two days ago, I took down the huge box of pornography that followed me on the move from Portland to Central Oregon. I'd honestly forgotten it was there until MY LOVE recently pointed it out. Opening it after so long, I was pleasantly surprised at the treasures that lay within. One p

      • What WAS I Saying?...

        Last night, we came home from seeing "30 Days of Night", and MY LOVE practically ran to get in bed before me. I remember going to use the bathroom, then coming into the bedroom to find the lights dimmed, and the CUNTMEAT already tucked in. I couldn't suppress a giggle, and

      • Take and Take Without Giving

        More and more frequently, there are moments when I simply take what I want from MY CUNT, without regard for how she feels or what sort of pleasure she might receive. My fear of waking her up in the middle of the night, should I find myself aroused, has been conquered. There have been eno

      • London Calling
        We have received our first DVD order from a different country - London, United Kingdom. I have yet to ask how this particular individual came upon our web site, but it could not have been too difficult. Besides the built-in audience that we have on Alt, MY LOVE knows quite a few people who do work i

      • Exquisite Imperfection

        you are my infinite perfection
        everlasting, eternal
        burning passion

        hand in fist
        on face
        your master
        your other significant
        your equal
        you're better
        off leaving
        your destiny in my hands
        safe with me
        safe with no man

      • Seriously Typical

        She wakes up in the morning, to hands roughly pulling back the covers and placing her in position. Half-awake, she moans, but does very little moving as she is violated. Her eyes remain closed, and only occasionally does she lift or move her leg a bit, to accomodate me. I quietly dump my

      • Happy Birthday CUNT!
        I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to MY LOVE!

        That's it - two more years of birthdays and then you officially get to start counting backwards. Once you reach a certain age, you don't continue to go UP in the numbers, you get to head back DOWN, so that you're getting you

      • busy busy busy
        We had problems, regarding PayPal, but they've been all cleared up.

        We now have t-shirts for sale - MY LOVE insisted on it.

        We have two movies for sale! (Clearly this is an old post - we have 10 now!)

        This weekend we are going to Portland, for busine

    • August
      • Sex Drive in Second Gear
        Since quitting the job at the porn shop my sex drive has been a little weak/slow. This happens to me when I first quit a job in the adult industry. Even though the business was doing poorly, and there weren't many people stopping by, there was still some sort of stimulation. I was surrounded by

      • first birthday gift to me!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***This Thursday is my birthday!!!! K has been shopping and teasing me about the wonderful surprises he has for me. I - the impatient one - have done my best to try and convince him that there is no need to wait until Thursday, but to no avail. Or so I thought.

      • Blunt Declarations of Love

        Our 2nd movie is called Blunt Declarations. It is 50 minutes of caning, flogging, punching, slapping, cock sucking, whipping, screaming, fucking, love, sensuality, sickness and pain. And this time, the soundtrack does not compete for center stage. You can get a copy of it, right here. J

      • and so it goes...
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***One of the things about life that truly excites me is that just when I think I have something figured out, a new tidbit of information comes along or an incident occurs that reminds me I really have nothing figured out! I have to remind myself that navigation is the key

      • Hands Bound


        For the next five days you are to have your hands bound, in some form or fashion, any and every time we have sex.

        Whether it is oral, anal, or vaginal, your hands will be bound together when I have my use of you.

        If I approach you, be prepared to

      • it's all over now
        When I first started working at the porn shop in Bend, Oregon, I was excited and optimistic. I saw potential in everything, and just about every person I was working with. Eight months later, it is quite a different story.

        While managing the store, at least six people quit on me. None of

      • in a new york minute
        There is a line in a song that goes; "In a New York minute, everything can change." That's about all I can remember of the song, but that's not the only impression I was left with, regarding the state.

        I realise that there are a great many people living in New York, a

      • be a part of it
        *You'll Note: this was clearly written when our web site was first getting started. Now things are much different. The people we refer to as our friends/readers/perverts/sickos are the lovely folks from

        MY LOVE and I are going to New York for five days! Chances are, I won&#

      • Violent Noise

        A couple of days ago, while working at the porn shop, I had a semi-regular customer walk in through the back door. As he passed by The Swinger's Lounge he heard the screams of MY LOVE coming from the room. Without even pausing beside the door, let alone looking into the room, he app

      • Review of The Long Weekend by "twodomsnow" of Newport, OR.

        "I was disturbed during/after first viewing. Wanted to beat K with the bat. The music is well-done and I liked the parts that synced with a scene-per-second progression... that was very effective... there is a lot of hypno stuff here... I could feel my brain sifting and shifting...

      • honesty
        He looks familiar when he enters the store, but a good many of my customers do. It isn't until he picks up "Meme" the midget love doll that I begin to remember. Almost verbatim, he tells me what he told me the last time he visited. It goes like this:

        "I am here to get

      • Saturday Night Violation

        She arrived at 10:30pm, just as I had instructed. A few kisses, and she was headed down into the darkness of the video arcade. I listened to her footsteps echo to the back of the building, and the door to booth #7 closing soundly.

        There are three gentleman at the store already

      • never enough
        There is never enough time and energy for us to do all the things we want to do. I am sure you all suffer the same affliction. When we have the choice between sleep, cuddling naked and waching a movie, fucking, soaking in the hot tub, or doing some BDSM play, it is never an easy choice to make. With

      • Cunt As Entertainment

        Tonight, you are my entertainment.

        Tonight, you will amuse and arouse many others.

        You will bring the following items with you this evening, when you visit me at my workplace:

        1) Blindfold of your choice

        2) 6 pair of latex/rubber gloves

      • Reactions

        I've been playing our movie, "The Long Weekend", at work, in The Swinger's Lounge. Just letting it repeat throughout the day. Reactions have been pretty consistent. Almost everyone that walks out of the room has a look of shock in their eyes, and their face is often

      • Wood Cock

        This is actually an ashtray.

        It is an item we picked up while visiting Seattle not too long ago. There were quite a few of them in the store, and I could not help myself. It is shaped quite nicely, actually, and it has been inside MY LOVE three times already. With the aid of

      • another level of understanding
        One of my first experiences with the BDSM community was, unfortunately, a visit to a local munch. This was in Portland, Oregon, at least ten years ago. At that time, what I heard and witnessed drove me far, far away from anything that was club-like, or remotely organized, when it came to the BDSM sc

      • On the Other Hand

        I should have written this post the day after our anniversary, but I've been busy - still working at the quickly failiing porn shop and spending almost all my free time on the DVD.

        My left hand is sore from punching MY LOVE. It was a specific incident that caused this pa

      • Special Offer!
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Well, it's official!! Our first movie is done, boxed and ready to go!!! It is hot Hot HOT!!! Even our web guy and his wife (straight/vanilla by the way) have watched our movie 6 times (at last count) and love it!

        So, here is what we would lik

      • Celebrating One Year - ruinouslove style!

        I made her wait until almost six o'clock in the evening before we began our Anniversary. While she showered and got ready I loaded up a black satchel with impliments to hurt MY CUNT. A belt and rubber strap. Several different kinds of clamps. Thumbcuffs and rope, a metal dog-trainin

      • Anniversary

        Some of you, that have been with us from the start, already know how ruinouslove met. Guess what...?

        ...we have an anniversary to celebrate! On September 22nd of 2006, MY LOVE responded to two personal ads that I had placed on Criagslist. She did not know that she was replying

      • Same Old, Same Old

        Last night I came home to the same old thing. MY LOVE, dressed in little girl clothing, her hair in ponytails, pretending to be passed out in our bed. Remembering that she'd just begun her period, and knowing that any attempt at oral fun would ruin this moment of pretend, I understo

      • Each Hole
        Each of her holes has it's own function and it's own level of worth:

        The pussy isn't used much for penetration sex, except when she acts like she's passed out in the darkness. At that time it's the softest, wettest, most inviting hole she possesses.
      • Porn Star Names
        It was a difficult, long-considered decision, but we decided on our names for the adult films we are going to make. Are you ready for this?

        MY LOVE will be referred to as:Catherine de Sade

        I will now be known simply as:K

        Yes, one damn letter. I am the porn star forme

      • Best Two Out Of Three

        Awoke to the sound of MY LOVE coming in from the garage. Almost immediately, she is at my side of the bed, planting a warm kiss on my head. "I brought some coffee home for you." she tells me, and walks towards the bedroom door.

        "That's not all you brought h

      • Big Day For ruinouslove
        Today we went to see the man who has begun creating and maintaining our web site. All we have at the moment is a link to this blog, but we left him many wonderful pictures, and some very specific instructions. If he can pull off for us, what we are asking, I think it will be a pretty incredible site

      • lizards, scorpions, and frogs - oh my!

        We don't exactly live in the woods or anything. I'd estimate that some of our neighbors are only 30-40 feet from us while others are easily 200-300 yards off, and there are a lot of trees in between us and them. You could probably say we live on the side of a hill, but the real

      • The Body That Awaits Me

        We are preparing for bed. We do the usual things; brush the teeth, urinate, wash the face, etc. She is in the bathroom before me, and out of it before I am finished. I can hear her in the bedroom, pulling all the pillows off the bed and throwing them on the floor. MY LOVE is one of those

      • a smile for the religious fellow
        The door opens, and a smiling face enters the store. It's not often that someone comes in with this big of a grin, so I am patient when the gentleman pulls out a laminated picture of himself, and several other people gathered in a cluster. I can see the words God and Christian on a few sections

      • phone = no sex

        Naked, standing in the living room, I watch some perversion unfolding on television. MY LOVE is on her knees before me, cock in that little, greedy mouth. We have both just finished an 11 hour work day, and I am going to drop my load in her throat before preparing us dinner. This is her

      • Web Site Of Our Own

        There will soon be a We have already purchased the domain name for a year, and have sent a check to the man who will create and host the site for us. I'm not going to tell you anything about it, or what it will have to offer. You'll just have to go visit when I

      • Filling Holes

        Several new toys found their way into MY LOVE's asshole. Among the items inserted in her were: three vibrating anal balls, a metal dildo, a remote-control anal plug, and a wooden dildo. This last one had a condom on it for obvious reasons, and with a blindfold on MY HOLE could not t

      • fear
        Don't let the things you desire frighten you. It's likely that there is somebody sicker than you out there, and that there's somebody who will understand you too. If you're lucky, they'll be the same person.

        That's what I've found in MY LOVE. A more dep

      • just about enough
        Extra time today, before I had to be at work, so I decided to visit the competition. It was a brief, uneventful experience, so I headed back towards work.

        There is a third business in town that would be considered adult in nature. They sell lingerie, glass pipes, and a few toys and video

      • when meat stays home
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Friday night, MY MAN is at work, and I am home working on a design project.

        My head is spinning with events of the past few weeks…it has not gone unnoticed by either of us that as we are fast approaching our 1 year anniversary, our hunger for each other has

      • Available At Any Time

        Last night I made it to bed by 4am. Woke up around 9am to an empty bed. MY LOVE was in the garage, running in place, and keeping her body beautiful for me. No particular thought went through my head to arouse me, it was just a feeling that began to flow. Placing one of my favorite porns

      • Pain as Love

        Pain as love
        fists against the skin
        lips bleeding
        "please hit me again"

        Hurt you
        to show you I care
        hit you
        because it is what you need
        Hear you scream
        see you struggle
        to be
        a strong girl for me
      • beginnings
        I was very akward and shy growing up. Not smooth with the ladies at all, and desperate to be. If there was ever any question of whether I was attracted to boys or girls, the ache in my chest when I thought about females cleared it right up. I so wanted to do sexual things with them. I wasn't ke

      • Full Service

        Good, you are awake now. Or, you will be soon...

        There is a new outfit in the closet. It is still tightly wrapped in plastic. You will be wearing this outfit when I get home. As you will notice, there is something to place around your neck, so I am giving you permission to tak

      • good (pre)reviews

        I've shown the first eleven minutes of our initial attempt at porn to a few people. The reactions have all been positive, with a few helpful hints and suggestions thrown in by those who care enough to have an opinion of their own. Everyone likes it, some are a bit shocked by it, and

      • She likes...

        ...the commanding tone I get when I tell her to do certain things.

        ...when I snap my fingers at her, letting her know that I am headed to the bathroom, and that her presence is expected. armpits. (Ewww!)

        ...when I let my facial hair grow/when I hav

    • July
      • the tears
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I am not certain whether I experienced an “ah-ha” moment; an epiphany, a revelation, a realization or just plain relief…actually just reliving the moment right now brings me to tears.

        I have spent most of my life trying to be normal, trying to fit in while st

      • Cock As A Weapon

        I try to use my cock as a weapon. To perceive it as such, and to use it for it's intended purpose.

        I want to destroy with my cock. Cause pain and discomfort. Push into unprepared and unaccepting holes. Push deeper than any other object has previously been, and stretch wi

      • Crying

        She got up at 5:30am to exercise, and then it was a three hour drive to Portland. While she was in town, she took care of some business, and then turned around and headed back home. She walked back through the door at 3:30pm.

        I got text messages while she was driving the thre

      • prude or pathetic?
        Did you know that Washington State is still so behind the times that it is illegal for two people to share a viewing booth in an adult establishment? Illegal, as in the cops will actually get called because it's considered lewd behavior. The doors to these booths either have glass in them so th

      • I Am Not
        I am not a dominant, though I do exhibit some of those characteristics. I would certainly never call myself a "Dom". To me, that is role playing, which is another way of saying make-believe...

        I am not a sadist, though I have those tendencies. This is a part of me that I am goin

      • think i'll join them
        Since taking my position, as manager of a small porn shop in Bend, Oregon, I have had five people quit on me. I think it's five, but it might actually be six, if I try real hard to remember. I'm not about to do that though...

        Another loser quit this last weekend. He called, one

      • Synergy

        MY LOVE writes:


        (Noun) The working together of two or more things, people, or organizations especially when the result is greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities.

        My thoughts today have often returned to this word, this

      • Alien Sex
        Sitting in the sunshine, I begin to think of situations I am certain will arouse me. Stroking my cock a little to get things started, I try to maintain the erection while walking the length of the house. When I reach the bed I am still quite stiff, but I startle MY HOLE when I begin to pull back the

      • slow death
        The Swinger's Lounge is slowly dying. The private dancers are no more, and this is a town scared of it's own shadow. I have, out of desperation, given three nights "themes" to attract specific people. Thursday belongs to the Voyeurs and Exhibitionists, Friday is Fetish Night, and

      • security?
        Is the secret to a loving, functional, stable love relationship banishing all insecurities regarding your loved-one? Does actually knowing - and I mean really KNOWING - that you are loved, and that the person who loves you would never intentionally hurt you, make emotions like jealousy a thing of th

      • The First 11 Minutes

        Work has officially begun on my first porn. It is heavy with BDSM moments as well as straightforward sex. I have completed the first eleven minutes of what I hope will turn out to be about a 35 minute montage of what we are capable of, and what is to come.

        I have shown these f

      • no dancing
        As some of you know, we had a brief drama that was connected to several nasty Craigslist postings. Among them were a few unique complaints about the two dancers we had. These two ladies had been performing at my work for nearly two months, and even if they weren't the brightest, most attractive

      • Cracking A Smile

        He'd say, "Reach out your hand and place it on her behind." Then a short pause.

        "Now, spread your fingers." Another short pause.

        "Now, I want you to squeeze..." and that's when the smile would hit me.

        He had us so

      • One-Thousand Words!

        MY LOVE and I had an amazing and wonderful experience this weekend, posing for photographer Tommy Edwards. He was easygoing, enthusiastic, clear and precise in his vision, and he could not have made it a more incredible experience for the both of us.

        We thank him deeply, and

      • would you like to dance?
        The two ladies that were doing private dances at my store, four nights a week, had to be let go. Or rather, they were told they could not return. A little history about this situation...

        The Swinger's Lounge was not doing so hot for a while. We were lucky if we could get two people a

      • Hurt So Good

        She took the rubber strap well. I watched in amazement, the red marks appearing along her back as I struck her with it. Beautiful straight lines of love and pain. Unlike leather, rubber does not slide or bounce off. It hits, and it grabs at the skin. I tried to lay it along her entire ba

      • one hit away from happiness
        Quite often, when I decide to quit/cut down on my marijuana usage, my body reacts badly. Conspires, with my mind, against me. It's part of the reason why I have been so down and depressed recently. With work as bad as it has been, I've had to consider getting a new job, and there's no

      • a "good" night
        Friday evenings at the porn shop should not be as empty and slow as they are, but tonight wasn't really that bad. I don't know how much I've made selling toys, but I did have some success with The Swinger's Lounge.

        A couple that attended our fetish party came in and de

      • Punishing Her to Show I Love Her

        Remember, this is not something I came into the relationship with, and I do not have years of experience behind me. I get the concept, and I understand as much as I can, so it shouldn't be so difficult to do, right? Yet, it still feels just new and foreign enough that I am unsure of

      • sick of life
        I never wanted to feel this way, but most people who are depressed don't. Maybe it's silly to imagine, but I wonder if anyone out there has control of how they feel? Or, if there are folks who can easily get control? I know that what I am feeling and experiencing is only getting worse, and

      • A Little Out There

        Two houses, and about 300 yards away from us, there is a very nice home that I rarely see occupied. In fact, I don't think I have ever seen a person or vehicle parked there. Between our back deck and theirs stand a few nicely placed trees. What we can see is the side of their house.

      • new holes
        No, not the kind you are thinking of, you sick perverts! Or, maybe it is the kind that SOME of you are thinking about...

        One of my good buddies from work brought in his tools, and we drilled two more holes into the walls of the viewing booths. These holes do not connect the booths though,

      • Instructions


        Clear the shower of all debris, with the exception of what is on our shelves. Remove the candle, frog, etc. from the pseudo-seat in the corner.

        You will bind your hands/wrists behind your back in whatever convenient manner you can manage.

        You will r

      • Adult Toys

        I've been bringing some interesting, new sexual fun home from work lately. Things that vibrate, and rattle, and intimidate with their sheer size. MY LOVE has been trying them all out, and being a bit naughty about it during the process.

        Two days ago, while walking through

      • Draining Me

        Waking up to a beautiful, sunshiny day. MY LOVE is still asleep, so I make a cup of coffee and walk out onto the deck naked, to enjoy the warmth. From where I sit, nobody can see me, yet I feel exposed. Duh, I am. Sipping my drink, I fantasize about coming out onto the deck every morning

      • what my dreams are made of
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Fell asleep on the floor, on MY MAN's side of the bed last night. Sometimes it just feels weird to crawl into bed without him, like I shouldn't be allowed to. I like drifting off to sleep anticipating his arrival.

        I was awakened by my cat meowing. W

      • Fetish Party part 3 (Passed Out With A Smile)
        Or maybe it was a grimace...

        It must have been less than two or three minutes after MY LOVE gave Dewaine back his testicles that all that stimulation, and all the alcohol I wasn't aware he had managed to consume, finally got to him. When I came upon him, trying to get to his feet in

      • the condom dilemma
        I got frustrated, and just decided it wasn't going to happen. A couple of experiences were ruined by a condom. Whether I lost too much sensation, or just lost my erection while trying to get one on, it was beginning to really get to me. I always consoled myself with the knowledge that MY LOVE&#

      • Fetish Party part 2 (Lucky Dewaine)
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Let me say, I am not a switch. I am however a very skilled Top. What drives my skill in this area is my own selfish desire to pursue pain combined with a belief that a good BDSM encounter can lead to an enlightened state of being. I love the opportunity to take an indiv

      • desire vs. need
        I usually equate my anonymous, opportunistic encounters with desire and appetite, and never considered it as an actual need. The fact that it has been a part of my sex life for as long as I can remember never really meant anything to me. I've always been this way, and always considered it a nor

      • Fetish Party part 1 (A Brief Description)
        I held a fetish party at my business this last Saturday. My friend Dewaine was visiting from Portland, and wound up a big part of it. As most drunken youngsters do...

        MY LOVE spent alot of time in her cage, which sat in the middle of a room full of dildos and vibrators. Partygoers stopped

      • eye of the storm
        To tell the truth, I haven't kept up on the Craigslist bullshit that was bothering me a few days ago. I've been so busy that there's been very little time to worry. It's still going on though, according to my co-workers.

        No church protest yet, although we had a great r

      • laugh, and the world laughs with you
        Cry, and they all stop to stare.

      • don't deserve this
        Suddenly, and without provocation, my workplace is the target of much negative attention. It is already frustrating enough, working in a town that doesn't seem to have a sex drive, but this is far more difficult to handle.

        Last night, my store was empty for two hours straight. Durin

      • S t r e t c h

        A new phase in the abuse of MY LOVE's asshole. I've just begun doing it, and only with my cock, but stretching her asshole is quite enjoyable. Normal, straight-ahead penetration is wonderful, and I like to get as deep inside of her as I can. As I've stated before, she like

      • Leave the Cock Alone!

        Awake at 6am, and after a quick trip to the bathroom, I'm back in bed next to her. It only takes a few moments, laying there, before my cock is pushing against the mattress. Without a word, I move MY HOLE into position. She does not speak, or move on her own, or even open her eyes.

      • what if...
        What if love, pills,
        diet and determination
        don't cure the sickness?

        What if drugs, distraction,
        and a change of scenery
        won't take away the sadness?

        What if I am stuck this way?
        What if you decide
        you can't take it any more?

      • what do you call it?
        There has to be a word/phrase or medical/mental condition named after the act of deriving pleasure from simply doing something "wrong" or something you "wouldn't normally/ever do". The sexual arousal that comes from the anticipation alone...

        You are a man, and wou

      • disappointed
        We had a fetish party planned this evening but I had to put it off for a week. Not long ago, my co-worker threw a party of her own while MY LOVE and I were visiting Portland, and it didn't go well at all. One of the gentlemen who payed for a ticket, in advance, was told that he could get into t

      • commute
        I saw him avert his eyes
        as we drove by
        the carcass
        on the side of the road

        Sensitive, gentle eyes
        that held a surprise
        every ounce of pain
        and suffering behind

        And the remorse he could not let go

        Swallowed the regret
        kept it inside

      • unfamiliar territory
        It would be an exaggeration if I said I was new to this "lifestyle". When I really take an honest look at my past relationships, none of them could possibly compare to this one, on just about every level. I must admit, not everything is new, but the vast majority is.

        I have nev

      • path to ownership
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***It took me a while to bring the subject up to him. I still find it difficult to ask for things I want/need at times for fear of wanting too much. This has not been a big issue in our relationship, (even though my sex drive can be a bit intimidating) but it has been in p

      • Spread Wide Open

        Spread open for me

        For the sake of my lust

        To satisfy my desire

        She will spread herself open

        For me

      • progress
        I waited until I was 18 to lose my virginity. I wanted to do it with the person I loved. Maybe I did love her at the time...

        I was well past the legal drinking age when I finally started exploring kink. There was one particular girl in Seattle that changed it all for me...

        I ma

      • Excellent Service

        As I turn the last corner of the hallway I can see into our bedroom. The television is on and I can already hear the faint sounds of a woman choking on a dick that is being shoved down her throat. The glow from the set allows me to clearly see MY LOVE. She is lying back on the bed wearing her

      • dreams getting crushed
        My dream of becoming a pornographer is getting crushed. The DVD burner/recorder/piece of garbage we bought is fucked. Another electronic item that has seriously, but not surprisingly, failed me. We will be sending it back in exchange for another. In the meantime, I have put moviemaking on hold. I am

      • creative editing
        The commercial for my workplace was shot today. MY LOVE was the star, acting as a hostess and narrator. It will be her face and voice that welcomes people into my store. It will be her face and voice that hopefully makes women comfortable, and entices men to visit, late at night. The funny thing is,

      • name that tune
        The music in my head, that never seems to stop.

        Sometimes a different tune, every two or three hours, but often the same song for days. Over and over, repeating so insistently that I can't concentrate, think straight, or hope to function well. This was never more prevelant than when

      • Face Fuck

        Another late night, and we are exhausted. MY LOVE must go to bed, because she has to get up early, and has a long day ahead of her. I am ready to collapse, after only sleeping about five hours last night, and working a ten hour day. A pizza is prepared, and we sit and watch a bit of television

      • The Perfect Hole

        Home at 3am and she is, of course, in bed. Sleepy, but then again, so am I. I crawl in with her and rest my head on her chest for a few moments. She is already drifting off when I start to get aroused. The first time I move, it actually wakes her up, but I tell her quietly to go back to sleep

      • finality is a new beginning

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***My divorce is final – WOO HOO. I yell WOO HOO out of relief that the past can now truly become my past. I have never been good with things that “hang on” indefinitely if they are not an active, welcome, component of my life.

        That said we are fast approa

      • commercial break
        The business I manage was approached by a local Fox affiliate, to discuss sponsoring some late-night spots, and starting some late-night advertising. We will be shooting a commercial for the store, very shortly, and MY LOVE is going to be the face/voice. At first we considered using someone that act

      • The Party 2
        The front and back doors to the porn shop were closed, and locked, so nobody was going to walk in and surprise us. The stairs that lead to the second floor of the building are really a part of the main lobby/entrance. We were perhaps six feet away from the front door the entire time we played on t

      • inappropriate subject matter
        It's funny - I started this blog on to share our sexual exploits, and the amazing tale of our love. I did not feel like the subject matter was inappropriate for the site. Sometimes I would see a post about the war, or our president, and ask myself what this had to do with sex, bondage,

      • wonderful weekend
        We had a full weekend planned. The weather in Portland was fantastic, and every day seemed to go smoother than the one before. It was a wonderful, relaxing mini-vacation.

        The first evening, we went to see some live music. The band was called Talkdemonic, and they put on an amazing perform

      • The Party 1
        The Party was meant to be a test run. I wanted to see if there was enough interest, if my co-workers could handle it, and if people would indeed drop their inhibitions if given the opportunity. At the last moment, my boss decided that having alcohol was too great of a risk. To cover my ass, I had ta

      • the condom strikes (me out) again
        Another opportunity to be a predator/opportunist was ruined by the need for a condom.

        There is a couple that now visits the store pretty regularly. They have the unfortunate luck of coming to use The Swinger's Lounge when there are dancers working for the evening. Because they do no

      • mini-vacation
        Work has been... work. It's not often I feel this way about earning a living in the adult industry. I've managed porn shops before, so it's not that new level of responsibility that has gotten to me. The truth is, I'm starting to wonder if people in Bend, Oregon are sexually acti

      • numb (But Not Full of Cum)
        Just got done with a visit to the dentist. My jaw is two teeth lighter and I am just starting to de-numb. Not working tonight, or tomorrow, so that I can quickly recover. Perhaps I'll catch up on some blogging...

        We arrived at the oral surgeons' office about fifteen minutes earl

      • sTuPiD
        The stuff that comes out of my mouth gets more severe and degrading as I get more comfortable and secure. There's always that tiny fear that something I say will actually hurt MY WHORE's feelings, and it's a good worry to have. I have twice said the only thing that seems to set MY LOV

      • the gangbang that will not be
        It might have been a magnificent gangbang. The advertisement says that there will be a new couple featured, every hour. Of course, the event was only going to go for three hours, so I'm actually kind of glad that it won't be happening this weekend. It would be quite a disappointment, afte

    • June
      • condoms
        Two very open, adventurous couples came to the store this evening. Both of them normal, attractive, and eager to be watched in The Swinger's Lounge.

        The first two were serious about me not letting "shady" people in while they enjoyed themselves. The two men that were in the

      • Sex Sex Sex

        I realised, last night, that I'd not been reporting on our sex life for a while now. Not entirely true, it's just that I've been sharing a very abridged version, and only highlighting things that are happening at the porn shop I manage. I will admit, MY LOVE and I do not have se

      • the same thing for the rest of your life

        Can you really imagine sucking the same cock, year after year?

        Can you wrap your mind around waking up to the same face, in your bed, every day?

        Do you think that familiarity can lead to boredom, and cheating?

        I've found someone who I want to spend the res

      • aching tooth
        I have bad teeth. It really does run in the family, if that's possible. Can bad teeth be genetic? My father and mother both had false teeth at an early age. Mine, despite trying to take decent care of them, are trying to rot themselves out of my mouth. The pain has been a constant distraction.

      • Lucky Night (6 of 6)
        As always, I did my best to make the last couple of the evening feel comfortable. The men that had been downstairs trying to get a peek of the action, were now on the main floor, milling about anxiously. Five dollar bills clutched in their eager hands, they waited to be let into The Swinger's L

      • a quick word about pain
        There was a look of hurt and confusion in her eyes. Maybe she was fighting some emotions, or going through a dilemma. The verbal sparring we normally enjoy was coming out of her flat, so I had to ask if there was a problem. She told me that it was something she couldn't discuss at that moment.<

      • Lucky Night (5 of 6)
        The third couple impressed me the most, simply because they were willing to go play in the glory holes. After a mini tour of the store, they were uncertain of where to proceed. I took them downstairs and showed them the rooms with the holes in the walls. They were familiar with this sort of setup, b

      • the noose of submission
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***We just had a wonderful few days visiting Portland! Although the first two days were very full with work for me, it felt like we were on vacation nonetheless. Each day MY MAN would come back with bags and bags of goodies from his daily adventures. He treated me to flowe

      • Lucky Night (4 of 6)
        I stood with two other men, in the darkest half of The Swinger's Lounge, and watched the sexy blonde take care of her man's cock. She made wonderful, delicious noises that had all of us quite excited, and none of us was too shy about standing there with our dick in our hand. They played fo

      • Reality (ahem) Bites

        The swing club we were going to visit insisted we attend an hour orientation. Despite a written notice informing us of this, MY LOVE thought we could just show up late, and they would allow us entry. How wonderful and fortunate that she called to ask, just to be certain, because it turned out

      • Lucky Night (3 of 6)
        The ladies posed and the men watched and took pictures. I, of course, had left my camera at home this particular evening. When everyone wound down, it was clear that the first couple was done for the evening. I said goodbye and sent them away with an invitation to the party that was happening three

      • freedom
        MY LOVE had the entire day off yesterday - no obligations, no work - so we spent the majority of the day together. It gave us an opportunity to enjoy Portland a bit. We even took a relaxing walk in the park to wait out rush-hour traffic. So romantic!

        It's funny/strange, when we get

      • Lucky Night (2 of 6)
        The second couple appeared to be a bit younger. They had also been in before, but I did not find this out until later. When I approached them, and said that there was another couple in The Swinger's Lounge, they seemed eager. Before I could finish my sales pitch, the man appeared from inside th

      • anatomical fetish

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***His wrist bone is quite pronounced and his palms are large - exuding visible strength.

        His long arms taper in at the elbows and wrists, accentuating the muscularity from shoulder to elbow, elbow to wrist.

        His torso is long from neck to waist

      • Lucky Night (1 of 6)
        Before I can tell you about the party that I held at the porn shop I have to tell you a bit about the renovations that went into The Swinger's Lounge, and how the room was being used for some kinky fun before the paint was even dry...

        It took us three days to paint The Swinger's

      • mental floss

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I was watching an interview with Kyra Sedgwick on Inside the Actors Studio yesterday. She was asked to what she attributes the success of her 17 year marriage with Kevin Bacon. Her response – luck. She said that she honestly feels they both got lucky, they found t

      • sexy party 2
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I know MY MAN is anxious to share the juicy tidbits about Saturday night with you, but he has been very busy with work and the store owner (his immediate boss) is still in town... so I'll share a juicy bit!

        Despite my numerous emphatic proclamations that

      • sexy party 1
        We had one hell of a party at my workplace last night. There were naked bodies in just about every room of the store. I'd love to tell you all about it, and I will... just as soon as I get a free moment to myself.

        Three nights ago, I had three couples in a row use the Swinger's

      • life in the love lane

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Tomorrow we celebrate 9 months… seems like such a short time to have done so much and become so connected to another being. You have brought so much joy, in all its’ myriad forms, into my life. Waking up next to you with your hair all bushy and disheveled is as wo

      • The Search Continues

        We recently got together with our first couple off of Adult Friend Finder. MY LOVE and I met them at a local bar, did the getting-to-know-you bit that is so tedious to me, and eventually led them back to The Swinger's Lounge. There, we quickly swapped partners, and went about having a goo

      • what's that smell?
        I had a couple in the store this evening that stunk. They looked, honestly, as if they hadn't bathed in a while. His tan was deep, as were the wrinkles on his face, but you could tell that he probably wasn't over 30. Worn. She was a short, heavier lady, and when she smiled the teeth that I

      • Available 24/7

        MY LOVE and I do not consider ourselves "affiliated" with any BDSM groups or communities. We decided, from the very beginning, that this was going to be our own unique lifestyle. We might take elements from BDSM just like we might take lessons from pornography. How to bind and tortur

      • summer c-list fun
        Summer of 2006, I had a bit of fun on Craigslist, placing ads for the craziest things.

        1) I placed ads looking for kinky, risk-taking ladies who were willing to go "apartment hunting" with me, and attempt to have sex in the apartments that we were shown. I would suggest, to the

      • the jackpot! continued...
        They were probably alone for about ten minutes, tops, before I entered the room. Both of them were already naked. The lovely lady was reclining along the length of the couch, and her not-so-handsome stud was down on his knees, with his face between her legs. She had her head back, with her eyes half

      • Nod Your Head and Smile

        I like asking her questions
        when she's got a mouth full of cock

        Just to see how she decides to respond

        Will she take it from her mouth
        and speak?

        Or simply nod her head
        and grunt?

        Delicious anticipation

      • the jackpot!
        A couple wandered into the store and took their time looking around. I showed them the Swinger's Lounge, of course, and tried to convince them to have some fun in there. Expressing interest, they continued to look around. Eventually they split up, and the lady made her way towards the arcade st

      • Not a Problem

        can't see
        can barley struggle
        can't resist
        can hardly stand it
        can't stop

      • web-cam disappointment

        It seems my mother-in-law gave us a web-cam that isn't compatible with our computer. This a major disappointment for me, as I had hoped to start sharing more than just pictures with the world. Guess it won't be happening any time soon.

        Speaking of sharing; MY LOVE is worki

      • Time to Go Public

        I don't know where she got the idea, or what put it in her head, but MY LOVE is now expressing a desire to have sex in public. While I fucked her ass last night she told me of a dinner she would like to be a part of, someday. It involved an actual restaurant where I would sit and eat a me

      • Our Brutal Love

        brutality = love

      • Punishment = Love

        And yet,
        to her
        it is hardly

      • Fists = Love

        My Fists
        Against Her Flesh
        Equal Love

      • Violence = Love

        violence = love

      • Pain = Love

        Pain = Love

      • being vanilla can't be easy
        Being married, and unable to explore, must be painful. So many people - men and women - visit my shop and tell me their fantasies. They describe things that aren't all that difficult to attain so I always ask why they don't go out and make the fantasy come true. It's usually because t

      • touching god

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***“This pleasure is such that nothing can interfere with it, and the object that serves it cannot, in savoring it, fail to be transported to the third heaven. No other is as good, no other can satisfy as fully both of the individuals who indulge in it, and those who

      • you are my light

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Music is very important to SIR. He composes, plays and sings. I love finding lyrics that impact me, to share with him. This I heard today.

        This is my life
        Its not what it was before
        All these feelings I’ve shared
        And these are my

      • spontaneous
        C has been coming to the adult store I manage for about three years, according to him. I haven't been working there three years, I've only been there a few months. In all the time that he came in, C claims he never saw anything worth mentioning go down in the Swinger's Lounge. Since h

      • Good Girls are Rewarded

        Her reward for being such a tough, obedient girl.

      • Keeping Her in Line

        Sometimes she struggles too much, and I have to calm her down

        The bat works very well

      • No Air

        My gloved hands around her nose and mouth

        I push into her asshole and she makes pathetic noises through my palm

        Struggling for a breath and I don't care

      • A Surprise, Waiting for Me, In Bed

        She had laid out a glass plug along with her new one, a pair of rubber gloves, and the television remote. Some of my favorite porn was playing and she had bound herself to the bed. Her eyes were covered by a blindfold.

        She had managed to pull the sheet and comforter over her body so

      • Are We Sick?

        I come into the room and find her like this. She appears to be asleep, or passed out on the floor. I uncover her body and she does not acknowledge my presence. I pull down her panties and position her legs for better access. She is limp, and remains in this state no matter what I do to her bod

      • Passed Out

        She does not move

        Doesn't make a sound

        No change in her breathing

        Try to push deeper inside

        Trying to hurt her with my cock

        She does not move

      • Eager to Please

        When I need it, her mouth is available.

        Even when I put her in uncomfortable situations
        she is eager to please me.

        Her mouth is a place to dump my cum.
        It is a place where I release my anxiety and anger.

        Her mouth is open to me at any time.
      • No Identity

        The hood takes away her identity, even though I know damn well who is underneath that mask. Just like the glory hole we had at our place in Portland. I could go into the closet and use the hole, and know who's mouth was on the other side taking care of me, but being unable to see her hel

      • Process

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***(Last night)

        Orifice - I like that better than hole…seems more clinical, more detached. My pussy aches to be used, but the denial feeds my hunger. My rear “orifice” – women aren’t supposed to WANT that, to need that. I don’t know where the need originat

      • eye on the prize
        I greet him like I do everybody else that comes in the door. He smiles and goes straight downstairs into one of the glory hole booths. Moments later, while I'm talking to another customer about penis growing pills, stamina pills, and cock rings I see him come upstairs, out of the corner of my e

      • me, suck that? no thanks...
        They came in earlier in the day and purchased two items. I can't remember what the first was, but the second was a Transexuaul magazine that was priced at $24.99. I started to tell them about the Swinger's Lounge, but they admitted they'd been in there before.

        "Was it

      • No Hole is Safe

        Two nights ago MY LOVE began calling me Sir. She has vaguely explained why it has not been that way from the very beginning so I'll not repeat things you already know. Needless to say, that night was incredible for the both of us, and I told her in the midst of all that was happening, tha

      • Sir

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***The last 4 weeks have been a bit up and down for us; the move, getting re-acquainted with each other full time, crazy work schedules, me trying to start up a new business and the mounting financial demands with little to no income, family visiting, etc. When we do

      • Masturbation

        MY LOVE writes:
        ***Well, the family left this morning and things are starting to feel a bit more normal. My sex drive which was not totally gone, but definitely subdued, came back full force! Having nasty thoughts all day long – little movies playing in my head – woke MY MAN up this AM wi

      • desperation
        Out of desperation, or frustration, MY LOVE has created a profile on AdultFriendFinder. She kept our same name and picture, and pointed out that there are a few other people from Alt that have done this also. I don't know what to expect from this new site.

        From what little bit I saw,

      • fetish and family
        'Twas the holiday weekend - still is, technically - and I'm sure a few of you had visitors these last couple of days, like MY LOVE and I have. Sex in the house, while the in-laws have been here, has been a regressive experience. I've found myself worried about making inappropriate sex

      • If I had a plane...
        ...and a whole lot of money.
        ...and a whole lot of time on my hands.

        ... I'd be visiting all the sexy deviants that come to take a look at our blog. So many beautiful people, so far away, and nobody remotely close to us to have fun with. It drives me nuts to see so many like-min

      • Dust in Her Vagina

        When I share MY LOVE with other men I tell them that they are allowed to use her ass. It is her hole of choice and the one that I use regularly. I once tried to give an example of how often her pussy got used, compared to her asshole, but what I said was received with laughter. And yet, it was

      • full house - or room anyways
        There were two couples that met in the Swinger's Lounge this evening. They made it clear that they did not want single men to enter the room but they were open to other couples entering so I called a new friend of mine, B, and let her know what was going on. She came into the store a couple of

      • Sounds in the Darkness
        The sound of flesh slapping against flesh, in the dark, can seem so much louder than it is. So can the sound of sighs, whimpers, groans, etc. Try doing nasty things in the dark, while your in-laws are on the other side of the house, and you'll find the sounds you make seem to freakishly amplify

      • While She's Passed Out

        I once asked a semi-innocent question that got some frantic, judgemental responses. I merely asked if there was a word or label for the desire to have sex with someone while they are passed out. I think I even said, "...or like in a coma."

        I was referring to something MY

      • BoiLiNg OveR

        I can feel my aggressive side pushing at me to do something horrible to her. She needs to cry, and not because she finally found her one true love.

        She needs to wonder, "How could he hurt me that way and still tell me that he loves me?"

        That's what I feel,

      • feeling ill
        Too many hours, not enough sleep. Not enough to eat and not enough time with MY LOVE. Sex boosts the immune system you know, and I just wasn't having enough I guess. Over the last couple of days, I've been trying to make up for it.

        When I'm sick I'm miserable, and I ge

      • a song verse
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***Heard this driving home...

        "It's so clear now that you are all that I have.
        There's no fear, now that you are all that I have."

        Without you MY KING, I could never be free.

        Your Girl***

      • it's easy to hurt the one you love

        As my inhibitions drop and my confidence grows I am able to hurt MY LOVE with less and less apprehension. The main fear now is that I'll go too far and actually break something, or cause permanent damage that we'll regret. Until this relationship, I was a pretty tame individual when

      • Doing What She's Told

        We have been working together to improve the Swinger's Lounge at the adult business that I manage. Putting up pictures, changing furniture around, dimming lights... it's been fun to collaborate with someone who seems to have as much enthusiasm as I do, and more knowledge about the pr

      • Sorry I Haven't Beaten You in a While

        Sometimes I really feel like I am neglecting MY LOVE when I haven't been particularly violent towards her in a while. To her a hard, solid slap on the cheek has the same impact as a strong declaration of love. If I went for a few days without saying "I love you", she would start

      • bits and pieces

        MY LOVE writes:
        ***Each day brings new discovery, and for myself, these discoveries continue to alter my being on levels I was previously unaware of. The strong and submissive elements of my personality seem to be at odds with each other and yet under the control of MY MAN they share a sy

      • same room fun
        Last night I stayed open late to allow a couple the opportunity to experience the Swinger's Lounge. MY LOVE and I have made a few improvements on the room and feel it is coming along nicely. We've added carpet, dimmed the lighting considerably, and added another piece of furniture. There i

      • Violence Towards Women

        In the rainforests near the Amazon live a people called the Yanomamo.

        Their ethnographer, Napolean Chagnon, calls them "the fierce people".

        They pride themselves on their cruelty, glorying in it so enthusiastically, that they make a great show of beating their

      • $8.49
        I made a whopping $8.49 in sales at work this evening. I'm so thankful I make a commission as well as a wage. What kind of insult is 2% of $8.49? I'm too tired and disappointed to figure it out...

      • random thoughts

        MY LOVE writes:
        ***While visiting MY MAN at the porn store this evening...

        He is working so much that I showered up after my workout and headed back into town to be with him, at his workplace. And - BONUS - when he was not busy with a customer I got lucky! He bought me a cute l

      • invitations to an ass fucking
        We are going to have another try at hosting a gangbang in my workplace. This time, to make sure there is enough interest and to make it worth showing up, I am going to hand select the potential participants. They will be, almost exclusively, customers from my work.

        I have purchased some r

      • Molesting the Repairman Can Be Dangerous
        You would never, EVER think that a person could get in trouble for hitting on the pool guy. You wouldn't consider the consequences of trying to blow the milkman because you couldn't imagine any. And yet, it seems, trying to get fucked by the repair man can actually do you harm. Sorta...
      • quitters 2
        I never wanted to write a "Quitters part 2", believe me. This is not a story I am happy to be posting. I am even less happy about having to post it from work...

        As you can read in the previous post, my only day off with MY LOVE was interrupted by a co-worker calling to explain

      • W H I N E
        MY LOVE writes:

        ***First, my moods – (I am experiencing more than one at the moment!)
        Pissed-Off, Frustrated, Hungry, Submissive, Disappointed.

        You already know MY MAN and I have spent most of the past 6-7 weeks apart from each other, and that last weekend we made our big

      • Hot (hot tub) Sex

        Woke up late today - we were up until 4am last night - to beautiful 72 degree, sunny-with-a-slight-breeze weather. Our first order of business was to jump in the hot tub and soak for a little while.

        Last night she took me in her ass while playing at my workplace. I used her again j

      • showing my cock to strangers

        Last night was a good, busy, profitable night at the porn shop. Eventful too. A couple of ladies got real friendly/touchy when I tried to be my normal, charming, helpful self. And then a couple of ladies wanted a bit more customer service than I am used to giving. I'm not saying I was unw

      • Heating/Cooling Guy (her story)

        MY LOVE writes:

        ***I think it is pretty clear from our blog that having my mind messed with is an essential part of MY MAN’s control over me – a necessary element to my submission. I hope it is also clear that disappointing MY MAN is something I will go to great lengths to avoid hap

      • Heating/Cooling Service/Repair Man

        There was an intrusion upon our private/personal/alone time yesterday, by the man who came to check out our heating/cooling system. When I awoke he was already outside poking around and had yet to see anyone but MY LOVE in the house. She was wearing her robe and sitting at the computer when I

      • working "stiff"

        Working at an adult establishment of any kind can be good for the libido. It has been for mine. Being in a porn shop 8-10 hours a day, surrounded by all the SEX!, it's difficult not to be aroused the majority of the time. That's not to say that I walk around for eight hours with an e

      • To: MY LOVE

        All I Want
        Is To Love You
        For The Rest Of My Life

        To Wake Up
        Every Day
        With You By My Side

      • moving this weekend

        Riding to work today, I fell in love with my girl again. It is an undeniable and completely identifiable feeling that washed over me. Perhaps it was the temperature outside, or the quality of the light, but it had an element of deja vu' attatched to it. All I know is what I experienced...

      • an honest opinion

        Her response to the lyrics I sent her...

        SHE WROTE:
        ***Thank you for sharing this with me. I have been very curious about your lyrics but felt you might be waiting to show me. I will always be honest about my thoughts. I may not always understand your music but I will be honest

      • Shampoo Bottle

        During our last stay at a hotel I placed my bottle of shampoo in her pussy. My only intention was to fuck her with it but a little double penetration was also on my mind. What I wound up doing was sliding my cock in the very same hole that the shampoo bottle was in and fucking her that way.
      • Her Cage

        I have not been able to place MY LOVE in the cage that I bought her for Christmas last year, for quite some time. Strange to feel nostalgic over something like that...

        ... but there was this one evening that I had her crawl across the floor, to her cage. She waited patiently while I

      • not different; distinct

        I sent her this on Christmas eve. Lyrics to a song that was written while I was in prison. I don't think I felt anything but loneliness on this particular evening. MY LOVE's absence had certainly set in, but it would be a couple more days until it began to infect everything I did and

      • A Swinging Success Part 2

        ***MY LOVE writes,

        My perspective of our evening will be somewhat different than perhaps expected.

        There are so many things MY MAN does that mess with my head – truly my favorite form of domination. Going to his work to be used and degraded is definitely something I enjo

      • weak in love

        Last year, MY LOVE took a trip to Holland to visit the place where her mother was born. She left two days before Christmas, and it was the first time since moving in that we were away from each other for an extended period of time. The night before she departed we were allowed the use of a dun

      • Let the Beatings Begin

        We are a mere three days away from fully moving in to our new home. This Friday I will go to Portland early in the morning, we will load a moving truck throughout the day, and be on our way by late evening. Sometime Saturday afternoon everything will be unpacked and it will finally feel/be off

      • A Swinging Success Part 1

        One of my customers said that a local bar was potentially hosting a swinger's event. MY LOVE and I aren't necessarily swingers, we're just open-minded and really horny. I'd just received my new business cards, and they promote The Swinger's Lounge at my work, so I thou

      • It Burns!
        She has a thing for having foreign objects placed inside her. Twice the objects equals twice the fun.

        I had my bottle of cologne in her pussy and ass last night. It's a long, thick bottle made of glass. She has a thing for getting d.p.'d too, so, while I had my cock in her pussy

      • quitters
        I came into this job ready to replace a manager that was on the way out. She was moving away, getting married, etc. Two weeks into my new job, her life went off the edge of a cliff, and she seemed determined to follow. My position was not in jeopardy but it seemed like it might be endlessly delayed.

      • The Swinger's Lounge (1st attempt)
        Our first official event in The Swinger's Lounge, at the porn shop I manage, was another mild disappointment. I posted a notice on our meeting board telling everyone that we were going to have a gangbang. I even posted an ad on Craigslist. The turnout was not what we anticipated, or desired, bu

      • time; in moments

        ***MY LOVE writes:

        You start to take off your rings, one at a time. Your eyes change and I can see the love twisted with power and possession. You are preparing to strike me.

        The belt, your fists, the hangers – blows landing. You tell me I deserve this.

        Your h

      • Gang Bang Tonight

        I have had a great deal of fun today explaining The Swinger's Lounge to curious customers that are stopping by the porn shop. After the basic description, and a little peek inside the room, I have been informing them of the plans I have for MY LOVE when she gets into town this evening. Th

      • a note to MY LOVE

        She was driving back from Portland to our home in Redmond, the next day. I had plans for her arrival...

        A little message to MY LOVE:
        ***Sweet Cunt,

        Tomorrow you are coming home. The anticipation is killing me right now so imagine what it'll be like tomorrow, wh

      • love is temporary insanity

        While we were making the move from Portland to Central Oregon we had to spend every other week together. That meant one week of anxious bliss followed by one week of pathetic torture. I had to work at least five days a week at my new job managing the porn shop and she had to pack our belongi

      • the kindness of strangers
        I'm not used to what you'd call "The kindness of strangers." It has been my luck, throughout my life, to be on the giving end not the receiving. I've always believed in karma/one good turn deserves another, but I've never felt like I got as much as I gave. Perhaps that&

      • Sunday Afternoon Depravity

        ***MY LOVE writes:

        We all have favorite little things that turn us on - tone of voice, a specific gesture, a certain toy - but when they all come together, and in the hands of your love, extraordinary is the only word to describe the experience.

        I had been freshening up i

      • two days apart

        She was going to be gone for a couple days to assist one of her friends, who was having surgery. Only two days, so there would be no whining, or deep feelings of disonnection. But, it was an opportunity to write to her. Neither of us had been doing much e-mailing because we were now living tog

      • even more love

        My true love has my heart
        and I have hers

        My heart in me
        keeps her and me in one

        My heart in her
        her thoughts and senses guide

        She loves my heart
        for once, it was her own

        I cherish her's
        because in me it binds

      • pornography

        I've worked in the adult industry for many years. Bartending at strip clubs, working at porn shops, and other related activities/jobs. As far as pornography goes, I have watched the slow but steady changes that the major companies have attempted.

        When I first started working i

      • Pre-Glory Hole Fun

        ***MY LOVE writes:

        Friday was an electric day, all day! We had plans to go to the Glory Hole and the anticipation of the anonymous participants… and, MY MAN had a treat in store for me that I had been asking for…AND I was gifted his cum four times this day, before we even left the h

      • five days alone

        Another five days without MY LOVE. She is in Portland again, working, and I am staying at our new home in Redmond. Another five days of riding twenty miles to work, spending about ten hours there, and then riding another ten miles home - and my precious cunt will not be there to see me off, or

      • Glory Hole (un)Fun

        It's funny; I set out with every intention of never sharing a bad story with you. No disappointments or failures. This would have made us seem a bit unreal. NOBODY can have a love/sex life that is perfect, but we come damn close!

        Disappointment at the glory holes Friday evening

      • exhibiting our love

        Living together was bliss. No problems except missing each other when we were apart for more than a couple of hours. And, of course, living together meant that e-mails were not necessary. Still, we missed checking our accounts for messages from each other...

        I WROTE:

      • meet, fall in love, move in together - all in two months

        MY LOVE and I met through a Craigslist ad, on September 22nd, and fell in love almost immediately. By November 21st, she had moved her husband out of their home, and opened it up to me. I moved in and it has been perfection ever since.

        I WROTE:
        ***My sweet,

        Today is

      • Fists, a Belt, and Obedience

        We had a discussion recently about her need for abuse. By my own admission, I had been holding back until MY LOVE was 100% available to me, and the worry of people seeing marks and bruises on her was gone. Not that I couldn't abuse her without leaving those marks, but I just decided that

      • just one more day

        One day until I moved in with MY LOVE, and the full-time sickness could begin…

        I WROTE:

        One thousand things screaming through my head. Thoughts, emotions, snippets of songs, your voice - doubt and joy and so much I cannot even grasp hold of. Just twisting

      • Giving Her Ass and Mouth to Strangers

        Earlier today I sent off an e-mail to twenty men. Told them that MY LOVE and I will be using a glory hole booth tomorrow evening. They have been told to place their naked cock through the hole in the wall, and that they'll feel a condom being placed on it. They have been promised a brief

      • two days remain

        Two days before I was to move in.

        SHE WROTE:

        Well, I did come home and do some work. My reward (to myself) is to write you an email, and then I will work on my computer some more.

        Less than 48 hours. I am incredibly excited and very calm at the sa

      • Glory Hole Fun 2 - This Time It's My Turn

        We have been searching for a woman who is capable of deep throating my cock. Not too difficult of a task but one that MY LOVE certainly cannot do. It's been a long search, and as you can imagine, we've had our share of disappointments. Mostly people who e-mail exchange for a while th

      • sweet torture

        There were only about four days left until MY LOVE’s husband moved out of their townhouse in Portland, and I moved in. We were anxious and excited, like little kids anticipating Christmas morning. We had trouble sleeping, sent each other a ridiculous number of text messages, and just tried in

      • Glory Hole Fun

        On the way to work this morning I placed MY LOVE's hand in my lap. During the drive I allowed her to stroke my cock through the fabric of my pants. By the time I arrived at the porn shop, to open it, we were both aching. She dropped me off and sped away to participate in a rigorous exerci

      • beautiful (painful) anticipation

        It was a matter of days before I moved in. Sweet torture to have to wait for something so valuable and worthwhile. Every moment was painful bliss. Desperate longing coupled with unreasonable confidence. A glorious way to feel...

        SHE WROTE:
        ***Still floating, and yet more ground

      • more of her sick desires

        As you know, she is required to hurt herself when she masturbates, to say my name when she has an orgasm, and to write and tell me, immediately after masturbating, what went through her head as she touched herself. On this day, she was waiting for a friend, and had a few hours to play. I told

      • Fucked With a Baseball Bat

        Fucked Her
        With A
        Baseball Bat

      • in a single moment, everything can change

        And then she brought me the news: her husband would be moving out in one week! She’d found a place for him to live, temporarily, and free of charge. When we got together that day, for a brief celebration, she wound up running a couple of red lights while driving. She was so elated and distract

      • Covered In It...

        ... and spread open wide for more.

      • P I S S

        P I S S

      • Power of Corruption

        MY LOVE writes:

        Nothing prepared me for the man you have turned out to be. All my fantasies, desires and experiences put together did not allow for the possibility that you could be real, and not just an idolized figment of my imagination.

        There is a power growing in you.

      • Experiment: Degradation Part 2

        I requested to be his meat for a week. I should know by now to be careful what I ask for…

        My life has been reduced to a series of one and two word commands. My days and nights filled with exhausting tasks and sexual demands. My body is bruised and battered, not an inch that doesn’t

      • Experiment: Degradation Part 1

        great humiliation brought about by loss of status, reputation, or self-esteem
        humiliating of somebody, causing him or her a loss of status, reputation, or self-esteem

        As I type this I am smiling. MY MAN gave me an assignment today which until just about an h

      • Experiment

        MY LOVE is a three hour drive away and I will not be able to see her for three more days. I am going to post this blog for her, since I know that she reads my updates, and we'll she'll respond, and how soon...

        ***MY LOVE,

        Your holes are dearly missed. I c

      • MY CUNT

        There is no woman quite like MY LOVE. The person I met, and fell in love with, is truly a stunning individual. She is a sucessful, bright, beautiful woman. Long before she met me, she was strong enough to consider denying her deviant desires to maintain her marriage. Once she had a taste of wh

      • getting closer

        Before we moved in together, MY LOVE and I had to go our separate ways, to unfavorable living situations. She had to go home to her husband, who knew about me, and was being asked to move out. I went home to a girlfriend who regularly drank, and got violent. Someone who could not keep a house

      • Waiting To Be Pissed On

        We are in a hotel room this evening. Free wi-fi, so I get to tell you this before I get back to what I was doing.

        MY LOVE is tied down to the bed right now. We stripped the mattress of all bedding and flipped it over. Put towels down and set up the portable DVD player. Within the fi

      • My Whore My Hole My Bat

        I used the baseball bat on MY LOVE last night. Struck her with it, and violated her with it. I have pictures.

        She gave me a tube of lipstick and I wrote some things on her body. Drew a nice, red target around her asshole before shoving the bat in it. She took the handle first, as a

      • Baseball Bat

        MY LOVE arrived yesterday, at our home in Redmond, after a five day absence. Five days without her touch, her lips, or any of her holes. Five days of frustration and lust all bottled up tight and ready to explode. And so, when she finally walked in the door after the three hour drive here, I l

      • ...until she passed out

        When I called her, she was in a boutique trying on a dress that she was certain I would appreciate. We met there and then spent the day together. When evening came, we planned on seeing a movie. It was cold, and we were early, so we sat in front of the theatre and tried to drive each other cra

      • why do you hit me?

        MY LOVE asked me one day: “Why do you hit me when you do, and how do you decide when to stop?” From the beginning I never had a set of rules that I intended to follow. I would make an effort to be as spontaneous as I possibly could, because a big part of the dynamic between my girl and I is th


        MY LOVE and I have known each other for six months. Our love is exceptional. When we met, it was SOMETHING at first sight that's for sure! She is such a beautiful woman, but it is her face that I find most captivating. Her lips, her eyes...

        What we have experienced so far, in t

      • fury

        I gave MY LOVE the novel Fury, by Salman Rushdie, for her birthday. It is a phenomenal book.

        SHE WROTE:
        ***My handsome love,

        Here is the passage in Fury that has made me pause - pause because he covers a lot of ground in this statement that is very edgy - surprises

      • inappropriate laughter
        I remember the first time I saw the movie American Psycho. That's the one written by Bret Easton Ellis, starring Christian Bale. There is a scene where he kills someone with an axe, in his apartment, that used to get to me in what felt like a most inappropriate way. In case you haven't

      • repulsed?

        If you need to refresh your memory, go back a couple of posts to "love and lust" and check out the fantasy she started to share with me, but then stopped because she was afraid I would be repulsed by what she wanted. Then, read on...

        I WROTE:
        ***It would be an enormo

      • Earning My Spit

        MY LOVE told me, early in our relationship, that she wanted me to spit on her. This is one of the most unique requests I have ever heard, honestly. I decided from that very first moment that it would have to wait. Told my sweet girl that she would have to earn my spit. She is going to get a ch

      • love and lust

        MY LOVE sent me a quick message on November 6th, shortly after our weekend at the coast. I received the message that day and wrote back to her immediately.

        I WROTE:
        ***There is a slight pressure on the top of my skull. My mind feels busy but there's not a thing I can focus

      • bRutALiTy

        The fragility
        of female flesh
        inspires disgust
        or brutality.

        depend on one
        or the other.

      • something missing

        We drove to our new home in Redmond, Oregon yesterday. Knowing she would have to leave in less than 24 hours, to go back to Portland, we spent every moment we could together.

        I will be working in Bend, Oregon which is 18 miles away from our house in Redmond. Every day I will be ridi

      • our first weekend alone

        Our weekend at the beach house was amazing. The weather kept us in and kept me busy at the fireplace. We made love so many times on the couch, in front of that fire. It was while she sat on that couch, and I rested my head in her lap, that she asked if I would move in with her. The question di

      • p i n k

        I Said:




      • falling into place

        MY LOVE and I had spent an entire day together and we were hooked. The next step was an entire evening together so that we could wake up in one another’s arms. She was quick to point out that there was a secluded house on the Oregon coast that we could have to ourselves for a weekend. Getting

      • locked up

        The shaking keeps waking me
        while I'm drifting off
        the light stays on and on
        as I drift along
        It's clear. I should stop thinking
        let my mind take over from here
        It knows best. It should
        it's been doing this since I was a kid


      • rough but steady

        MY LOVE was still living with her husband while all of this falling in love was going on. Sometimes they would discuss the future, and the possibility of maintaining a friendship. There were times when the conversations were neither friendly nor productive. We talked a great deal about what sh

      • P I N K


      • A Little Blood

        Last night, when I got done gently using her ass, there was a little blood mixed in with the rest of the fluids.

        I joke- "Oh, that's not good."

        "That depends on how you look at it." she replies.

        She's correct. A little blood is

      • our first day together

        We had our Sunday together. Breakfast, shopping, a movie, more food, and there was sex. I took her to a private viewing area, in the underground area of a porn shop, and used all of her orifices. We chose a movie that played on the screen in our room and utitlized the loveseat that was there.

      • it's official!
        Got final word on my new job today. They are planning on compensating me quite well and I am excited about the task before me. I'll be taking over a porn shop in Bend, Oregon. Turning it upside down and then putting everything where it should be. The boss has given me the kind of freedom I need

      • love

        is not
        in the falling

        is in
        the remaining

      • Asking For It

        I left the house for a couple of hours so she could have some time alone with another man. Did some errands, wasted some time. She gave me a text when she was finished and I came home. Normally I wear a bit of gear when I’m out on my bicycle and it takes me a moment, when I arrive at home, to

      • violent love?

        MY LOVE and I are not bad people. We want to share our love with the world. Help people understand that it can come from many unexpected places and in odd-shaped packages. Neither of us was searching for love when we met on Craigslist, that's for sure. I think we both had posts in the &qu

      • silly poem
        the squirrel is coming
        and when he gets here
        he expects a treat
        and if he does not get it
        he will bite

        the squirrel is coming
        and i can't remember
        where i put my nuts

        Believe it or not, this was accepted into a book of poetry, many years ago.

      • bumps in the road

        This love has been unique from the very beginning. It has also had it's share of difficulties. Far from story book, yet a story worth telling. Sometimes, things have to get worse before they can get better...

        SHE WROTE:
        ***Just had a very long talk with (NAME) over the pho

      • Sharing Her With Strangers

        I took MY LOVE to an adult theatre last night. She was used by several men there while I watched and enjoyed. For your pleasure, she has written a bit about the experience. Enjoy...

        MY LOVE writes:
        ***…our night out ended very differently than originally planned. I have been t

      • She Thanks Me When I Hit Her

        It's true! There are times when I am behind her, using one of her holes, that I'll punch her in the back four or five times with my fists, . Her body will slump, and as she breathes out I'll hear her say, "Thank you."

        Do you know what it sounds like to me?

      • doubt regret reassurance

        Heavily anticipating our next two meetings, we were trying to stay connected any way we could. I think I sent her three or four e-mails, talked to her on the phone twice, and sent her five text messages in a single day. We used to text each other like crazy! To say, “Good Morning” and “Sweet D

      • trouble ahead

        Our first full day together was fast approaching. A Sunday of breakfast, sex, movies, sex, and... I think some more sex!

        SHE WROTE:
        ***My goodness - did you say impatient???!!!

        Writing the fantasy gave me a weird gift yesterday, it allowed me to "float" fr

      • Don't Drive Naked

        We were supposed to meet, after work, at 5pm. I called to ask if she was on her way. “I’ll be there in ten minutes,” she said. I smiled and told her that was too long to wait. There was silence for just a moment. “That’s too bad.” she said, then rather abruptly, “I’ve got to go.” I’ll admit, i

      • Begging For Spit

        She begged me to spit on her last night.

        My first day at work, which means my first day away from her for so many straight hours, since visiting Holland. That was just before Christmas. It was only eight hours but it had an affect. We both admit that our energy level, as well as our

      • catching up to do

        Oct 27, the day after she e-mailed me her rape/bondage fantasy, I wrote back. If your memory needs refreshing look for: "Another Of HER Fantasies".

        I WROTE:
        ***My Love,

        Every word you wrote sank into me and electrified me. My anticipation for the next word

      • enough is ENOUGH!
        A few days ago I posted about the idiocy that was going on in the advice area of Since that day, I have ceased stirring up the pot, gone back to giving good advice, and I even took the time to let people know that I was no longer going to cause problems. Most of the people I had in mind whe

      • new job
        Actually, it's the same job I've been doing for years, I'm just working for a different company. In a different city.

        I've been in the adult industry for over ten years. Most of the time I've managed porn shops. I haven't worked in probably nine months, but w

      • Under the Desk

        That's where she is, right now, as I type this. My cock is in her left hand and she is pushing it to the back of her throat. Her lips along the shaft, and then she inhales and takes it deep again. She moans.

        A couple of times, her head has struck the underside of the desk. This

      • Request #1

        I gave everyone reading our blog on the opportunity to make suggestions regarding our sex life. As you will see below, we started out wonderfully.

        ***angel 19600803 wrote:
        Dear Sir,

        You could wrap her up in cling wrap and leave only her mouth uncovered. Then

      • Sicker Than I

        Another of her fantasies...

        SHE WROTE:
        ***Finally, I found her!! Another woman with whom I can share your cock. She says she can take all of you in her mouth – I am so envious. She is going to join us on our first day.

        She arrives at 2PM and I escort her into our pl

      • advice line idiocy
        06/12/08 has an area called The Advice Line. The purpose, as you can imagine, is very simple. People new to BDSM and the lifestyle can go to the AL to ask questions, seek advice, etc. The hope is that those who are more experienced, and are familiar with BDSM-related topics will give good advice t

      • Another of HER Fantasies

        A few blogs back, I shared a list of rules that MY LOVE slavishly follows. One of them stated that if she were to masturbate, she must hurt herself. She was also instructed to write to me and describe 1)What she did to hurt herself.
        2)What thoughts, images, or fantasies she had that brou

      • Plastic Wrap Over Her Mouth

        And a knife to her throat.

        Took a spreader bar that holds ankles and wrists, but hooked the ankle cuffs to the arms of a chair. Wrists where they normally go and she was unable to move her arms or stand up. I placed clothespins all over her breasts and torso. Used her favorite hair

      • SuBmIsSiON

        not just a definition
        an attitude
        a way of life

        Seek notice or favor
        by servile demeanor
        odedient, dutiful
        meek, polite

        With a little patience
        you turn salacious
        engaged in the activity of whores
        promiscuous sexual i

      • Glass in Her Ass

        Take a look at the picture that goes with this blog. Every piece went into her ass. That tall blue item is a glass vase. It’s about nine inches long and thick enough that I was able to slide my semi-erect penis inside it. With a little help from some lubrication. Once inside, I started to get

      • Happy B-day to MY LOVE (2006)

        I sent her a message the day of her birthday. We would be spending the evening together. Not intimate, alone time, but we were together, and that was all that mattered…

        I WROTE:
        ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, MY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Technically, you are only a day older. It

      • Strange Objects
        What is the strangest object you have had inserted into you? - and in what orifice?

        Or, what is the strangest object you have been struck/flogged/etc. with?


      • her birthday-eve (2006)

        The day before her birthday, and I was missing her terribly. She was busy with a little expected drama at home and longing for my touch. She would be spending her birthday evening with me.

        I WROTE:
        ***My Sweet,
        Your birthday is tomorrow, and it has me thinking of the holi

      • Simple Rules
        These are some of the basic, daily rules that MY LOVE lives by. They can be altered or rescinded by me at any time. She is a good girl, and follows them carefully.

        1. You will act in accordance with my wishes, demands, and requirements.

        2. You will remain passive, no matter th

      • back to the love

        It was September 22nd when I officially received MY LOVE’s first e-mail. She wound up responding to two ads that I’d placed on Craigslist, looking for aggressive, NSA sex. Three weeks later we were caught by her husband, in their private bathroom. Less than a week after getting caught, MY LOVE

      • Pissing on Her

        I pissed on my girlfriend last night. All over the front of her. We'd just finished having sex and she disappeared into the bedroom. When I went into the bathroom I thought she would be busy cleaning herself up. Washing her hands, wiping fluids from her ass and crotch, etc. Instead, she w

      • There is NOTHING Wrong

        There is an underlying sense that the majority of the things we do are wrong, in some way. The stuff I share is sometimes extreme, I will admit, but we feel like we're just playing with some general taboos. Men should not hit women. Women should not enjoy anal sex (at least as much as MY

      • why do you label yourselves?

        This is something that MY LOVE has longed to express since we started interacting with people on It's importance to her has been evident, and I hope you will read it with an open mind and maybe respond:

        Identity Crisis?

        I have never been normal. I knew it e

      • Belt and Coat Hanger

        She’s gotten in the habit of preparing little surprises for me while I am downstairs editing porn, or working on the blog. Last night, it was dark when I walked up to the living room. The television was on and some nasty whore was taking a cock in each hole. On the floor, MY LOVE was bound and

      • Caged Animal

        We purchased some porn that I'd always thought was a no-no for us to own, in this country. Apparently it isn't, because we got it from a reputable business. Spending so many years working in adult establishments, I'm not surprised that it barely effected me. MY LOVE felt dirty,

      • biding our time

        A couple of days after her husband caught us we met for lunch. She already had a cold, and I was showing definite signs that I’d caught it from her. The level of intensity was incredible. Even with both of us sick, our desires were overpowering. We had a plan to meet in two more days…
      • sUICidE

        In whatever direction you may turn your eyes
        there lies the means to end your woes.
        Do you see that precipice?
        down that is the way to liberty.
        Do you see that sea, that well?
        there sits liberty-at the bottom.
        Do you see that tree, stunted, blighted and barr

      • R A P E

        This is the most disturbing thing I have ever had anyone share with me. As I read it, it made me ill. This is the sort of sickness that is roaming around inside MY LOVE’s head. When you read this, and then look back at what we have done so far, you will see that we have a long ways to go. What

      • her husband caught us...
        06/11/08 we were going to be without each other for a couple of days. I think she took off early for school one morning so that we could have a moment together. I think we both needed some reassurance. The day after we saw each other, she sent me some sexy/arty pictures. Naked ladies against rust

      • Public Displays of Destruction

        You've been witness to an attractive couple, stealing a kiss from each other, while waiting in line at the grocery store. Or huddled in theatre seats, waiting for the movie to start. People hold hands and even go as far as to grope/fondle the person they are with. Public displays of affec

      • caught!

        I have been waiting to write about this for quite some time.

        MY LOVE and I met, through Craigslist ads, on September 22nd. It was supposed to be a NSA relationship - meeting once a week to fuck and get our deviance fix. By October 17th, we'd broken just about every rule we set

      • Piss Blood and Love

        She asked if she could go get ready for bed, then lie down and pretend to be dead. You should know by now that we are sick like that. I agreed, and we both went to the bathroom to brush our teeth, wash our faces, and all that bedtime routine.

        Our last night at the coast, MY LOVE pr

      • it gets interesting

        OCT 16
        This is the day before one of our meetings. The most significant meeting that we would have. Tomorrow I am going to tell you about when it all changed. When fooling ourselves about where this relationship was headed was truly over. I cannot wait to get up tomorrow and tell you...<

      • Another Rude Awakening

        We were both up late last night and MY LOVE was awake rather early this morning. She rode her bicycle for almost two hours and had a long meeting with her soon-to-be ex-husband. The poor girl was tired, so she layed down on the couch to take a nap.

        Downstairs, I'd been editing

      • 2 Mouths 1 Cock

        MY LOVE recently visited Holland for 15 days. While she was away, I told her to get started finding another woman who could swallow my cock. It is unfortunate, but MY LOVE cannot do this, and it leaves me very unsatisfied. Not with her, just with this particular thing. What man doesn't en

      • longing

        The true focus, at this point, became us. I never realised, until I began to read these old e-mails, just how un-sexual they were most of the time. Emotional and personal, but rarely a deviant word or thought passed unless it was surrounded by a not-so-hidden halo of love. We were breaking ru

      • Clothespins - Hood - More

        When I entered the room she was standing with her back to the table. It’s black leather top was a wonderful contrast against her fair skin, and red hair. The bra she wore was pink, and those nipples that are forever stiff shone through the sheer fabric. Black crotchless/assless stockings. Secu

      • L o o K

        For Valentines Day she got a new butt plug. Two, actually. One is an average sized glass piece. With a little lubricant, it is the smoothest, slickest texture. It slides in with great ease. The other, as you can see, is a bit larger. And red. She loves it...

        Hope everyone is having

      • Ass-juice Fountain

        Take another look at the picture; you'll see our mirror is covered in her ass juice.

        I like to penetrate MY LOVE with as little lubricant as possible. While she's bent over I'll kneel down and stick my tongue in her ass for a moment. Then I stand up, spit on my hand,

      • sick; in love

        MY LOVE is a masochist in, and out of the bedroom. The day before she and I were to get together she went on a 6 hour-90 mile!-bicycle ride. The last hour it rained heavily on her, and she was not dressed for it. The poor girl got sick but we still saw each other. Then the sickness took hold a

      • Wire Coat-Hanger

        She came home from yoga and wanted to take an hour nap before going to work. When she asked me if I would wake her up, I agreed. The hour passed quickly and I walked up the stairs to our bedroom. She was snuggled under the top blanket but had otherwise left the bed undisturbed. Her mountain of

      • semi-anonymous love

        OCT 10-2006

        At first, I did not know MY LOVE’s real name. As I continue to remind you, we were not interested in anything except sex. Having a different persona to take on, when we met, was probably both fun and safe for her. She was married and needed to maintain a certain emotiona

      • quickie

        October 7th, of 2006, MY LOVE sent me this:

        "Laid bare by his hands,
        his desires now consumed her thoughts.
        She smiled
        and released her heart."

        Not something that you'd expect to see when the relationship is supposed to be NSA. A once-a-we

      • Getting Punched in the Head

        MY LOVE sent me a message last night. It still distracts me. I have nothing to say, but I think you all should read this:

        SHE WROTE:
        ***My King,

        You have hit me so many times in so many places all over my body, I am unable to count – but can recount how it alters me,

      • more romance

        We met around September 22nd. That's when the ad was officially responded to. The next two e-mails are from October 3rd and 5th, respectively.
        I don't think I ever wrote about our fuck in the back of her SUV, behind a strip club in SE Portland. I used her pussy, and we fucked f

      • Pissing Herself

        This was written, shortly after I'd installed a glory hole in the hallway closet. MY LOVE spent a great deal of time in it at first. She liked the idea that we couldn't see each other, and I liked pretending that it was some random mouth. We still enjoy it pretty regularly...
      • A Cage and A Closet

        MY LOVE was absent last year, the last two weeks of December, visiting Holland. I wrote this a few hours after she got on the plane to come home:

        I WROTE:
        ***So tired, but I can't sleep. My Girl is coming home tomorrow! Now I can take out two weeks worth of partnerless agg

      • thunder
        One summer evening, during a violent thunderstorm, a mother was tucking her small boy into bed. She was about to turn off the light when he asked with a tremor in his voice, " Mommy, will you sleep with me tonight?" The mother smiled and gave him a reassuring hug. "I can't dea

      • Fists

        We are on vacation at the Oregon coast. I didn't think I'd see a computer, but since I have a moment with one, I'll give you something to keep you occupied until we get back:

        The first blow was to her skull, right above the ear. It sent her across the couch, and I had

      • romantic stuff

        We were set to meet again, a few days later, when I had an accident. Got hit on my bicycle. Broke my damn phone too. Had to let an opportunity to be with her pass. I did manage to write to her though:

        I WROTE:
        ***Finally got myself out of the bed and moving around a bit more. W

      • But the Sick Are Never Satisfied

        I just placed her in the closet, to have some time alone. A moment for reflection and an opportunity to drive herself a little crazy with anticipation. I bound her wrists and ankles, and even secured her thumbs with cuffs, so she is literally unable to escape her predicament. The wrists are an

      • To Satisfy the Sick

        She said, "I'd like to go and pick out a DVD, put it on for you, and then lie on the floor like I'm passed out." I just couldn't stop grinning.

        It's not the first time she's done this sort of thing for me. Quite often she'll lie still, in the

      • we met, we played

        Our meeting in the park sealed the deal, and we met as soon as we could. In the beginning, MY LOVE wanted to put up a struggle and have me subdue her, among other things. She also wanted me to hit her a lot. I obliged, because I am a gentleman...

        SHE WROTE:
        ***Still trying to

      • A Unique Dining Experience

        We have a massage table in our play space. There is room enough for three people underneath. Not long ago, I bound and tied MY LOVE there. From about the waist up she was uncomfortably contorted into a single position. Her ass and legs were all that stuck out from beneath the table.

      • how it all began

        During the summer of 2006, I placed two ads on Craigslist, originating from two different Yahoo accounts. One involved aggressive, forceful sex and the other was about my desire to simply use an individual. Similair in attitude, but it was not obvious that they were written by the same person.

      • A Difficult Experience

        Tonight, I am going to have MY LOVE write to you about a recent experience. She purchased a hairbrush that has stiff, sharp bristles along the entire length. Like a cylindrical porcupine that has been permanently frightened. Depending upon your computer, and how big I can get the image, there

      • A Sample of What's to Come!
        My right hand is sore from punching my girlfriend. I had her up against the refrigerator with my left one around her neck. While I looked into her desperate, bulging eyes I told her how pleased I was that she looked frightened of me. I also confessed my plan to land my blows to her body more effici

      • W E L C O M E !
        Hooray Hooray! Our blog is finally here!

        Welcome to Our Ruinous Love. We are a sick, deviant couple that met on Craigslist while looking for a no-strings-attached good time. We found what we were looking for, and a whole lot more...

        This blog has actually been going on since

      • New video added
        Check out the first, full-length DVD we ever released! The Long Weekend takes place over a three day period, and is set to a driving Industrial/Heavy Metal soundtrack. It has been described as "Andrew Blake for BDSM and Hardcore fans" and I couldn't agree more. This beautiful but b

    • March
      • Clip store
        Check out our new clip store! This studio is dedicated to our full-length movies;

        The Long Weekend

        Blunt Declarations

        The Abduction of Catherine

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